Verbex VT-810 Table-Top Wired Microphone

  • Frequency: 40Hz-16KHz
  • Output Impedance: 200Ω
  • Sensitivity: -38dB±2dB
  • Jack: XLR 3-PIN

৳ 3,500.00 ৳ 3,800.00

TOA EM-370 Headset Microphone

  • Japan Origin, made Indonesia
  • 10M calber lenght
  • AA battery operated 1pcs
  • sound clear for speech
  • Noise-canceling technology

৳ 7,500.00 ৳ 8,000.00

Ahuja AUD-99XLR Unidirectional Dynamic Multi Purpose Applications Microphone

  • Ideal for addressing an audience.
  • detachable holder with 3-pin professional XLR connector & 6 mtrs. twin core shielded low noise cable.
  • Original Ahuja Product

৳ 3,500.00 ৳ 4,000.00

Verbex VT-GLXD4 UHF 2CH Wireless Microphone (2-Hand or 1-Hand & 1-Head/Tie)

  • UHF520 -930MHz frequency
  • 30 CH Different frequencies
  • Voice compression and expansion
  • Wide frequency response
  • Using distance: 50 meters

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Verbex VT-AX102 100CH True Diversity Professional Performance UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Frequency: UHF 520-930MHz
  • Adjustable range: 50MHz
  • Modulation: wideband FM
  • Number of channels: 2x100
  • Maximum output: +10dBV

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Verbex VT-YC18 Premium Handheld Dynamic Wired Microphone

  • Handheld Dynamic Wired Microphone
  • Colour: black/Gray
  • Connector type: 6.35mm
  • Connection technology: XLR
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

৳ 4,200.00 ৳ 4,500.00

Verbex VT-KP86 UHF Wireless Microphone (2-Hand)

  • UHF520 -930MHz frequency
  • 100channels to avoid interference frequencies
  • Specially designed voice compression
  • Unique circuit design
  • Using distance: about 80 meters

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Ahuja AWM-495V2 Dual Hand VHF Wireless Microphone

  • Brand: Ahuja
  • Model: AWM-495V2
  • VHF Dual Hand Microphone
  • Connectivity: wireless
  • Long-lasting product

৳ 12,500.00 ৳ 13,000.00

Toa WS-5325M UHF Wireless Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone Set

  • Company Origin: Japan
  • Assembling: Taiwan
  • 16-CH Diversity Wireless Tuner
  • 64-CH Wireless Transmitter
  • Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic

৳ 40,000.00 ৳ 41,000.00

Ahuja AWM-495VHL Dual Channel VHF Wireless Microphone

  • Dual Channel VHF Wireless Microphone
  • handheld dynamic transmitter & a bodypack transmitter
  • Origin: India

৳ 12,500.00 ৳ 13,000.00

Ahuja HBM-60CC Condenser Cardioid Headband PA Microphone for Masjid and 3.5 mm jack Indoor PA System

  • Condenser Headband Microphone
  • 6m cable
  • 1.5V cell container
  • Direct connection to amplifier

৳ 3,500.00 ৳ 3,800.00

HTDZ HT-D38 Gooseneck Meeting Microphone

  • Output Impedance: 75, Sensitivity:-40dB
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-16kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Hyper-Cardioid
  • Connection Interface: XLR 3-PIN

৳ 7,800.00 ৳ 8,000.00

Toa WS-5325H UHF Wireless Headset Microphone Set

  • Company Origin: Japan
  • Assembling: Taiwan
  • 16-Channel Diversity Tuner
  • 64-Channel Transmiter
  • Headset Microphone

৳ 40,000.00 ৳ 41,000.00

Ahuja PRO+3200 Supercardioid Dynamic Pro-Entertainment + Studio Microphone

  • Professional microphone for live vocal, music instruments, studio recording & broadcasting
  • Superior double shock-mount system and noiseless switch
  • Detachable holder with 3-pin professional XLR connector & 10 mtrs. twin core shielded low noise cable

৳ 7,700.00 ৳ 8,000.00

Toa EM-361 Tie Clip Lavalier/Collar Microphone

  • Type: Electret microphone
  • Directivity: Unidirectional
  • Rated Sensitivity-29 dB
  • Frequency: 60 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Cable Length: 7 m

৳ 6,500.00 ৳ 6,800.00

AHUJA ACM-96CH Paging Microphone

  • Single zone desktop paging microphone
  • Integrated LED indicators
  • 6 mtrs. twin core low noise cable
  • Multi tone electronic chime
  • Chime sound level can be set

৳ 7,500.00 ৳ 7,700.00

Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Microphones are very popular in Bangladesh, especially for big gatherings or when high-quality sound is needed for speeches.

In Bangladesh, people often have different kinds of meetings in places like live events, studios, big gatherings, and open spaces.

Because most spots have large crowds, they need a clear sound system to ensure all people can hear well. In that case, microphones do a great job.

To make them reachable, many brands, like Ahuja, Bosch, Toa, and Verbex, offer various types of microphones. And, for that, they work well to ensure a clear and crisp sound system.

Overview of Microphones


Microphone Price in Bangladesh


A microphone also known as a mic or mike is a device that turns sound into an electric signal. In other words, it’s a gadget that turns sound into electricity.

In most cases, it is used to pick up the sound louder, recorded, or transmitted. And, people use the microphone in places like studios, concerts, meetings, podcasts, and so on events. Here are a few kinds of microphones in Bangladesh that you’ll find:

  • Dynamic Microphones: It is a type of mic that a lot of people use for live events, presentations, and so on purposes.
  • Lavalier or Collar Microphones: It is a small and hidden type of mic that people use for broadcast or speaking use.
  • Wireless Microphones: It is a no-wire involvement type of mic that people use for speaking while moving around in big seminars.
  • Wired Microphones: It is a top-table connected type of mic that people use for podcasts or live meetings.

Benefits of Using Microphone Devices in Bangladesh

As a presenter, you’ll find many advantages of using a microphone device in both small and big areas. Let’s find all the good sides of this device:

  • It makes your voice easier to hear even if you are in noisy places.
  • You can use it for speaking in public, performances, meetings, and recording studios.
  • This helps you connect better with your audience by making your voice louder and clearer.
  • You can change the volume and tone to fit different places and preferences.
  • Using a microphone makes you look more professional when speaking or performing.
  • It helps you communicate and record things quickly and clearly.

Popular Brands for Microphones in Bangladesh

  • Bosch: This brand is a promising one that makes high-tech microphones with extras like receiver, transmitter and so on. Plus, its devices work greatly to use in restaurants, conference centers, hotels, shops, and so on.
  • Toa: This brand offers fantastic microphones with high sensitivity and clarity. Besides, you can use their items in religious prayer places, sermons, or lecture activities.
  • Ahuja: This brand is admired for its inexpensive conference systems. In fact, it offers a high-quality sound that is suitable for use in meetings, public speaking, or big events.
  • Verbex: This brand is great for its smart microphone which costs less. It also offers good-quality options that work fine for small seminars or crowd use.
  • HTDZ: This brand is good for giving great audio with its microphone. And, it offers items with great options that work well for presentations, conferences, and live events.

Considerations Before Buying the Best Microphones

Picking the right microphone is vital to get great sound quality and deliver a speech or talk. You can easily find the best one depending on what you need and like. Here are some things to think about when buying a microphone:

Decide Based on What You Will Use It For

You’ll need to figure out the purpose first before getting the microphone. If you need it for streaming, podcasting, online meetings, or other reasons, go for a microphone that matches your use.

  • For live talking or presentations, the dynamic microphones would be ideal.
  • For computer use or small seminal, wired microphones are a good choice.
  • For hand-free talking use, the lavalier microphones are perfect.
  • For conferences, centers, hotels, or shops, wireless microphones are great.

Check the Frequency Response

A microphone's frequency response shows the range of sounds. In most cases, it can pick up and reproduce sound between 40Hz to 15000Hz based on quality. So, be sure to check that to get more sound details.

Pick Wired or Wireless One

Another thing you need to think of is the connection type. To get better support in a hands-free experience, it’s better to go with a wireless one. However, if you feel comfortable with wired mics, you can decide that too.

Think of the Sound Sensitivity

You’ll need to look into the sound sensitivity when picking a microphone for your needs. The sensitivity of the mic usually tells you how well it picks up quiet or loud sounds.

  • If you want to record or talk in loud sounds with no background noises, go with the low-sensitivity microphones.
  • If you want to record or talk in quiet sounds with detailed noise, choose the high-sensitivity microphones.

Why Choose Trimatrik for Microphones

As a popular supplier in Bangladesh, Trimatrik has its name for offering nothing but quality microphone gadgets. Here’s why you should get one from us:

Good Brand Variety

Trimatrik works to offer tons of mics or microphones that different brands make. Thanks to this, you can pick one based on the designs and types.

Ideal Microphone Items

Trimatrik comes with quality and dependable items that you can use anywhere without missing the sound clarity. To confirm that, we check the items so that you can find the perfect items.

Dependable Supplier

We give good results in the system and feature microphones. With around 12 years of experience as a supplier, you can get full support or advice from us.

Good Price Range

We offer fair prices based on the quality and features of each item. Furthermore, you can select one without worrying about hidden charges. Also, if there is a problem, we guarantee to repair or replace your item within the warranty period.

Now, if you want to make a choice, contact us to find all of the things or to ask any questions you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. How long do microphones last?

Based on how you maintain and use the microphones, they can last for up to 1 to 5 years. In some cases, they can stand longer than 10 years.

Q. What is the difference between a cheap and expensive microphone?

The main differences between a cheap and expensive microphone are the sound clarity, quality, and options.

Q. How to know microphone quality?

You can easily know the microphone quality if you try it in a quiet area and speak in different ways. Plus, you can raise your voice or change the position of the microphones to understand their sound quality.