Dahua XVR Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a high-quality video recorder with strong safety, surely you can go for Dahua XVR products. Why is Dahua? Dahua is a popular name and fame of the video recorder industry. Form a long-time, Dahua provides its high-quality user services. In this article, I will discuss two different XVR, which comes from Dahua and provides you Dahua XVR price in Bangladesh’s most updated price on the market.

However, I hope that this content helps you a lot to choose the right Dahua XVR without any issues. So, without delay, let’s break down the list below.

Dahua XVR Price in Bangladesh price in BD

Different models have different price, which you should know for choosing the right XVR from BD. However, here I discuss two different models, such as DAHUA XVR1A08, which price in BD is 5100 Taka, and the regular price in BD is 5585 Taka, which is not much costly.

On the other hand, DAHUA DH-XVR1A 04 channel comes with 3600 Taka, and the regular price is 3940 Taka. Both devices are popular and provide awesome service. This is the most updated price which you can find in the market.

Dahua XVR in Bangladesh

Now you are already aware of these two models price in BD. There are lots of shops in Bangladesh, and some shops come with a different price, which is truly bad enough. But if you want to know the accurate price, you can surely focus on the official website of Dahua. Moreover, DAHUA DH-XVR1A 04 channel price in Bangladesh 3940 Taka. On the other hand, for buying the DAHUA XVR1A08 model, you need to pay 5100 Taka.

DAHUA XVR1A08 08 Channel XVR

If you want to choose an awesome, secure video recorder, you can surely choose this component. It comes with dual-stream video compression such as H.265+/H.265 which is genuinely well enough for video recording. On the other hand, this eight-channel Penta bride recorder has a maximum full HD resolution with 20/40 Mbps incoming Bluetooth.

Overall, this unit’s storage capacity is 1 TB to 6 TB, which allows you to use the device with the full free condition. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you. You may already know about this price, but for your ensure, I tell you again. It’s price 5100 Taka, and the regular price is 5585 Taka. For crystal and clear video conditions, you can choose this component.


Well, this is my second collection for you, which comes with the most quality features. However, this digital video recorder supports HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP, which is enough for recording any video types. You can use this video recorder for 4 to 8 channels without any issues. It has full HD resolution with 20/40 Mbps with incoming bandwidth. The storage capacity of this component is 1TB to 6 TB, which provides full freedom to use.
If you want to purchase this high-quality XVR, surely you need to pay 3600 Taka, and the regular device price on the market is 3940 Taka. If you compare with its features, surely it is not an expensive XVR. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

Model Price
DAHUA XVR1A08 08 Channel XVR 5100 Taka
DAHUA DH-XVR1A 04 Channel XVR 3600 Taka

Dahua XVR in Bangladesh Manual

Dahua always provides its user with an easy installation method. You will get a crystal and clear user manual with these models. However, the manual allows you to know the using system and the installation methods. You just need to follow the process of using the device or installing the device.

However, if you don’t understand the manual, you can let me know the below comment box, or you can also contact Dahua Bangladesh Authorised Dealer, and you will get your solution. So, when you get the device, maintain the user manual without thinking more.

Dahua XVR in Bangladesh Price

Dahua is a popular brand that provides XVR maintenance with quality. However, you need to choose the right one with the most updated price. In the above section, I discuss only two models and also provide the price. So, you can choose any of them at an affordable price without any hassles. If you don’t focus on the above price chart, you need to focus on the below table.

Model (XVR)

Price (Taka)

DAHUA XVR1A08 08 Channel XVR 5100 Taka
DAHUA DH-XVR1A 04 Channel XVR 3600 Taka



After analyzing the Dahua XVR Price in Bangladesh, I hope it is not complicated to buy the products. The price is very affordable, so you can easily choose the device. Note, you will able to use both devices in any weather condition. So, without delay, purchase the product right now.

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