EAS System Gate

Electronic Article Surveillance is Very Common now for Product security on Shop & Super Market. Also this technology is use in Readymade garments products. EAS System Gate Price in Bangladesh, RF gate, Security Tag Antena price in BD. Different types of Hard Tag & Soft tag Available. AM & RF Technology mainly use in EAS Security Antena/Gate. Security Tag Supplier in Bangladesh. Hard Tag, Soft Tag, Remover, Am Tag, RF, Tag Recheck Device & Tag Deactivator

EAS System Gate Price in Bangladesh

EAS System Gate Price in Bangladesh

EAS anti-theft alarm security system

EAS System Gate Price in Bangladesh, RF gate, Security Tag Antena price in BD. Security Tag Supplier in Bangladesh. Hard Tag, Soft Tag, Remover, Am Tag, RF

EAS Hard Tags Bangladesh

Eas anti theft system

EAS System Gate Bangladesh is a complete solution provider of security and surveillance products, we are also the authorized distributors of world renowned brands. Our main aim is to provide you with high-quality and reliable products for all your security needs. We hope to establish long term business relationships with our customers; we will never.

EAS System Gate

EAS System Gate

EAS System Gate Price in Bangladesh

One of the best and recommended products is EAS System Gate Price which is starts from 38000 Taka. It comes with lots of features and easy to use apps.

There are a lot of controversies about how these systems even work, other than that they’re electric so no one can touch them. For that reason, it’s a trust-based system, meaning that you have to hand over your phone or something in order for the sensors to detect where your vibrations come from. These sensors will then send an alarm if someone who isn’t supposed to enter tries opening the door (this is why we recommend choosing your nosy neighbor if anyone so they won’t do anything.

EAS RF Security Gate

Security is a high priority for retailers and their customers, which is why RF systems are so popular. They’re produced by many different manufacturers to suit all budgets and needs. The disposable labels that come with these products are small enough to be paper-thin while still producing the desired effect of labeling goods in store before they reach shoppers’ hands – or even their carts! These “stickertag” types of product tags respond when exposed to an electromagnetic frequency signal broadcasted by security pedestals placed at entry/exit points within stores. A receiver antenna takes notice once it detects any response from the label on your item as well as processes its data matches against certain criteria set forth beforehand; if there’s no match then you should have nothing but peace of mind.

EAS AM Security Gate

Protect your store and its precious goods with the AM Security Gate EAS. This system provides excellent shoplifting coverage up to 1.5m (5ft) between pedestals for electronics, merchandise protection from thieves-in-waiting, long term durability in virtually any retail setting due to high impact ABS construction – well worth getting one! Not only does it protect against theft but also has integrated audible and visual indicators that notify you when alarms are triggered; limiting unnecessary service calls so time can be better spent on managing tagged products at the storefront while avoiding costly false alarm events all together thanks what they call “Tags too Close” feature.

Lose valuable merchandise to thieves with the touch of a button. The AM Security Gate EAS has many ways to help protect your store from theft. With electronic systems located in the primary pedestal, this gate can reduce installation and maintenance costs so you don’t have too worry about accidentally breaking anything while trying to chase down a thief! This unit also provides shoplifting coverage up to 1.5m (5ft) between pedestals that protects critical assets for virtually any retail setting within all levels of construction including high-impact ABS design which is built for long term durability everywhere there are electronics on display or where items worth stealing may be found like jewelry stores, automotive dealerships and supermarkets just mention some places! If something does go wrong as it inevitably will.

Acousto Magnetic (AM) systems have the ability to protect exits up to 2.40 metres using disposable labels, and are powered by a transmitter signal of 58 kHz in pulses that energize tags within detection zones when they reach them. When these signals end, the tags emit single frequency responses for receivers on site- but only if all criteria is met will alarms sound! AM labels or “tags” depend upon two amorphous metal plates; deactivators can be used as well to reactivate those same markers after an outage has occurred.

The Acousto Magnetic System uses disposable adhesive stickers with magnetic properties through which transmitters send short bursts at intervals so long it seems continuous from outside perspective while internally there’s actually no power.

Some people might think that an alarm is necessary to protect exits in case of a fire, but you can actually use Acousto Magnetic (AM) systems. AM labels are able to detect and deactivate or reactivate the tags when they’re activated by pulses from a transmitter signal at 58 kHz. The advantage with these kinds of signals is that radio waves don’t go through solid objects such as walls which makes it far more difficult for intruders come into your home undetected because they won’t be able see them coming like before even if their entrance was made while using this type of technology.
When the pulse ends on an AM label after being energized, one frequency will emit out depending on what kind has been programmed onto it.

Electronic article surveillance

The retail industry is on the verge of a major disruption. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags have been around for some time, but not many people are aware that they’re actually standard-issue in high end apparel retailers like Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. These companies use EAST technology to tag their prices more securely than ever before – preventing shoplifting from happening all together or at least significantly reducing it.

Electronic article surveillance is a clever way to prevent theft from stores. These tags are fixed onto products and books, making it easier for retailers to identify theft of goods by scanning their barcodes as well as reading the RFID chip that contains information about where the product was last scanned
a) Electronic article surveillance uses fancy technology like radio frequency identification (RFID).
b) It can be used at retail shops or libraries with items such cogs, books, CDs/DVDs etc., which contain chips embedded in them so they can’t just walk out undetected.
c) Retailers also use this system on higher end clothing because these clothes often get shoplifted due to how expensive they are.

Nowadays, you can find the different types of tags on any website that sells them. Tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs and budget. You may want to consider what type of tag will work best for your business before purchasing one because there are many factors involved when choosing which is best for you such as whether or not it’s an RF gate, if it has tamper resistance features, etc. EAS System Gate Bangladesh have proven themselves time after time with their sleek design and effectiveness at stopping shoplifting – so don’t hesitate to contact us today! Security Tag Antena price in BD offer some great security measures without breaking the bank!

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