CC camera means Closed Circuit Camera. It plays a very important role in security measurement for a building. You can use a CCTV camera for offices, home, shops etc. If you take a peek at the market, you can see dozens of CC cameras available in Bangladesh. These camera’s prices, features and quality vary from one to another. That may cause trouble for you to choose the best CC camera for your office or apartment. That’s why today we are here to guide you and give you the fundamental knowledge about CC cameras in Bangladesh. We have also picked up 3 best CC cameras judging by popularity, price and features to make it easier for you. You will also acknowledge information about CCTV camera price in Bangladesh in this article.

3 best CCTV Camera Price In Bangladesh That we have chosen 

Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IT3 CCTV Camera Price In Bangladesh

  • 2MP bullet camera
  • Full HD
  • Smart IR: up to 40m
  • Dust & waterproof
  • 360° pan and rotation
  • Night Vision

Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1200RP CCTV Camera Price In Bangladesh

  • 2MP bullet camera
  • Full HD
  • Smart IR: up to 20m
  • Day and night mode 
  • 90° angle Top to bottom view

Jovision JVS-N830-YWC IP Camera Price In Bangladesh

  • 2MP full HD camera 
  • 20m smart IR range
  • 80.5° angle of view
  • Day/Night mode
  • P2P cloud service
  • Wifi connectivity 
  • Monitor via mobile phone
  • Supports POE power supply

CC Camera price in bd 

Hikvision CC camera has 1080p HD high quality video capturing capability. It is a very popular CCTV camera company in Bangladesh which has been providing faithful service for years. As it’s authentic product can be bought from Bangladesh, you can get the genuine Hikvision CC camera price list in Bangladesh. Hikvision cctv camera price in Bangladesh isn’t too high. That is why Hikvision cameras are perfect options if you have a lower budget. Hikvision CC camera price starts from 1100TK in Bangladesh. But we recommend you to spend at least more than 2000Tk.

Dahua CC cameras have also gained popularity due to their simple utilization. It can work in night mode too, like the Hikvision we talked about a bit ago. Dahua CC camera has 3.66mm lens with high definition CMOS sensor. You can buy a Dahua CC camera in Bangladesh for less than 1500Tk. You can get a medium level Dahua CC camera for 2000Tk. That means, Dahua CCTV camera price in Bangladesh is in an affordable price range too.

Jovision JVS-N830-YWC is one of the most wonderful mini CC cameras available in Bangladesh. It promises high performance and clarity. You can connect it to local wifi and use cloud services! Furthermore, you can use your smartphone to monitor with this! Jovision CCTV camera price is almost like any other wifi CC camera price in Bangladesh.  Generally, the cost of a good Jovision CC camera is approaching 2500TK in Bangladesh.

CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

The three CC cameras we have picked today are able to provide you satisfactory performance. They are from different brands but their price range is in the vicinity of each other’s price. We chose a mid-level price range for you which is in between 2000 TK to 3000 TK.

The price of Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IT3 HD CC camera’s price in BD is 2600 Taka only. It also comes up with a 1 year warranty.

You can buy the Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1200RP bullet CC camera for only 2000 Taka in Bangladesh along with a warranty!

Typically, mini cc camera prices in Bangladesh tend to be at a very affordable level. But the Jovision JVS-N830-YWC high quality IP CC camera costs a little bit more than them. Yet it’s in our list. That’s because it’s performance is worth this price. Jovision JVS-N830-YWC Wifi CC camera price in BD is 3000 Taka. 

CCTV camera manual

A CC camera manual is a sheet of instructions for installing and using the CC camera. Almost every CC camera includes a manual with it. You can find it in the CC camera package. If it goes missing, check the manufacturer’s website. In general, the instructions are easily written. Also, managing a CC camera is not rocket science. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about the installation or utilization of the CC camera. You can install and maintain it yourself by following the CC camera manual or any other source from the internet. And yes, you can also hire someone to do that for you!

Our suggestion: if you don’t find the manual for any reason, browse or google the manufacturer’s website. Don’t forget to mention your CC camera model while you are at it.

Night Vision CCTV camera price in Bangladesh

Night vision CCTV cameras are a unique subcategory of security cameras that are designed to operate without the help of a light source. They are available to be used in a wide variety of applications, such as surveillance of warehouses, industrial plants, military installations, and public buildings.

Night Vision CCTV camera price Starts from 1500 Taka.

Night vision CCTV camera is a surveillance camera that captures images in infrared or total darkness. A night vision CCTV camera can be used for surveillance in pitch dark areas, such as for home security, high-end businesses, and amusement parks.

Night vision CCTV cameras have become very common these days. We can find these cameras in different sizes and shapes. But the most important thing is how to compare the price of night vision CCTV cameras in Bangladesh. The price depends on many factors like size, brand, type, and the location of the retailer.

The TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is a compact, self-contained, high-performance, all-weather, day/night surveillance camera that is aware of the changing environment around it, even when it is dark or indoors. In other words, it can adapt to the environment around it, while still capturing high-resolution images. This unique camera can be used in outdoor, indoor and outdoor surveillance applications.

Bangladesh is the largest exporter of agricultural produce in the world, and a high percentage of these products (mostly horticultural) are exported via the Asian Highway. The highway passes through the capital city Dhaka and is the route that most of the trucks and other vehicles pass through, especially on the main road that links the port city of Chittagong and the capital city Dhaka.

With the number of home surveillance cameras, you should choose the best camera that can meet your needs and fulfill your expectations. You will not regret choosing Hikvision. They are very professional, high-end, and popular.

Cc camera In Bangladesh price 

You can find various CC cameras available in Bangladesh. You might be thinking if CCTV camera prices change according to various locations in Bangladesh. For example- you might wonder that CCTV camera prices in Chittagong may not be the same as in Dhaka. Well, actually the price may slightly differ. But the changes are almost at rock bottom and not that noteworthy. So, you can consider a CCTV camera’s price is almost identical all over Bangladesh. 

We have discussed three popular CC cameras in BD so far in this article. As you have known by now, a medium-level CC camera costs between 2000 and 3000 Taka in Bangladesh. But if you need a higher quality camera than these, you have to increase the budget. A higher quality CC camera can cost 6,000 Taka or more. Although, medium-level cameras are often good enough for most of the offices.

The average price of a medium quality CC camera in Bangladesh is around 2800 Taka.

Another way to get CCTV cameras at a reasonable price is to buy CCTV camera packages. If you search online for ‘CCTV camera price in bd’, you will see some results mentioning ‘cctv camera packages’. Buying CCTV camera packages often can save you some bucks when you need more than one CC camera or CC camera equipment.

Frequently asked questions

How do I connect my CC camera with my computer?

Most CC cameras now support wireless connectivity. In that case, you can simply connect your CC camera to your computer over Wifi. IP CC camera or cloud service enabled camera can be connected with IP and password. Follow the instruction manual you have got with the CC camera device. If you find it hard, just head over to Google or YouTube. You will find tons of tutorials there.

How do I check my CCTV footage?

If your CCTV camera uses an SD card to save footage, then you can watch any footage on the PC which is connected to that CC camera. And if your CC camera uses cloud or ftp server like things, then you can watch the footage from anywhere via the internet. Check the manual for details.

Which CC camera can be used for night vision?

You need to get a camera which has night mode with infrared lights. IR light doesn’t need much power to work. But even after getting this type of night vision camera, it still depends on the lighting condition of your area.

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