Verbex VT-GLXD4 UHF 2CH Wireless Microphone (2-Hand or 1-Hand & 1-Head/Tie)

  • UHF520 -930MHz frequency
  • 30 CH Different frequencies
  • Voice compression and expansion
  • Wide frequency response
  • Using distance: 50 meters

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Verbex VT-AX102 100CH True Diversity Professional Performance UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Frequency: UHF 520-930MHz
  • Adjustable range: 50MHz
  • Modulation: wideband FM
  • Number of channels: 2x100
  • Maximum output: +10dBV

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Verbex VT-KP86 UHF Wireless Microphone (2-Hand)

  • UHF520 -930MHz frequency
  • 100channels to avoid interference frequencies
  • Specially designed voice compression
  • Unique circuit design
  • Using distance: about 80 meters

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Ahuja AWM-495V2 Dual Hand VHF Wireless Microphone

  • Brand: Ahuja
  • Model: AWM-495V2
  • VHF Dual Hand Microphone
  • Connectivity: wireless
  • Long-lasting product

৳ 12,500.00 ৳ 13,000.00

Toa WS-5325M UHF Wireless Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone Set

  • Company Origin: Japan
  • Assembling: Taiwan
  • 16-CH Diversity Wireless Tuner
  • 64-CH Wireless Transmitter
  • Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic

৳ 40,000.00 ৳ 41,000.00

Ahuja AWM-495VHL Dual Channel VHF Wireless Microphone

  • Dual Channel VHF Wireless Microphone
  • handheld dynamic transmitter & a bodypack transmitter
  • Origin: India

৳ 12,500.00 ৳ 13,000.00

Toa WS-5325H UHF Wireless Headset Microphone Set

  • Company Origin: Japan
  • Assembling: Taiwan
  • 16-Channel Diversity Tuner
  • 64-Channel Transmiter
  • Headset Microphone

৳ 40,000.00 ৳ 41,000.00

HTDZ HT-220 Dual VHF Wireless Microphone Set

  • Audio Dynamic Response: >100dB
  • Audio Frequency : 80Hz~12 KHz
  • Transmitter Power: 8.5mW
  • 2 x Hand Microphone/1 x Amplifier

৳ 10,500.00 ৳ 11,500.00

Toa WS-5225 Handheld UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Origin: Japan, Made in Taiwan
  • 16-Channel Wireless Tuner
  • 64-Ch Hand Wireless Mic
  • M1 Frequency Band
  • PLL-Synthesizer System

৳ 40,000.00 ৳ 41,000.00

Ahuja AWM-495VL PA Wireless Microphone | Headband Microphone

  • Headband Microphone
  • Communication: Wireless
  • With Microphone: Yes
  • Country of Origin: India

৳ 10,500.00 ৳ 11,000.00

Ahuja AWM-495V1 1-Hand VHF Wireless Microphone

  • VHF Wireless Microphone 
  • Locked VHF High Band frequency
  • 2-position ON/OFF slide switch
  • 6.3mm jack socket

৳ 9,500.00 ৳ 10,000.00

Ahuja AWM-700U2 UHF Dual Handheld Wireless Microphone

  • Model: AWM-700U2
  • UHF Wireless Frequency
  • 2 Hand held Wireless Microphone
  • Origin: India
  • Genuine Products

৳ 27,000.00 ৳ 29,000.00

TOA WT-5810 + WM-5225 UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Tone Frequency: 32.768 kHz
  • Oscillator: PLL synthesized
  • Maximum Input Level: 126 dB SPL
  • Maximum Deviation: ±40 kHz
  • Origin: Japan

৳ 40,000.00 ৳ 41,000.00

HTDZ HT-580 UHF Wireless Microphone System (1 Hand + 1 Tie or 2 Hand)

  • 1 Hand + 1 Tie or 2 Hand
  • Operation distance up to 60 meters
  • Carrier Frequency: 470-960MHz
  • Frequency Response: 60-16KHz
  • Frequency Stability: 20ppm

৳ 12,500.00 ৳ 14,500.00

HTDZ HT-66B UHF Wireless Microphone System (1 Hand + 1 Tie or 2 Hand)

  • Model: HT-66B
  • Working frequency: 610MHz – 790MHz
  • Modulation: Broad Band FM
  • Frequency channel: 200
  • Signal noise ratio: > 105dB

৳ 21,500.00 ৳ 22,000.00

HTDZ HT-88B UHF Wireless System Microphone

  • Brand: HTDZ
  • Model: HT-88B
  • Wireless Technology: UHF
  • Sound Field Force: Pressure Type
  • Output Impedance: 50-1000Ω

৳ 23,500.00 ৳ 25,500.00

Wireless Microphone

The Unplugged Solution For Performances! Wireless microphones are great for a variety of reasons. One, they don’t have to be plugged in which helps you avoid any potential problems from tripping over cables during your performance. Two, wireless microphones can also help with sound quality since they do not pick up as much background noise as regular microphones. Finally, wireless mics are more convenient and easier to use than the traditional microphone because there is no need to worry about tangled cords or finding an outlet nearby.

UHF Wireless Microphone

What are you waiting for? Get your UHF wireless microphone today! If you’re looking to get a microphone that is high performing, durable and affordable, then the UHF Wireless Microphone is perfect for you. This mic will provide excellent sound quality with a variety of features such as an auto-squelch technology, echo suppression capability and more. The best part about this mic is that it’s wireless so there’s no need to worry about getting tangled in cords or having a wire snag on anything. It also has the ability to toggle between two channels which means minimal interference when using multiple mics at once.
Plus if all these features aren’t enough for you, the company backs up their product with a warranty too!

VHF Wireless Microphone

Do you need a wireless microphone for your VHF radio? If so, then this post is for you. A lot of people are unaware that there’s a difference between the two frequencies and just assume they can use any old mic with their radio. However, if this describes you, it’s time to get up-to-date on how things work! Read on to find out more about VHF microphones and what makes them different from UHF microphones.

The first thing you need to know about VHF wireless microphones is that they are not like the ones for TV. They work on a much lower frequency and transmit at 600-800 MHz, which means they can be used in most locations. The transmitter sends an audio signal through the air waves without any cables or cords involved. This type of mic works best when there’s little to no noise interference – such as if you’re performing on stage with a band or giving a speech in front of a big crowd.”

“The great thing about this type of microphone is that it’s totally portable so it won’t get tangled up with other wires and equipment.”

TOA Wireless Microphone

TOA Wireless Microphones are a great way to stay in touch with your audience. They provide an easy and convenient solution that is perfect for teachers, presenters, and anyone who needs their hands free. These microphones come in different colors so you can find the one that best fits your style!
The TOA Wireless Microphone has been designed to be lightweight and compact, ensuring it’s easy to transport from class-to-class or event-to-event. You’ll never have any problems finding the right place for this fantastic piece of equipment. It even comes with a carrying bag to help keep it safe when not in use!
Stay connected by utilizing these wireless devices today! The device has many features including its range capability which reaches up to 100 Meter

Bosch Wireless Microphone

Bosch Wireless Microphone is a wireless microphone that has been designed to be used for both professional and home use. It has an easy-to-use design with an adjustable headband, comfortable ear pads, and a handy clip to attach the microphone to clothing. This allows it to be used at any location or event without needing to worry about cables.

The Bosch Wireless Microphone features a rechargeable battery that can last up 10 hours in between charges, making it perfect for all day events like interviews or lectures. Plus its Bluetooth connectivity means it doesn’t need WiFi or other internet connections! The unit also comes complete with charging cable and charger as well as two sets of foam ear pads so you have options depending on your preference!

Ahuja Wireless Microphone

Ahuja Wireless Microphones are a popular choice among musicians, event coordinators, and public speakers. The microphone is sleek in design and can be easily clipped on to clothing with the included clip attachment. Users report that this mic works well for most events including lectures, panel discussions, singing performances, and more. This micro-wired microphone has an operating range of 100ft (30m) which means you can use it in large venues or outdoors without worrying about cord length constraints. It also comes with two AA batteries so you won’t need to worry about buying batteries before your next performance!

Ahuja Wireless Microphone, awm-495v2, awm-520v2 is the latest wireless microphone technology. The Ahuja wireless microphone system works with a transmitter and two microphones: one for vocalists and one for backup singers or instruments. The best part about this wireless mic? It’s affordable! Check out our webiste to learn more about these amazing devices.

HTDZ Wireless Microphone

The HTDZ Wireless Microphone is a microphone system that allows you to transmit your voice through an air-based signal to the receiver without any wiring. The transmitter and receiver are typically placed 20 feet apart, but can be as close as 3 feet with no loss of sound quality. This product is perfect for public speakers or anyone who needs to use a mic in a crowd of people. It has four different frequency channels so there will never be interference from other wireless microphones nearby! Additionally, there’s also an auxiliary port on the transmitter where you can plug in traditional wired microphones if needed.

HTDZis a company that specializes in wireless microphones. HTDZ has been around for more than 10 years and over time they have increased their inventory of products to include the HT-580, HT-220, HT-88B, and the newest model, the HT-66B. The company’s headquarters are located in China but they ship worldwide with free shipping on orders above $100. They offer discounts if you purchase more than one microphone at a time so be sure to take advantage of this! If you’re looking for high quality equipment then look no further than HTDZ Wireless Microphone.

ITC Wireless Microphone

If you are looking for a wireless microphone, ITC Wireless Microphone has many options to choose from. From the T-521F to the T-521UT, there is a mic that will work best for your needs and budget.
Blog post intro paragraph: If you are in need of a wireless microphone system, or if you are just starting out on your journey as an artist who wants to be heard, then itc has what you need with their line of quality microphones! They make sure that all of their products exceed expectations so they can provide customers with the best possible experience. With models like the T-521F and T-527UT, whatever your needs may be.

Wireless Microphone Price in Bangladesh

TOA WM-5225 29,800
TOA WS-5325M 29,800
Ahuja AWM-490V2 8,500
Ahuja AWM-520V2 12,500
HTDZ HT-220 9,500