Jovision IP Camera Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for Jovision IP Camera Price in Bangladesh, surely you are coming to the right place. However, Jovision always provides its user peach of mind service. An IP camera is an essential element for an apartment, office, and some other places. You may know that choosing a high-quality IP camera is very important for a strong safety.

Furthermore, Jovision has lots of IP cameras, which is truly tricky enough to find the right one from them. So, what can you do? Well, I select only one product for you, which is now leading and top-rated. Jovision JVS-H510-Plus is one of the best product which you need to get. Why is it one of the best products? Well, let me explain below.

Jovision IP Camera Price in BD

Jovision always offers its user to get high-quality features at affordable prices. The device of Jovision JVS-H510-Plus is one of the best creations of Jovision that offers you a reasonable price. It comes with two different prices, such as regular and price. This component’s regular price is 4200 Taka, and the price of this component is 4000 Taka, which is budget-friendly.

I hope that the price is affordable for you. The price is not complicated for you when you look at its features.

Jovision IP Camera in Bangladesh

Jovision comes with quality materials and advance technology and doesn’t make much money. So, they always keep the camera at an affordable price. However, the price in the whole of Bangladesh belong the same, but the local shop may be different. If you want to purchase Jovision JVS-H510-Plus from the market, you need to pay the regular price of 4200 Taka and just for price 4000 Taka. I hope that the IP camera is not costly for you when you are looking for quality features.

Jovision JVS-H510-Plus Detail

JHS-H510-Plus is one of the best creations of Jovision. The IP camera comes with excellent quality features, which made the model different from others. So, if you want to buy the JVS-H510-Plus model, surely you need to know the detail of these product features. So, without delay, let’s get started.


The image sensor of this unit is 1/3″ CMOS, which is better than others. On the other hand, the effective pixel of this component is 1280 x 960. Overall, you will discover an IR distance of 15m.


This component’s lens type is 2.8 mm, and the angle of view of this component is 86-degrees.

Extra features

  • Dimensions: 115 x  147 x 138  inches
  • Weight: 300g
  • Power: DC 5V

I hope that the information provides you enough value for making the decision. If you think that you need to consider the best IP camera for your apartment or other spaces, you can indeed go for this camera without any hassles.

Jovision IP Camera in Bangladesh Manual

Every product has a user manual. But this Jovision IP camera comes with crystal and clear user manual. You can easily read and understand the installation and setup process. Whatever the manual allows you to complete the setup of the IP camera. But if you don’t understand the manual, you can contact the manufacturer. Overall, the IP camera of this component is hassle-free to operate. You just need to follow the user manual.

Jovision IP Camera in Bangladesh Price

The price of this component comes with quality features but provides less high price. Sometimes people think that low price means the product quality is not better. If you think so, you are wrong. The price of this component offers you 4000 Taka, which is less than others. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.


Now you are entirely aware of Jovision IP Camera Price in Bangladesh. I hope that the product is budget-friendly for you. You can use the IP camera with your apartment with any angle without any issues. Most of the people use the camera for their business, office, school, college, and other sections. There are plenty of quality features you will get from this unit. So, without delay, buy the model and secure your space without any issues.

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