• GSM Alarm System – S120

    GSM Alarm System

    The GSM SMS Security Alarm S120 is a User-Friendly concept and new security protection solution special for Residential areas, business area, commercial area, office, factory, industrial area and other Varity applications. The GSM SMS Security Alarm inbuilt one reliable quad-band GSM Module, integrated high performance MCU inside, includes lots of safety protection required functions, and lots of


    Brand: UTi-T
    Model: UTi165K
    Condition: New
    Regular Price: ৳ 58,500
    Warranty: One Year
    Contact No: +88 01785-777722
    Specification: 1. 2.8″ TFT screen

    2. Infrared resolution: 160×120

    3. Frame frequency: 9Hz

    4. Range of temperature measurement: 30℃~45℃

    5. Accuracy: ±0.5℃ (1m)

    6. Photographed function and SD card storage

    7. PC software analysis

    8. Point temperature measurement

    9. Real-time image transmission

    10. Visible light (640×480)

    11. Type-C USB interface for lithium battery charging

    12. 1/4″ tripod mounting hole

    13.7 color palette options: iron red, rainbow, white heat, black heat, red heat, lava, high contrast rainbow seven colors for selecting the captured infrared image mode

    Genuine Product Guarantee


    ৳ 58,500.00
  • Convex Mirror – 32″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror

    • The 32″ mirror reflects a clear, bright image, used to eliminate blind spots to prevent accidents, injuries and deter theft
    • Also be used to increase security around or in buildings
    • Mirror improves visibility and safety on existing garages and driveways
    • Made of durable, lightweight and shatterproof PC plastic; With pillar mounting bracket for easy installation, allowing to adjust directions
    • Suitable for street corner, intersections, narrow roads, supermarket, garage, parking lot, driveway, stores, etc
  • Convex 24″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror

    Convex Safety mirror on entry and exit.
    PC Wide angle, Road
    Security convex mirror, 130 Degree
    viewing angle. PMMA convex mirror
    with cap. Excellent visibility.

    ৳ 11,000.00৳ 12,500.00
  • ZKTeco ZK-VSCN200 Permanent Under Vehicle Inspection System

    Need Pre-Order

    ZK-VSCN200 is a permanent under vehicle inspection system, is used to detect vehicle undercarriage. When the vehicle passes, system can quickly recognize the vehicle license plate and generate a high definition image of vehicle undercarriage, which will be recorded in the computer. With foreign object detection function, system can quickly and accurately identify suspect objects attached to the underside of vehicles.
    ZK-VSCN200 is a powerful tool to provide profession inspection in incoming and outgoing traffic with a few seconds. Controls are thoroughly carried out and information of the inspection is stored in a structured database. This data is searchable according to time or
    license plate number. This under vehicle inspection system greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of security check in order to achieve a higher level of safety.

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