HTDZ HB-350D Delegate Unit

  • Model: HTDZ HB-350d
  • Sensitivity: -42dB±2dB
  • Length of gooseneck: 390mm
  • Support discuss and video
  • Built-in speaker

৳ 8,000.00 ৳ 8,900.00

HTDZ HT-3000 Conference System Central Amplifier

  • ISO and IEC914 standards
  • High power output
  • MIC on number restriction
  • Digital signal processing
  • Support 70 conference units 

৳ 35,000.00 ৳ 40,000.00

HTDZ HB-350C Chairman Unit

  • Frequency: 40-16000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -42±2dB
  • Distance: 20-120cm
  • Built-in speaker

৳ 9,500.00 ৳ 10,500.00

HTDZ HT-2288C UHF Wireless Chairman Unit for Conference System

  • LCD display shows battery level, mic ID, mic state
  • LED ring on gooseneck mic
  • Talking distance : 20 - 50cm max.
  • Powered by a LIP battery (incl.)
  • Operating time 8-24 hours


HTDZ HT-2288D UHF Wireless Delegate Unit for Conference System

  • Portable table moving and microphone
  • LCD display microphone ID, battery level
  • Microphone on/off key and indicator
  • 3 function keys to set microphone id
  • Shut off the power or in standby


HTDZ Conference System Extension Cord

  • Cable Length 10m
  • Connector 8 pins DIN socket
  • 8 pins DIN plug 

৳ 7,500.00 ৳ 8,500.00

HTDZ HT-2288R Series UHF Wireless Conference System Central Unit

  • Operation distance: 100 meter
  • Built-in feedback eliminating technology
  • Built-in multiple noise detecting
  • Video camera auto-track
  • Support 999 conference units 


HTDZ HT-7000 Main Amplifier Unit Conference System

  • Built-in control loudspeaker
  • Video Camera auto-track.
  • Designed accordance to ISO & IEC 914 Standards
  • Support 60 units, extend 250

৳ 42,000.00 ৳ 42,500.00

HTDZ HT-7500C Table Top Chairman Unit Conference System

  • Model: HTDZ HT-7500d
  • Frequency: 40Hz~16kHz
  • Sensitivity: -42dB ±2dB
  • Distance: 15-50cm

৳ 14,500.00 ৳ 15,000.00

HTDZ HT-7500D Table Top Delegate Unit Conference System

  •  Delegate Unit
  •  Frequency : 50Hz-16kHz
  •  Sensivity: -44 dB±2dB
  •  call distance: 15cm-60cm
  •  built-in high-fidelity speakers

৳ 11,500.00 ৳ 12,500.00

HTDZ HT-3388R UHF Wireless Meeting System Receiver Unit

  • Its supported modes include Limit (1/2/3/4), FIFO (1/2/3/4) and Chairman Only.
  • There is a 160×32 matrix LCD for displaying system information.
  • Support 256 microphones


HTDZ 16-Person Conference System Package

  • 01 × HT-3000 Central Amp
  • 01 × HB-350C Chairman
  • 15 × HB-350D Delegate
  • 01 × Extension Cord
  • Installation & Delivery Exclud

৳ 168,000.00 ৳ 175,000.00

HTDZ HT-3388c UHF Wireless Meeting System Chairman Microphone Unit

  • Portable table moving
  • LCD display microphon
  • Equipped with 3 function keys
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Battery included


HTDZ 20-Person Conference System Package

  • 01 × HT-3000 Central Amp
  • 01 × HB-350C Chairman
  • 19 × HB-350D Delegate
  • 01 × Extension Cord
  • Installation & Delivery Exclud

৳ 199,000.00 ৳ 205,000.00

HTDZ HT-3388d UHF Wireless Meeting System Delegate Microphone Unit

  • Portable Delegate table Mic
  • LCD display microphon
  • Equipped with 3 function keys
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Battery included


HTDZ HT-2288B Wireless Conference Battery charger

  • Input Voltage: AC 110V~220V 
  • Charges 16 PCS of lithium battery
  • electro circuit to protect the LIP battery
  • Equipped with extendable handle and pulley


HTDZ Conference System Company Overview - HaiTian Electronic Technology Co Ltd

With its development concept "technology creates value", HTDZ - HaiTian Electrons Co., Ltd., has focused on the R&D and innovation of new products. With the rapid advancement in technology, the company has gradually equipped its testing equipment to ensure the quality and reliability of its products. Its multi-function conference system incorporates audio, video, and web-based conferencing and instant messaging capabilities. It also features sound systems and simultaneous interpretation technology.

The company has a rich history of innovation. Its latest innovations include the DCN-7300 digital conference system, which features a high frequency response and wide dynamic range. The audio conference system has been certified IS09001-2015 and other allied certifications including CE, CCC, and CB. The system has a long life, which makes it a great investment for businesses.

HT-7000: The central amplifier in HTDZ's conference system enables participants to listen to audio files in a high-quality and clear way. With its high input sensitivity and wide dynamic range, the HTDZ HT-7000 Conference System Central Amplifier is a great investment for any business or organization. Its wireless microphones will help your participants to communicate effectively with each other.

The HT-3000 conference system has a built-in speaker and a directional cardioid microphone. The HTDZ Audio Conference System is simple to use and ensures excellent audio quality throughout the space. It features a dual-wire connection and a built-in monitor speaker. The HT-08EX also has six network interfaces, which makes it a versatile system.

The HTDZ conference system features a HT-3000 control unit with two-channel audio and video outputs. It can accommodate up to 64 microphones and offers flexibility and convenience in configuration. It has four independent lines and six network interfaces. The HT-3000 conference system also offers a HT-08EX. Its Wireless Microphone can accommodate up to 60 microphones.

HTDZ Conference System is a comprehensive audio and video conferencing solution for small businesses. Its web-based software allows users to create events online, promote them, and handle participant interaction during the event. In addition, the HTDZ Conference System is easy to use and compatible with a laptop or tablet. The wireless microphone range offered by the HTDZ conference system is the best in China.

The HTDZ Conference System can be used for conferences. It allows users to create, manage, and promote events. It is a web-based solution that provides high-quality video conferencing for small businesses. It is compatible with all computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The wireless microphones offered by HTDZ are a popular choice among small businesses and are produced by the company.

What is Conference System?

A conference system is a piece of audio equipment that many institutions use to hold meetings. Depending on the type of conference system you get, you can choose the type of room you want to use it in and determine how the rest of the room will be decorated. If you don't have a high-quality conference system, you may end up wasting your money and your time. You'll want to know more about the different types of conference systems available.

There are two types of conference systems. One type of conference system uses a wired connection to connect all units to a central unit. The other type uses a wireless connection. Wireless conference systems are usually easier to install and don't require wires. There are also several options for devices, including camcorders and LCD screens. Choosing the right one for your needs is critical. Here's a look at some of the main types of conference systems and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Whether you're looking to hire a professional or do it yourself, a conference system can provide the tools needed to hold successful meetings. A conference system includes a microphone, central unit, and multiple devices that make it possible to have multiple conversations simultaneously. Each device is controlled by a central unit that allows you to customize the settings for different participants and groups. During a conference, a central control unit powers up to 50 Delegate Units and can handle up to 1,024 conference mic units. With the right system, you can have 8 open mics at once.

Another type of conference system is wireless. It uses batteries and is connected to all delegate and chairman units. These devices are often quite powerful and provide many benefits to those who use them. You can control the volume of all the speakers, and the system automatically changes volume to accommodate different levels. With a conference system, you can use audio and video content simultaneously, and you can share presentations and documents through the internet. The main advantage of these systems is that they are battery-powered and can be recharged before they are fully discharged.

A conference system is a multifunctional device that enables people to communicate with each other at the same time. These systems allow speakers to be located anywhere in the room. For example, if you have a meeting between 100 people, you can use one conference microphone in each room to facilitate discussion among the delegates. The majority of conference microphone systems are simple to operate. They feature a large number of features that make them easy to control.

A conference system is a device that allows a person to hold meetings with up to three hundred people. Its key functions are to connect people from different locations and make audio connections. For example, a video conference system works by connecting remote people. The camera has an automatic focus mechanism that automatically focuses on the speaker while they're speaking. This is helpful in a wide range of situations. A video conference system can even connect two people who are physically located far apart.

HTDZ Conference System Market Analysis

Global HTDZ Conference System Market Analysis covers the present market dynamics as well as the growth prospects of the industry. The study offers an analysis of the latest technological innovations and the regional growth of the industry. It breaks down the market by country, revenue, size, price history, and trend. The report also covers the leading players in the market and the regulatory framework and the impact of recent local reforms. The study aims to offer a comprehensive perspective on the HTDZ Conference System Market.

The HTDZ Conference System comprises a DCN-7300 unit and two kinds of microphones. The software integrates features such as simultaneous interpreting, voting, and video tracking. It can also be installed on a variety of conference rooms. The device is highly customizable. It can support a wide range of audio and video equipment. It is designed to be scalable. It can also be connected to a computer network.

The HTDZ Conference System consists of a HT-3000 unit. The system has two kinds of microphones: a directional cardioid mic with a light ring. The audio sensitivity and wide frequency response of these microphones are exceptional. The HT-3000 Conference System is flexible and has four independent lines. It also offers six network interfaces and can accommodate up to 64 microphones.

HTDZ Conference System Market Analysis highlights the market trends, competitive landscape, and strategic development strategy of the industry. The report analyzes the market by Type, Application, and Region. The study also identifies and evaluates the leading players in each category. By applying the information in this study, companies can gain valuable insights on the global Audio Conference Systems marketplace. The report provides insight into the key market segments and the applications they serve.

The Audio Conference System market report provides an analysis of the industry, regional distributions, and competitive landscape. The research includes the company profiles of leading vendors and the latest technology and innovations in the market. The report also identifies the factors influencing the market. The introductory section of the report focuses on the global audio conference system market. It explains the advantages and disadvantages of the various product types. The SWOT analysis is included to assess the profitability of key vendors.

The HTDZ Conference System market is a fast-growing market. The growth of this industry is driven by the fact that it is more affordable than its competitors. The company's competitive edge is derived from its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. Further, the company's excellent manufacturing capabilities make it a leading player in the global audio conference system market. This article examines the main aspects of the HTDZ Conference System market.

The HTDZ Conference System market is expected to grow at a high CAGR through 2026. The market for this product is growing at a high rate of approximately 12%. The market is anticipated to reach USD million by 2026. However, the growth will vary by region. The global market for audio conference systems will be worth USD million by the year 2030. The company is anticipated to grow at a 5% CAGR through the forecast period.

The North American market is the largest segment of the global HTDZ Conference System market. The region is driven by the high adoption of advanced technology and large players. The APAC region is expected to have the highest growth rate during the forecast period. The APAC region is expected to be a lucrative market with a high CAGR. Moreover, the report highlights the major factors driving the growth of this segment. APAC countries are the key regions that are driving the global market.

The HTDZ Conference System market is expected to grow at a high rate during the forecast period. The large share of the market is expected to be held by North America. While the US and Canada are the largest regions in this sector, the APAC region is anticipated to offer significant opportunities for growth in this market. Moreover, the APAC region is also projected to grow at a high CAGR over the forecast period.

HTDZ HT-3000 Conference System Central Amplifier

The HTDZ HT-3000 conference system is a combination of a monitor and built-in loudspeaker. Its electric microphone and built-in control unit are plug-and-play and its monitor speaker provides clear and natural sound. The sensitivity of the speakers is up to 42dB, and they can produce up to 250-watt output. The system has an integrated battery and can be plugged into a computer or public address system. It is suitable for medium-sized rooms and is easy to use.

 HTDZ HT-3000 Bangladesh

The HT series HT-3000 Conference Main Unit supports up to 60 delegates and 200 microphone units. This conference system is equipped with an eight-pin D-DIN interface for easy connectivity. The system also features a built-in monitor loudspeaker with a volume control function. It also provides two modes: half-duplex and tri-density. Its four-group eight-pin D-Sub interface allows for the connection of multiple audio sources.

The HT-3000 is a powerful yet economical conference system that can be used in large and small meeting rooms. This system is capable of handling up to 60 delegates and two hundred microphones. In addition to the standard speaker, the HT-3000 is also compatible with video cameras, which can support auto tracking. Its compact size also makes it easy to install in any conference room. It has four groups of 8P-DIN Interface for video.

The HTDZ HT-3000 comes with a digital display and working mode indicator lamp on the panel. It is also equipped with a working mode indicator lamp that lights up when the device is in a working mode. There are three buttons that can be pressed at once, one on each side. These controls make it easy to operate the HTDZ HT-3000 at any time. There are many advantages to this machine.

It has a digital display and a working mode indicator lamp on its panel. The working mode indicator lamp is located on the front panel of the device. The display also has a working mode indicator lamp on the panel. The LED is located on the back of the HTDZ HT-3000. Its digital display and LED lighting on the panel allow the user to monitor the device at any time. The LCD is also equipped with a speaker.

HTDZ HT-350C Chairman Unit in Bangladesh

The HTDZ HT-350C Chairman unit is a multifunctional table-top microphone system with a built-in monitor loudspeaker, sensitivity of -42+-2dB, and a frequency response of 40Hz to 16000Hz. Its MIC is equipped with an electric capacity type microphone and an extension pipe. This model could join with any position in the conference circuit.


This compact, lightweight chairman unit is ideal for meetings or conferences. The speech button enables the chairman to speak while disabling the speaker to avoid feedback. The priority button enables the chairman unit to take precedence over the delegate units. It is compatible with two microphones: lavalier and in-line. It has an integrated audio amplifier that allows it to function in different environments. A variety of accessories are available, including an optional microphone stand.

The HT-350C Chairman Unit is a lightweight and compact option. The HT-350C is equipped with a speech button to enable the chairman to speak and disable the speaker to avoid feedback. It also has a priority button to override the delegate units. The HT-350C has two types of microphones. The HT-350C is designed to be compact, lightweight, and features a speech-activation button.

HTDZ HT-350D Delegate Unit in Dhaka, Bangladesh

If you are planning to purchase a delegate unit for your conference, consider the HTDZ HT-350D tabletop model. It is made of High Quality Materials and is powered by the system host. This product features a built-in monitor loudspeaker that can be easily adjusted and a red indicator light on the MIC. Moreover, it comes with an extension cable and windshield cover to facilitate installation.

HTDZ Conference System Price in Bangladesh (BD)

Latest HTDZ Conference System Price in Bangladesh (BD)
HTDZ Conference System Models Price in Bangladesh (BDT)
HTDZ HT-3000 Central Amplifier 29,500.00
HTDZ HT-350C Chairman Unit 9,500.00
HTDZ HT-350D Delegate Unit 7,500.00
HTDZ HT-7000 Main Unit Conference System 39,500.00
HTDZ HT-7500c Table Top Chairman Unit Conference System 11,000.00
HTDZ HT-7500d Table Top Delegate Unit Conference System 9,500.00

HTDZ Conference System Price in Bangladesh

HTDZ Conference System Buying Guide - TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA

The HTDZ Conference System is an audio-visual system with a monitor loudspeaker and an LED indicator light on the microphone unit. This audio-visual equipment is simple to use and is suitable for meetings of any size. The HTDZ HT-350C Bangladesh model is a modern office conference system with an electric capacity type mic and a built-in monitor loudspeaker.

The HTDZ Conference System is equipped with a microphone, a built-in monitor and a voting processor. The main unit can support up to 60 delegate and chairman microphones and 250 wireless microphones. It has four groups of 8P-DIN interfaces and a programmable camera preset for each conference microphone. The system supports the PELCO-D and VISCA communication protocols.

HTDZ Conference System - FAQ

The HTDZ Conference System consists of a HT-3000 unit and four group 8P-DIN outlets. It features audio sensitivity of 96 dB, wide frequency response, and automatic video tracking. Users can connect up to 64 microphones and six network interfaces, making it flexible and reliable. It is compatible with a variety of conference rooms, including large auditoriums and boardrooms.

The main unit of the digital conference system can accommodate up to sixty delegate microphones and 60 chairman microphones. It is equipped with an eight-pair, 1000-meter control cable and a RS232/RS422/RS485 connection interface. It can be operated through software, and it supports voting processor and camera. The HT-7000 series is also compatible with other peripheral devices.

One of the most important features of this system is its flexibility. With up to 100 microphones, it can handle most international conferences. In addition, the system can integrate with other audio components, such as amplifiers and loudspeakers. The resulting audio quality is excellent and it is perfect for conferencing. It is a reliable and easy-to-use conference microphone system that can serve both small and large venues.

This wireless conference system uses 2.4GHz technology for optimum sound quality. It also uses high-performance DSP digital coding and error-correction processing to deliver digital audio. Unlike traditional audio systems, Dante audio transmission doesn't suffer from problems with analog signal transmission. Instead, it works with only an optical cable. Its dual-core CPU and 32-bit DSP chip eliminate the need for analog cables.

The HTDZ Conference System is expensive and difficult to find, but it has many advantages. It is an award-winning series of designs. The BXB is one of the most popular. It has many features, including dual-channel microphones, a unified digital audio output, and multiple inputs. Among these is the microphones' flexibility and a wide range of functions. It can be used with different types of headsets and earphones.

HTDZ Conference System Supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The HTDZ Conference System is a powerful digital system with a central amplifier. This audio device has a high frequency response, a wide dynamic range, and high input sensitivity. It is easy to install and can handle meetings of all sizes. The unit comes with four groups of eight-pin DIN interface. Delegate Unit microphone is included with the system. It has the flexibility to be used in a variety of conference rooms. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the Leading Supplier of HTDZ Conference System in Bangladesh. 

[caption id="attachment_25745" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] HTDZ Conference System Supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh[/caption]

HTDZ Conference System Service Center in Bangladesh

If you are planning to purchase a conference system for your business or for your own home, you can get an excellent deal by getting in touch with the HTDZ Conference Systems Service Center in Bangladesh - TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA. The company has a team of trained professionals and will provide the best possible support for your product. Apart from providing installation and maintenance services, the company also specializes in providing service for conference systems of all brands. So, if you are looking for an HTDZ conference system in Bangladesh, you can make an appointment with us right away.