Microtek IPS & Solar Inverter in Bangladesh

The Microtek IPS is a small, thin monitor that uses an LCD panel. It offers a wide range of features and can be connected to a computer or other device. The Solar Inverter is a product that helps convert sunlight into electricity. It includes an inverter, battery, and solar panel. The Microtek Inverter importer in Bangladesh is TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA.

Microtek SOLAR PCU 2335 Price in Bangladesh

Microtek SOLAR PCU 2035 Price in Bangladesh

Microtek IPS & Solar Inverter Price in Bangladesh

Microtek Solar IPS Latest Price
Microtek SOLAR PCU2335 27,500
Microtek SOLAR PCU2035 23,500
Microtek SOLAR PCU1435 17,500
Microtek SOLAR PCU1235 15,500