ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine in Bangladesh

ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine in Bangladesh

Our company is a leading Supplier of ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine. Our products are widely used in Bangladesh to control attendance and access control at factories, schools, offices and other institutions.

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In Bangladesh, ZKTeco has been a leading provider of security systems for years. Today, they are providing the latest in attendance machine technology that is revolutionizing time and attendance management solutions with Face Detection Attendance Machine. This website will explore how this new system works as well as its benefits to businesses and customers alike.

ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine Features

Face Detection Attendance Machine

The new era of technology has brought about many changes and advancements in the world. One such advancement is the Face Detection Attendance Machine, which uses facial recognition to identify who comes into a company. This machine can be used to track attendance, detect intruders, and even monitor people’s emotions.

This system has a multi-layer security in order to ensure that only authorized employees are able to access their workstations while they clock in and out of work. The biometric scanning process is quick, easy, and accurate. The Face Detection Attendance Machine also features a camera which will take pictures of the employee’s face when they enter or exit the building for verification purposes.

The Face Detection Attendance Machine poses several advantages for any company that chooses to install one; with its ability to easily identify employees and keep accurate records of their hours spent at work, it becomes much easier for employers to quantify productivity on a daily basis. The system also helps reduce instances of fraud by accurately monitoring when someone enters or leaves the building. In addition, this machine allows companies more flexibility in scheduling shifts while still ensuring that there are enough staff still working.

ZKTeco is a world-leading company in the field of face detection and attendance machine. They provide solutions for the fields of education, security, transportation, health care and more. Their products are designed with cutting-edge technologies to create an innovative experience for customers.

ZKTEco has added their newest product – Face Detection Attendance Machine – to their product line up which can help schools maintain accurate records of student attendance rates without requiring them to manually check each student’s ID card or login into a computer system every day.This machine provides an easy way for schools to know if students are present in class or not by simply scanning their faces as they enter through the door.


Display 4.3-Inch Touch Screen
Face capacity 3,000
Fingerprint capacity 4,000
ID Card capacity 10,000 (optional)
Logs capacity 100,000
Communication TCP/IP, USB Host, WiFi(optional)
Standard Functions Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, SMS,DST, T9 Input, 9 Digit User ID, Scheduled Bell, Photo ID
Optional Functions MiFare Card, 3G, ADMS, 2000mAH Backup Battery
Power Supply 12V 3A
Operating Temperature 0 °C- 45 °C
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Dimensions 193.6*165*111mm (Length*Width*Thickness)
Package Weight 1.87 kg

ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine in Bangladesh

Available Models: MB20, MBP10, MB30, MB10, MB460, MB2000, V5L, uface800, uface800 Plus, uface302, uface402, uface402  plus, uface602, sface900, G4, G3, etc

ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine Price starts from 9500 Taka to 55000. It is an attendance machine that captures the faces of employees and updates their attendance in real-time on a website.

Even, It has been used by some companies with more than 50,000 employees across Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and many other countries. The ZKTeco Attendance Machine uses biometric technology to save employee’s time through an automated access control system.

This helps employers manage staff better as they are able to monitor who is coming into work at what time. The price for this product ranges depending on features such as the number of people it can register at one time or if it includes installation fees etc., but generally speaking, the prices start from 9500.

ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

ZKTeco Face Detection Attendance Machine Price starts from 9500 Taka to 55000 Taka depending on the model you choose. We provide a Bangladesh market price list for all models with detailed features.

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