Soft Tag Supplier in Bangladesh

The RF Frequency is a flat soft tag that can be inserted into wallets and bags so it doesn’t get lost. RF frequency is used to track your goods and find them if they are stolen. The RF Frequency tag has an AM label that can be deactivated by a special machine.

It is a radio frequency identification tag or RFID. The soft security tags are made up of two parts: the reed switch and the antenna. These tags can be used to detect when a product has been removed from its packaging. RF Frequency soft security tag is a great thing to use when you want to protect your stuff. RF Frequency Security Tags come in both hard and soft versions.

RF soft label alarm tags Bangladesh

Color: Barcode/White/transparent
Frequency: 8.2MHz/9.2MHz
Dimension: 40*40mm
Certification: CE,ROHS,ISO 9001
Packing weight: 12.2kg/ctn
OEM: Yes,available
Type: eas label

EAS Soft Labels tags

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