Hikvision Bangladesh

 It’s a pretty well-known brand in many countries as well as in Bangladesh. Hikvision has been providing a broad number of security camera options in various categories. In Bangladesh, you can get a high-quality Hikvision CCTV camera at a very pleasant price. That’s why the Hikvision brand became very popular and trustworthy in Bangladesh.

If you have a look at the CCTV camera marketplace in Bangladesh, you will certainly find Hikvision CCTV cameras on the forefront and among the best. Hikvision’s innovative approach to providing excellent features and reliability for security cameras surely deserves appreciation. In this article, we are going to discuss the Hikvision CCTV camera price in Bangladesh. Hopefully, you will get everything you need to know about Hikvision CCTV camera prices and features. Read this article fully if you have planned to be a Hikvision CCTV camera purchaser.

Hikvision camera price in Bangladesh

You can buy the best Hikvision security cameras in Bangladesh at a very reasonable price. Hikvision has been providing amazing security cameras for many years. Hikvision products in BD don’t cost much whilst come loaded with wonderful features. The high-performance CMOS image sensor with full HD visual will surely satisfy you. Almost every Hikvision HD camera supports night vision. Also, Hikvision CCTV cameras are waterproof.

Luckily, Hikvision CCTV cameras can be bought at a very affordable price range. Hikvision price in BD starts from 1200 Taka only. At the 2500 Taka price range, you can get a perfect CCTV camera suitable for most businesses or apartments.

Hikvision CCTV camera price in Bangladesh

The reason behind the popularity of Hikvision camera equipment is Hikvision supplies high-quality products at very cheap prices. But it’s products don’t lack any feature or reliability. You can realize it if you check the Hikvision cc camera price list. Although Hikvision also has relatively expensive products which, of course, work more powerfully. So, it doesn’t matter if your budget is low, medium or high level, Hikvision is a perfect option for all price ranges.

Since Hikvision manufactures various types of security cameras, we will describe their prices separately. So that you get a  clear idea about the Hikvision price in Bangladesh. Without further ado, let’s do it.

Hikvision DVR Price in BD

Hikvision DVR are truly devoted to giving you excellent surveillance service. You can use them for your home or offices or anywhere else. Hikvision’s dust and waterproof security camera can work in bad weather too. Hikvision security camera price starts from 1400 Taka only. An average level security camera cost about 2800 Taka.

Hikvision Night Vision Camera In Bangladesh

Many Hikvision cameras have true day and night mode. For example- Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IRF CCTV camera. Hikvision uses smart IR technology that gives you proper visual at a very low light condition. So, even if it’s dark at your home or office area, Hikvision HD cameras can still be able to see. Hikvision night vision CCTV camera price starts at 1800 Taka in Bangladesh. To get a good night vision camera, you need to spend around 3,500 Taka.

Hikvision IP dome camera in Bangladesh

It’s not a surprising fact at all that Hikvision has modern IP cameras. Hikvision has produced several Wifi-supported security cameras as an IP dome camera or IP camera. Hikvision DS-2CD2021G1-I is an IP bullet camera that supports wifi. You can connect your PC or phone to it wirelessly using the app. Hikvision IP camera price in Bangladesh starts from 2,500 Taka. But for a perfect and medium level Hikvision IP camera, you need to stretch your budget to 5,000 Taka. Also, there are expensive Hikvision IP CCTV cameras available in the market. 

Hikvision Bullet CCTV Camera

Hikvision Bullet CCTV cameras are popular because of their simple installation. You can install them easily by drilling your wall and putting screws. Hikvision DS-2CD1043G0-I is a perfect bullet CCTV camera for most of the offices or apartments. It has a 4MP full HD camera and its price is 5,700 Taka. Normally, You can get a Hikvision bullet camera for 2500 Taka in Bangladesh. But spending at least 4,500 Taka would be wise.

Hikvision CC Camera Manual

Every Hikvision CCTV camera includes a user manual containing instructions about how to install or maintain the CCTV camera. The instructions are written in an easy conversational way and well documented. So, without any prior knowledge, you can install and set up a Hikvision security camera all by yourself after reading the manual. If you have lost or didn’t find the manual you can still get it for free from Hikvision’s official website. Here is the link: Hikvision User Manual

Hikvision HD camera

As we have discussed previously in this article, the Hikvision CC camera price in Bangladesh is at an affordable range. Even small business owners can buy a Hikvision CC camera in Bangladesh. Hikvision manufactured cameras for all price ranges.

At the lowest level, you can buy a Hikvision camera for less than 2000 Taka! Normally, a CCTV camera with 2MP resolution would be enough for most homes or offices. Hikvision 2MP camera price in Bangladesh starts at nearly 1600 Taka.

If you have a little bit thicker budget, then you can have better Hikvision cameras. A Hikvision CC camera with  medium-level performance price is around 4,500 Taka. If you want a DVR or NVR camera, then 3,000 Taka would be enough for a basic-level camera. A basic-level Hikvision DVR price in Bangladesh starts at 2,500 Taka.

But if you are going to use the CCTV camera for a very important job, then you should buy higher level CC cameras. Hikvision’s expensive CC cameras can even cost 10,000 Taka.

Buy Hikvision Camera in Bangladesh

Hikvision supplies CCTV cameras in many countries including Bangladesh. In other words, you can buy authentic Hikvision cameras in Bangladesh. Hikvision cameras are affordable. We have already discussed the Hikvision camera prices in this article. So, if you have planned to buy a Hikvision CCTV camera for your home or office, our suggestion is buy from a trusted source. And check for warranty before purchasing. Many fake sellers out there who will give you fake products with no warranty.

Hikvision CC camera price list

As it is one of the most popular cctv companies in Bangladesh, there are many review sites and seller sites available who can give you a complete price list. You can contact any authentic seller to see the product list including prices. Though checking e-commerce sites would be better because you won’t have to go somewhere physically or wait for someone to reply.

Hikvision importer in BD

There are a few trusted Hikvision importers in Bangladesh. Also, there are some fraud importers too who claim that they imported the authentic Hikvision products while they are actually selling fake products. If you ever need to contact any Hikvision importer, check their profile first. We Provide Quality And Orginal Products to our customer.

Hikvision Distributor in BD

There are many private Hikvision CCTV camera distributors working in Bangladesh. They are mostly trustworthy. You can find distributors online by searching. Zkteco Bangladesh looks authentic to us. But be careful from making transactions with frauds. We won’t be responsible for any of your dealings.

Hikvision dealer in Bangladesh

Hikvision CCTV camera’s popularity indeed increased it’s sales. And that’s why there are a lot of Hikvision dealers in Bangladesh. Probably you can find more than one dealer in your city. If you need to buy from a dealer, check carefully for authentic products. Many e-commerce websites also work as Hikvision cc camera dealers. So, finding a Hikvision CC camera dealer is easy in Bangladesh.


Is Hikvision a good brand?

Hikvision was established in 2001. Since then it has been producing innovative and great surveillance equipment like security cameras. In fact, Hikvision is now considered as one of the largest suppliers of security cameras in the world. Hikvision has a huge fan-base for their high quality reliable production and a relatively low price. If you search the market for the best surveillance equipment manufacturers, Hikvision’s name will certainly show up.

Does Hikvision CCTV camera have audio recording feature?

Yes, some of the NVR and IP dome Hikvision CCTV cameras have audio recording systems. But not all Hikvision cameras can record audio. If you need a cctv camera with audio feature, then check the product description before purchase. Here are two Hikvision CCTV cameras that have audio recording feature: Hikvision DS-2CE76D0T-ITPFS, Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-ITPFS.

How long do Hikvision CCTV cameras last?

It depends on the device and the usage. If you install it on a place where it has to deal with dust or rain all the time, it may affect the durability. Also, cheaper Hikvision cameras last less than the expensive one. But remember that almost every Hikvision CC camera has a 1 year warranty. So, even the cheapest one would run for at least 2 years.

Are Hikvision cameras secured?

Hikvision cameras are sold worldwide and one of the most popular brands. A broad number of people used Hikvision cameras, yet there is a very few security vulnerability occured. Hikvision has a good reputation for preventing security holes and giving the best security for their clients. Even if any vulnerability found, Hikvision announce it publicly and make themselves transparent to the clients. To sum up all, Hikvision is a very trusted brand in terms of security.