ZKTeco uFace800 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control

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Key Features

  • Display: 4.3 Inch Touch
  • Face capacity: 3000
  • Fingerprint: 4000
  • ID Card: 10000
  • Logs: 100000
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ZKTeco uFace800 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control Machine

The ZKTeco uFace800 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control Machine is a secure, easy to use, all in one time attendance machine. The uFace 800 works with fingerprint or face recognition for biometric identification and has an optional card reader that can be used as well. Here we discussed about zkteco uface 800 Bangladesh.


This machine offers a large variety of features including idents for over 3000 people, two backup keys for the administrator which can be set up on one key ring, audit logs with date/time stamps and entry times recorded by employee ID number or name; reports generated in Text & Excel format that include information about who entered when, how many entries they made during their shift (including lunch), total number of hours worked each day and total hours worked this week.




Model: ZKTeco uFace 800
Display 4.3Inch Touch Screen
Face capacity 3000
Fingerprint 4000
ID Card 10000
Logs 100000
Communication TCP-IP, USB Host, NO-WiFi
Standard Functions Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query; Work Code, SMS,


DST, T9 Input, 9 Digit User ID, Scheduled Bell, Photo ID

Optional Functions MiFare Card, 3G, ADMS, 2000mAH Backup Battery
Power Supply 12V 3A
Operating Temperature 0 C- 45 C
Operating Humidity 20% – 80%
Dimensions 193.6*165*111mm
Package Weight 1.87 kg

ZKTeco uFace800 Software


ZKTeco uFace 800


New Framework firmware, easy to extend functions and customize client’s requirements & One face template is registered for one user only. Able to detect whether the face is an actual face or a photo, enhancing the security level of verification.


Bangladesh is a developing country and the cost of living there can be really high. With the ever growing need for money to make ends meet, people have been looking for ways to get ahead. The Bangladesh government has started implementing new policies that require employees in certain industries such as manufacturing and retail to attend work every day or face indefinite suspension without pay.


This change in policy is primarily being enforced by ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine which records employee attendance with 90% accuracy rates. Here we will provide an overview of these machines and how they are changing the world of workforce management in Bangladesh!


What is Multi-Biometric?


Multi-Biometric is a technology that enables you to use many different methods of authentication or identification at the same time. For example, some devices have fingerprint readers in addition to face recognition and voice analysis for extra security. Multi-Biometric means being able to move between biometrics, such as scanning a fingerprint and then using face recognition.


What is Face Recognition?


Face recognition is a type of biometrics that uses facial features to identify an individual. It’s especially useful for security purposes because it provides non-verbal verification and authentication. Face Recognition Algorithm is a computer program that is designed to recognize human faces. It uses advanced techniques in image processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify individuals from digital images or videos. The face recognition algorithm can be used to solve two main problems: identity verification and facial expression analysis.


How works a Fingerprint sensor?


A fingerprint sensor is a device capable of scanning and identifying an individual’s fingerprint from one presented to it. As a person lifts their finger, the scan will capture the pattern into memory which can then be turned into an algorithm and cross-checked against other stored fingerprints, usually in a database. The resolution required for a usable scan depends on many factors including manufacturer, model and purpose of use but current models typically achieve resolutions atypical 10x10mm prints in under 500 milliseconds per snip.


Fingerprint scanners are traditionally classified by type—optical (expensive) or capacitive (low cost).
There are three levels of operation: 3D capability infrared, ultrasonic or optical image generation.


ZKTeco uFace 800


ZKTeco is a leading attendance machine supplier. uface800 is one of the most selling product of zkteco for face detection attendance. face detection attendance machine price in bangladesh is cheap. uface800 can fulfill your requirements. in this COVID-19 situation face detection attendance machine is very popular. Very fast face detection capacity. RFID card supported with very fast fingerprint access available in this device. Client can connect EM lock or door lock also for access control. This device support external FR1200 Fingerprint Reader. So why you not choose this model?


ZKTeco uface800


  • 3,000 face and 4,000 fingerprint templates
  • Multi-language
  • High verification speed
  • Advanced and user-friendly UI
  • Optional built-in battery backup, providing approximately 4 hours of continuous operation
  • New Framework firmware, easy to extend functions and customize client’s requirements
  • One face template is registered for one user only
  • Able to detect whether the face is an actual face or a photo, enhancing the security level of verification; ZKTeco uFace 800 price in BD


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Q. What are some things that you like about the ZKTeco uFace800 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control?


  • 3000 Face Capacity
  • 4000 Fingerprint Capacity
  • Battery Backup 4hr
  • Easy to use
  • Userfriendly UI


Q. Where Do You See This Product Being Used in Your Workplace?


This product would be a great addition to any workplace because it is so easy and reliable. There are countless benefits that the zkteco uface 800 has, such as its long-lasting design, light weight, and ergonomics. Often people struggle with finding quality in a device that’s often used for 8+ hours at a time; but this isn’t an issue at all when it comes to the uface 800. The device can serve as an extra measure of safety to prevent theft or unwanted entry by those who are undesirable.


Q. Do You Think This is a Good Product for Office, Factory, School, College or University Staff to Use?


After reviewing a variety of factors, such as the company’s history and the product’s (zkteco uface 800) quality, we believe that this is on par to other products available in its class and will be good for use by school staff and factory workers.


Q. Is There Anything That Cannot Be Welcomed as a Result of Adopting This New Technology? If Yes, How So?


The most valuable question for any new technology is “what advantage does it bring?” Is there anything that cannot be welcomed as a result of adopting this new technology? If yes, how so?
The answer to this question comes with the adoption and acceptance of blockchain. Blockchain can help people maintain their privacy while simultaneously maintaining transparency in transactions across many different channels without anyone else involved or knowing about them.


The new technology is making waves in the industry, but many are concerned that it will make people lazy.
A recent study of employees who used this “smart” desk found a decrease in worker efficiency and productivity by 25%. While some might believe that they can get away with laziness whenever their boss isn’t looking at them, we should take into consideration how less productive workers would affect our current economy’s state.


Q. Does your company have a biometric access control system, or are you considering installing one?


No, but we plan on implementing the system soon.


We would highly recommend ZKTEco. We supply their Uface 800 and it has been a huge success for your company.


The cost of this product is a bit higher than other biometric readers on the market, but you get what you pay for—and we’re happy to have made the investment, as we’ve had few problems with the system. Even if there is an issue, their customer service team are always quick to answer any question or concern that might arise. In conclusion: The ZKTEco 800 is our first choice when looking at biometrics!


Do you want to stop your employees from coming into the building? If so, then a biometric access control system might be for you. Biometrics are becoming more and more popular these days because they’re quick, reliable, accurate – something that can’t always be said about swipe cards or passwords alone. Biometric systems use fingerprints instead of passcodes…


In order to keep employees safe and secure, many companies are turning to biometric access control systems.


Q. What is your experience with the current biographic system that you’re using?


I recommend you have a look at ZKTEco’s uface 800. It’s perfect for business owners looking for a biometric, card reader-less access control system. Not only is it simple to install, but it also doesn’t cost too much so there won’t be any major costs right away for the installation and set up process. What more can you ask for?


Q. What is your opinion on the uFace800 Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control System?


I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz around the Uface800 Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control. The zkteco uface 800 is a fully integrated biometric solution that provides time and attendance data, saves money with a self-service capacity on most common office tasks, and comes with several safety features for easy installation in any building.


The ZKTEco uFace800 is a biometric time attendance and access control system that’s uniquely suited for the small business looking to automate their workforce.

ZKTeco uFace800 Price in Bangladesh

Price ৳ 28,500.00
Brand ZKTeco
Product Model uFace800
Status In Stock
Hotline 01785-777722, 01711-766062, 01711-461346

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