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Electronic Article Surveillance, or EAS is a term used for theft prevention commonly used in libraries and most often in retail stores. Items are tagged with an EAS security tag upon being received at the store and must be deactivated when purchased to ensure customer safety. Hard tags contain metal strips encased in plastic housing that holds it securely around each item such as bookshelves on shelves or electronics like TVs hanging from walls.

EAS Hard Tags Bangladesh

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A black box with a white EAS alarm button, which has the power to warn any staff member of potential theft. It is scanned across merchandise and shipping cartons before being adhered tightly in place by two strong magnets located on both sides. Hard tags are standard identification for all items that come into contact with customers at retail stores or libraries because it cannot be removed without deactivating its metal strips or electronic circuits encased in plastic housing .
By using an Electronic Article Surveillance System (EAS), retailers can save time as well as money from stolen goods thanks to these alarms sounding when someone leaves the store without paying for their purchase; hard tags immobilize every item where thieves could potentially steal them unnoticed.

EAS System Gate Price in Bangladesh

Electronic article surveillance, or EAS is a term used for theft prevention commonly used in libraries and most often, retail stores. These systems allow the store to tag all items with an EAS security tag upon being received at the location of use. The tags are electronically looked up by barcode and scanned when customers leave the building; if they do not have their item deactivated within 15 seconds then alarms will sound alerting authorities that someone has stolen from them!

A hard tag is a small electronic device that can be adhered to the packaging of goods. This helps identify them as being stolen or counterfeit before they get out on store shelves and into your home – where you could have been duped!
In stores, these tags are used for theft prevention against things like books in libraries. In each system this security tag must first be deactivated when an item has been purchased from the store so it doesn’t set off alarm sirens if someone tries to walk away with something tagged with one after stealing it while shopping there.

What is the Best Hard Tag Price in BD?

In Bangladesh, hard tag price starts from 8 taka. The prices vary with different colors for the tags. For example, a AM tag is available at 9 Taka and so on. If you are interested to have custom tags, they add an extra charge of 25 Taka per set-up which includes design work and sample making of the design with production cost as per your quote request.

EAS Security Tag

In the modern world, security is paramount. One of many ways retailers protect their stores and products from theft are through EAS systems. The first step in setting up an EAS system is installing antennas at store entrances and exits where they might be walked by unsuspecting customers without them knowing it on a regular basis to create invisible gates as soon as someone walks into or leaves a retailer’s premises with items that have been tagged for protection against potential thieves who will trigger alarms if detected by these antennas after passing one more time outside the gate before exiting again.

The end result of this process ensures safety inside your favorite shops while also giving you peace-of-mind when walking around town; until then enjoy shopping!

To deter shoplifting, the EAS system utilizes three primary components: an electronic antenna that is placed at store entrances and exits. This essentially creates invisible gates because it picks up on active tags passing by them which then triggers alarms.

The Electronic Antenna detects when a shopper has passed through its boundaries to determine if they are carrying any unpurchased items with them or not- this way retailers can know for sure whether their goods have been stolen from shelves in order to stop customers from doing so themselves!

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