EAS Security Tag Detacher EAS Tag Remover in Bangladesh (BD)

EAS Security Tag Detacher EAS Tag Remover in Bangladesh

The newest tool in the security tag detacher toolkit is the EAS Tag Detacher, which can remove tags from clothing items without damaging them. The Detach EAS Tag class provides a simple and convenient way to detach tags from clothing items, using a single call to the detach method. This allows for quick and easy tagging removal, whether you are a busy store owner or an experienced security tag detacher.

An leader in Bangladeshi security, TIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA supply leading security solutions, high-quality antitheft necessities, and extensive after-sales service to major clothing shops, supermarkets, and libraries in all components of Bangladesh.

Remove the pin of all hard EAS magnetic tags. Compatible with mini hard tags, large hard tags, tags golf, mini clam tags, regular clam tags, tags stylus, Tag Remover, mini Stylist tags, and mini stylus with string tag. We are the Supplier and wholesaler of AM EAS Security Tag System, with a strong R&D team and strict quality control for all processes.

Golf Security Tag Detacher EAS Tag Remover Magnetic Intensity

TRIMATRIK is a specialist supplier of security and automation products, a pioneer in Bangladesh’s safeness industry. The Associates seek to furnish leading security services, high-end anti-theft needs and unparalleled after-sales service to major clothing stores, supermarkets and libraries of all kinds in Bangladesh.

Golf security tags are a common sight on courses all over the world. However, because they can be SO easy to remove and cause such inconvenience to those who have them, it’s important that you know how to remove them without having any damage done. This article is about how to do it without any damage, and also about the different types of tags that are available.

Golfers have been using devices such as the EAS tag detacher for years to remove tags from their golf equipment, but the devices are not always effective. The magnetic intensity of the device can cause some tags to remove with ease, while others require more effort. A new device designed to remove tags from golf equipment is available now, and it has a magnetic intensity that is designed to be more effective.


Security Tag Detacher EAS Tag Remover Supplier in Bangladesh

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA are a professional provider of security and automation products, a leading force in Bangladesh’s security industry. It aims to provide its customers with cutting-edge security measures, high-quality products, and comprehensive after-sales service.

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA  engages in automated security equipment research and development, design, production, and technical services, among other electronic anti-theft systems. We are one of the few manufacturers with the ability to conduct research and production in Bangladesh.

As a high-tech business, TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA  focuses on the research, design, production, technical service, Electronic anti-theft system (EAS) , and several other security-related technologies. We are one of the few manufacturers with this capability in Bangladesh.

Security Tag Detacher EAS Tag Remover Price in Bangladesh

No. Product Name Latest Price
01. EAS Security Tag Detacher Remover Magnet 6,500 Taka
02. EAS Handheld Hard Tag Remover 9,500 Taka