• NITGEN T2 Finger Access Control & TA


    NITGEN T2 Bangladesh

    Bluetooth-enabled Terminal
    – Mobile Key Service
    – IP65
    – Dustproof & Waterproof
    System Status Check
    – 3 color LED indicator(Red, Green, Blue)
    – Beep indicator
    – Superior Matching Engine
    -1st rank in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
    – Various Card Option
    – 125kHz EM, HID
    – 13.56MHz Mifare, HID(Felica, iClass, CEPAS)(Option)
    – Multifactor Authentication
    – Fingerprint, RF card
    – Buil-in Relay
    – Entry Level Device

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    ৳ 27,500.00
  • NITGEN SW101-M2R Fingerprint Reader Access Control


    NITGEN SW101-M2R Bangladesh

    > 32 bit CPU,8MB RAM/8MB flash memory.
    > LCD screen,finger print sensor,2000 template capacity.
    > 1000 finger print capacity.
    > 20000log capacity.
    > TCP/IP/RS485/wiegand communication.
    > 20~60℃ operating temperature.
    > 77x178x50mm dimension.

    ৳ 21,000.00৳ 25,000.00
  • NITGEN T9 Face Finger & RFID Access Control & Time Attendance


    Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9

    • Face Detection & Recognition
      – An embedded tilt camera automatically adjusts its angle to the user’s height
    • Dual Camera
      – IR(including IR LED) & Color cameras allow face authentication in darkness
    • FBI PIV Certified Sensor
    • Dual CPU
      – Simultaneous face and fingerprint authentication
    • Dual Card Support
      – Simultaneous RF and Smart Card recognition
    • 5″ Color Touch LCD
      – User-oriented UI
      – Enhanced touch sensitivity
    • Superior Matching Engine
      – Top-ranked algorithm in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
      – Fake fingerprint detection technology guarantees the highest level of security

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    ৳ 65,000.00
  • NITGEN T1 Finger Access Control & Time Attendance


    NITGEN T1 Bangladesh

    > Bluetooth-enabled Terminal-Mobile Key Service
    > IP65-Dustproof & Waterproof
    > System Status Check-3color LED indicator(Red,Green,Blue)-Beep indicator
    > Superior Matching Engine-1st rank in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
    > Various Card Option-125kHz EM,HID-13.56MH Mifare,HID(Felica,iClass,CEPAS)(Option)
    > Multifactor Authentication-Fingerprint,RF card
    > Buil-in Relay
    > Entry Level Device

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    ৳ 24,500.00



    Precise user authentication through the distinct algorithm.
    Compact and elegant design,which is more convenient to use.
    Excellent product durability that assures a long life..
    Provides fast matching.
    Provides USB interface.
    Applied to various client/server and internet environment as well as computer security


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    NITGEN SW101-RC Bangladesh

    • Waterproof & Weatherproof: IP65 rated for outdoor use.
    • Superior Matching Engine: 1st in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition).
    • Auto-on Function.
    • Touch Keypad with glittering Backlight.
    • LED shows power & network connection.
    • Beep sound with fingerprint enroll & authentication success/failure.
    • Function Key: 4 Function keys for user-defined functions(F1-F4: Clock In / Clock Out / Absence / Return).
    • Multifactor Authentication: Fingerprint, RF card, Password.
    • Various Authentication Method: 1:1, 1:N authentication, shortcut ID available for user convenience.
    ৳ 23,500.00
  • NITGEN-T5 Bangladesh

    NITGEN-T5 Finger Access Control & TA

    NITGEN-T5 Bangladesh

    4.3″ TFT LCD, Touch Screen
    – Fingerprint Image Quality Check
    – Notice/Status bar
    – Wallpaper with company logo
    Superior Matching Engine
    – 1st rank in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
    Auto-on Function & Live Finger Detection
    Built-in Camera
    – Takes picture for every transaction with storage in server
    USB Memory Slot
    – Easy data transfer using USB memory stick
    Function Key
    – User-defined functions (F1~F4)
    – Clock In/Clock Out/Absence/Return
    Multifactor Authentication
    – Fingerprint, RF card, Password
    Multi Language support with Audio-visual indications
    Built-in battery & PoE (Optional)
    Centralized Biometric Access control on IP technology
    Multi-processing functionality
    – Normal authentication process under progress at background of terminal

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  • NITGEN-T3 Bangladesh

    NITGEN-T3 Finger Access Control & TA

    NITGEN-T3 Bangladesh

    – IP54
    – Dustproof & Waterproof
    2.4” TFT Color LCD
    – Fingerprint Image Quality Check
    – Notice/Status Bar
    – Wallpaper with company logo
    Touch Keypad
    USB Memory Slot
    – Easy data transfer using USB memory stick
    Superior Matching Engine
    -1st rank in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
    Function Key
    – User-defined functions(F1~F4)
    – Clock In/Clock Out/Absence/Return
    Multifactor Authentication
    – Fingerprint, RF card, Password


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Nitgen Bangladesh:

Through relentless efforts in R&D, and responding dynamically to demands from the biometric security market, NITGEN is rapidly becoming the leader in biometric application/technology markets. NITGEN has developed , and now offers, advanced biometric authentication solutions, which would not have been possible without the core technologies for fingerprint recognition solutions that NITGEN has.

Nitgen Bangladesh

Nitgen in BD Unique Optical Design:

A compact size fingerprint recognition sensor has been developed using NITGEN’s unique Optical design technology , and it has almost zero image distortion. Therefore , it can capture ant fingerprint clearly, making it possible to verify fingerprints quickly and accurately. NITGEN has been producing fingerprint recognition sensors since 1999, and today, NITGEN is capable of manufacturing 1,000,000 units annually. NITGEN acquired both the ISO9001 and ISO14001 in January, 2001 thereby proving our customer-oriented quality and the environment management

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9 Price in BD

Nitgen Provides a Wide Range of Security Solutions:

The quality of NITGEN’S products is attested to by the international prizes and certifications awarded to our original fingerprint recognition technology. NITGEN ‘s main product lines include hardware application products such as household door locks and access control systems, as well as various types of SDK for hardware developers. As part of the international standardization movement in the biometric application/technology industry, NITGEN has developed an SDK that meets the BioAPI international standards, making it the first of its kind in Korea. NITGEN is also active as an opinion leader in the domestic standardization movement.

NITGEN-T5 Bangladesh

Nitgen Certification:

FBI Certification, CC, Bio API, Net, ISO 9001/14001

NITGEN-T9 Bangladesh

Nitgen Bangladesh Models:

UBio-X Iris, UBio-X Pro 2, UBio-X Pro, UBio-X Pro Lite, UBio-X Slim, eNCARD-i, eNBioAccess-T9, eNBioAccess-T5, eNBioAccess-T3, eNBioAccess-T2, eNBioAccess-T1, FingkeyAccess 2, AccessManager Pro.; Only eNBioAccess Products available in Bangladesh Market.

Nitgen Price List in Bangladesh:

Latest Nitgen ModelsLatest Price
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T1                                   18,500.00
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2                                   23,500.00
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T3                                   31,000.00
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T5                                   43,500.00
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9                                   58,000.00
Nitgen SW101-M2R                                   21,000.00
Nitgen FRINGKEY HAMSTER                                   12,000.00
Nitgen eNCard-i                                   25,500.00