Ahuja Conference System

Are you looking for Ahuja Conference System in Bangladesh? Ahuja has been the market leader from its inception and is backed by 80 years of experience. Ahuja has a wide range of Ahuja CONFERENCE SYSTEM to choose from, all designed with a single aim: To give our customers the most effective tools for their event or meeting.

Ahuja systems are installed across the globe at some of the most prestigious addresses including United States Whitehouse, United Nations Conference Centre New York, Hilton Hotel UK London UK; Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong China; Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur Malaysia; Cairns Convention Centre Australia; Sheraton Bangkok Thailand, etc. Ahuja conference system can also be found at some of the highest and most technically challenging locations worldwide, including the Ahuja CONFERENCE SYSTEM at Chomolungma Base Camp (the Nepalese end of Mt. Everest), at 6800 meters above sea level. Ahuja is therefore ideally equipped to give your conference or meeting the right sound, vision and multimedia technology to make it a resounding success.

Ahuja CONFERENCE SYSTEM ensures our customer’s peace of mind in their investment for years to come. Ahuja eliminates all headaches so you can focus on what’s important: Making your event a true success!

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Ahuja Conference System Bangladesh, TRIMATRIK

Ahuja Conference System Bangladesh

Ahuja Conference System Bangladesh

With many years Ahuja audio visual products have been used for the promotion of businesses and enterprises in different fields. Ahuja Audio Visual has earned its reputation as a pioneer by introducing science & technology into audio and video industry and always being ahead of others with respect to their products and services. Ahuja has introduced new concept into the business presentation world with innovative ideas that haven’t been thought of before (Source: Ahuja.) Ahuja is one of the leading providers in Bangladesh.

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the Best Ahuja Conference System Supplier in Bangladesh.

Ahuja Conference Systems can easily be found online. Ahuja CONFERENCE SYSTEM in Bangladesh. Ahuja has a diverse variety of products for every market. Ahuja Audio Visual has earned its reputation as a pioneer by introducing science & technology into audio and video industry and always being ahead of others with respect to their products and services. Ahuja is one of the leading providers in Bangladesh. Ahuja Sound Equipment, Ahuja Projectors, Ahuja Microphones are some of their popular items.

Ahuja Conference System Price in Bangladesh

Conference System ModelsPrice in Bangladesh (BDT)
Ahuja CMA-5400 Central Mixer Amplifier                           42,000.00
Ahuja CMC-5100 Chairman Unit                           14,500.00
Ahuja CMD-5200 Delegate Unit                           13,500.00
Ahuja CMA-4400 CENTRAL MIXER AMPLIFIER                           35,000.00
Ahuja CMC-4100 CHAIRMAN UNIT                           12,500.00
Ahuja CMD-4200 DELEGATE UNIT                           11,500.00
Extension Cord                           10,000.00

Ahuja Conference System in Bangladesh

Ahuja Conference System in Bangladesh. Ahuja audio-visual equipment is considered to be the best available on the market, provided you know where and how to look for it. Ahuja produces a broad range of products from mobile lecterns to professional public address systems, with everything in between. Ahuja Multimedia Division has been focusing all its research and development efforts on state-of-the-art technology based on advanced electronics principles and capabilities which make the Ahuja conference system unique in Bangladesh

Buy Ahuja Conference System Online from Trimatrik Multimedia, one of the largest suppliers of Ahuja Conference System in Bangladesh. Ahuja conference system is different from any other of the same type. Ahuja can be tailored to your specific needs for audio-visual, multimedia, or audiovisual. Ahuja presentations are used in every imaginable environment including classrooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, museums, theme parks, and trade shows providing a diverse range of solutions for people who need to communicate effectively at conferences.

Ahuja CMA-5400 Central Mixer Amplifier for CONFERENCE SYSTEMS

High-quality full stereo audio mix for up to 50 Ahuja Conference Systems. Ahuja’s Central Mixer Amplifier (CMA-5400) is designed to work in conjunction with Ahuja Conference System loudspeakers and microphones, which are available in a variety of configurations. The CMA-5400 provides high-quality stereo and mono mixing, level control, mic/line switching operations, tape recorder interface, priority override system, and bass attenuation switch which enables the mixer amplifier to be used with any type of speaker system.

This Ahuja system can be used in conference rooms for lecture presentations or demonstration purposes. It is also suitable for use as an auditorium paging system or background music system. Ahuja’s compact and stylish design is specially developed to complement Ahuja Conference System’s professional appearance. Ahuja Mixers are available in a variety of sizes suitable for a small conference or large banquet applications.