Hikvision DS-K1T321EX Value Series Face Recognition Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal

  • 2.4-inch LCD screen
  • Max. 500 faces,
  • card reader via RS-485
  • Card Type: EM card
  • Power Supply12 VDC

৳ 7,500.00 ৳ 8,500.00

Hikvision DS-K1T321EFX Value Series Fingerprint and Face Recognition Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal

  • 2.4-inch LCD screen
  • card reader via RS-485
  • Max. 500 faces, 3000 cards
  • ingerprint, card (EM card)
  • 2 MP lens

৳ 10,500.00 ৳ 11,500.00

Hikvision DS-K1T321EFWX Wi-Fi Fingerprint and Face Recognition Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal

  • 2.4-inch LCD screen
  • Max. 500 faces, 3000 cards
  • ISUP 5.0 protocols
  • Card Type: EM card
  • Power Supply12 VDC

৳ 12,500.00 ৳ 13,500.00

Hikvision DS-K1T342EX-E1 Face Recognition Terminal

  • Card Type: EM card
  • Card Capacity: 3,000
  • Face Capacity:1,500
  • Event Capacity: 150,000
  • Frequency125 KHz


৳ 19,500.00 ৳ 20,500.00

Hikvision DS-K1T670MFWX Face Recognition Terminal

  • Card Type: M1 card
  • Fingerprint Capacity10,000
  • Card Capacity50,000
  • Face Capacity6000
  • User Capacity6000

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Hikvision DS-K1T320EFX Value Series Face Recognition Attendance and Access Terminal

  • 2.4-inch LCD screen, 2 MP lens
  • Max. 500 faces, 1,000 cards
  • 1000 fingerprint
  • 100,000 Log
  • Face recognition < 0.2 s

৳ 9,500.00 ৳ 10,000.00

Hikvision DS-K1T343EX Face Detection and RFID Access Control Terminal

  • Screen Size: 4.3 inch
  • Card TypeEM card
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC
  • Frequency125 KHz
  • Working Humidity0 to 90%

৳ 12,500.00 ৳ 14,500.00

Hikvision DS-K1T343EFX Value Series Face Access Terminal

  • Screen Size: 4.3 inch
  • Max.3000 cards
  • Card TypeEM card
  • Frequency125 KHz
  • Type: LCD

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Face Recognition Door Access Control Package

  • 1 × Hikvision Access Control Terminal
  • 1 × Electromagnetic Lock 280KG
  • 1 × ZL/UL - Bracket for Magnetic Lock
  • 1 × Exit Button

৳ 9,900.00 ৳ 13,200.00

Hikvision DS-K1T342EFWX-E1 WiFi and POE Face Recognition Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal

  • Card Type: EM card
  • Frequency13.56 MHz
  • Card Capacity: 3,000
  • Face Capacity: 1,500
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000

৳ 21,500.00 ৳ 22,500.00

Hikvision DS-K1T673DWX Pro Face Access Terminal

  • Card Type: M1 card
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC
  • Temperature-30 °C to 60 °C
  • Working Humidity0 to 90%
  • Screen Size: 7 inch

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

ZKTeco F18 Fingerprint Standalone Access Control and Time Attendance

  • Full Access Control Features
  • New Platform
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3000
  • Card Capacity: 5,000
  • Transaction Capacity: 30,000

৳ 12,500.00 ৳ 13,000.00

Hikvision DS-K1T320EX Face Recognition Attendance Terminal

  • Face capacity: 500
  • Fingerprint: No
  • Transaction Logs: 100,000
  • Display: 2.4" inch
  • TCP/IP, RS-485

৳ 7,500.00 ৳ 8,000.00

ZKTeco K40 Biometric Fingerprint & RFID Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal with Built-in Battery Backup

  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000
  • ID Card Capacity: 3,000
  • Record Capacity: 1,00,000
  • Display: 2.8-inch TFT Screen
  • Battery Backup

৳ 6,950.00 ৳ 7,500.00

RFID Access Control System

  • 01 Pcs RFID Access Control
  • 01 Pcs Door Opener Switch
  • 01 Pcs Power Supply
  • 01 Pcs EM Lock 180KG
  • 01 pcs ZL/UL Bracket
  • Installation Charge (2,000tk)

৳ 8,000.00 ৳ 8,500.00

Hikvision DS-K1T343EFWX Value Series Face Access Terminal

  • Face capacity: 1,500
  • Fingerprint: 3,000
  • Transaction Logs: 150,000
  • Display: 4.3" Touch Screen
  • Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, RS-485

৳ 14,500.00 ৳ 15,000.00

Access Control Price in Bangladesh


Trimatrik Multimedia is best known for the most advanced time attendance system in Bangladeshi Market. We provide a variety of security systems like Face, Fingerprint, RFID, or Key card access control locks to secure your area and keep unwanted people out!


When you need to control access to sensitive areas, you need to be able to trust your security system. We take our security very seriously. We understand how important it can be to have access to areas when you need it.


An easy way to track time spent at work is by implementing a simple Time Attendance System. This system can be used for more than just tracking; it also has the wonderful benefit of controlling who gets access to certain areas in your office or industry with its built-in Access Control feature!


First, you must make sure that your computer is fully updated using the most recent updates. Then, you can add the Buy Best Attendance & Access Control Bangladesh application to your computer by pressing the “Add” button.


TRIMATRIK is one of the best Attendance & Access Control Solution Providers in Bangladesh. We are offering both wireless and hardwired solutions for Attendance & Access Control. Our attendance machines are based on reliable and trusted technology, easy to use, and cost-effective. We also provide the latest security hardware and software.


Trimatrik Multimedia is the first company in Bangladesh which provides an entire automation solution of Access control and Time Attendance System that includes a well-known brand access control device with other supporting hardware and software. The security system has been designed to meet any requirement for companies.


If you are looking to buy the Attendance System online, TRIMATRIK is the only destination. We are one of the leading suppliers of Attendance Systems in Bangladesh and we have more than 12 years of experience providing our clients with high-quality Attendance Systems that enhance their office workflows. Our services include Install and supplying Attendance Systems, Digital Attendance machines, Attendance systems for School & College, Attendance Management software, etc.



Face Recognition Access Control System


Face Recognition Access Control System Terminal allows you to cancel or modify the temporary access to the facial recognition access control software. The access is determined by the verification of your image. This is an algorithm that modifies the system more accurately than the general automated computerized system.


ZKTeco uFace 800 is an attendance terminal that recognizes faces and uses voice recognition. ZKTeco’s uFace 800 allows you to easily access the gate without the need of a password or card.


Face recognition access control systems have been around for a long time. However, the systems that are currently available are not as user-friendly as they need to be. The systems need to be updated to support face recognition technology that does not require a specific angle of view to recognize a person’s face. The Face Recognition Access Control System by TRIMATRIK is the new-and-improved face recognition access control system that will be able to recognize a person’s face from all angles, even if a person is wearing glasses or sunglasses.


Face recognition technology has been around for a while, but it has not been practical for commercial use until now. Face recognition technology allows us to identify people from a distance and in many cases from a different angle. Face recognition technology is not perfect, but it is much more accurate than other biometric identification methods. The Face Recognition Access Control System by TRIMATRIK BD is a face recognition access control system that can be used to control access to our buildings, schools, or even our homes. The Face Recognition Access Control System has a database of thousands of images of people and the associated ID number. The system can identify the person from the image and then the associated ID number can be used to grant access or deny access.



Buy Best Attendance & Access Control Bangladesh


If you are looking to buy a reliable Access Control System, look no further than TRIMATRIK. We are one of the leading suppliers of Access Control System Bangladesh. TRIMATRIK has over 12 years of experience in providing high-quality solutions for Access Control System and this experience has helped us develop a system that is user-friendly and affordable.


You have to insert your ID card in the machine and see the screen. After seeing the screen you have to enter the number of minutes you want to work. After entering the number of minutes you want to work, you have to enter the time of starting and the time of leaving. After entering the starting and the ending time, you can go to the place where you have to work.


When you want to go for your attending you have to insert your ID card in the machine and see the screen. After seeing the screen you have to enter the number of minutes you want to attend. After entering the number of minutes you want to attend, you have to enter the time of starting and the time of leaving.


We are the leading supplier of security systems in Bangladesh. If you are looking for an access control system in Bangladesh, we have one of the most efficient systems in our country. We are the best at what we do. Our systems are user-friendly and are of the best quality.


We are a leading Attendance & Access Control System Bangladesh supplier with over 12 years of experience. We have the latest Attendance Management Software that includes Attendance software, Attendance management software, Attendance system for school, Attendance system for college, and Digital Attendance Machine.



Security in a Building


How do you keep your employees from walking out the door without permission? The answer is—or, at least, it should be—to use fingerprint and face recognition technology to keep track of people so you know who they are when they walk in the door. Yet, even with these systems, a few things can still go wrong, such as someone using fake finger or face prints.If you want to prevent that from happening, you can purchase and install RFID or iris recognition systems, which can read employee badges from a distance and tell their actual identity from their unique ID number.


These are interesting times for building access control systems. With the increased adoption of fingerprint and face recognition technologies, access control becomes more security-focused. Some of the latest trends for access control systems are building fingerprint readers, building access control door access control systems, and building access control door access control systems with RFID technology.


Type of technology used in schools Students Attendance


In the past decade, biometric technology has become an increasingly popular method of ID verification in many countries around the world, and it is now the main method of identification used in many schools. Each school has the option of installing biometric readers for their students, which means that every student has a unique identity. However, this has led to some serious privacy concerns, and many students have been upset at the amount of information about them that is being accessed and collected by the readers, which includes their names, friends, and family members, phone numbers, and where they live.


Bad attendance is a major problem in many schools. This is because kids are tired from the long day and want to catch a few winks in class. Some students also try to avoid school because they have a bad report card, they are bullied or they are the victim of a crime. This can lead to having a bad attendance record and in turn result in a bad grade.



Cost of technology Biometric Technology


Biometric technology has come far in the last couple of years, and we are now seeing companies trying to push it to it’s limits. We have seen the size of fingerprint sensors increase, and now we are seeing more and more companies trying to do more than just read fingerprints.


The cost of biometric technology varies widely across applications. For example, the cost of a facial recognition Machine costs starts from 12000tk, while the cost of a fingerprint sensor can be as low as 5000tk. Depending on your Attendance & Payroll application requirements, you can expect to pay from 20000tk to 120000tk. If your application has a large install base, or if you want to retain a strong brand identity, you can consider using a custom Attendance system. Contact Trimatrik Multimedia for a total solution.


Where Can You Get the Equipment?


If you’ve been meaning to install a door access control system but simply haven’t gotten around to it, now is the perfect time. Most installation and service for the systems is done by professionals, but you can meet with one of our specialists at TRIMATRIK at your location. We’ll take a look at your existing doors and install a sensor or a reader. And to make sure your doors are working correctly, we’ll perform a full system test, which will give you peace of mind.


We keep hearing about the importance of keeping track of student attendance and maintaining the integrity of our schools. We’ve all heard about the many efforts that school districts have put into tracking student attendance and keeping a close watch on the doors of their schools. Every school has an attendance and access control system. However, there are many different models of attendance and access control systems.



Employee Attendance


Passive attendance is more effective than the traditional method of checking in and out for employees. However, it is important to note that this system is less secure since the guards can be fooled into thinking that they have checked out a particular employee. Therefore, it is important to match the system to the needs of your business (and the type of business you are running).


Increase Security


Are you concerned about the security of your business? In this case, it’s about your employees. In this case, it is not about the theft of money and property. It’s about the safety of your staff. How can you make sure that they are safe? What can you do to make sure that, for example, a person who is sick is not working?


Technology has been a part of many aspects of our lives for a long time now. It is often seen in homes, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, and even in business buildings. The technology is also used to control access to the place. This is to avoid any kind of crime, theft, or fraud. The fingerprint scanner is one such technology that is used to stop such crimes. In order to prevent the crime, a fingerprint scanner must be installed in the building.



Save Money


In today’s world, we have a lot of things that we want to keep, but we’re worried that it will be stolen. Open locks, fobs, passwords, etc. are common ways to keep something secure. But have you ever thought of fingerprint security? Fingerprint Access Control Save money for Security purposes & Also save money for security guards. Your Access Control Machine is your security guard.


Keypads for Access Control


The TRIMATRIK team has been working long and hard on bringing something new and exciting to the keypad access control market. We are developing a new product based on the concept of using the keypad as the access control. The new product is exclusive to the TRIMATRIK system and it will be called PADLOCK.


You are probably familiar with the idea of keypads or keycards. You might not be so familiar with keypads that allow you to control access to a facility or room. Whether it is a classroom, an auditorium, or a gymnasium, keypads are a valuable tool to control access. The Controller must include a keypad with a keypad interface, keypad interface, and keypad interface controller, but you do not need the controller for this project.



Networked Systems

Network access control systems are strategically placed in your organization to secure your network and prevent unauthorized entry. They can include: Fingerprint-based access control systems – A biometric scanner used to scan the finger of an authorized user to grant access to network resources Electronic keypad locks – A physical keypad lock used to deny access to network resources, or an access control system which is connected to a computer network Facial recognition systems – Secure and controlled access to network resources that cannot be controlled by using keypads or key cards Electronic door locks – A physical lock that locks access to network resources.


Network Supported Access Control you can control Remotely & open door via Mobile App too.


Biometric Readers


Biometric readers vary widely in price and capabilities. Regardless of price, the readers are mostly concerned with finger or handprints, which are considered to be the most reliable and secure method for authenticating the user. Fingerprints are the safest and cheapest method, but they are less convenient than face recognition, for instance. Biometric readers can read fingerprints, or faces, or irises, or even voice recognition.


Biometric readers are becoming more and more popular for their security and performance advantages. The Wigend Reader is one of the latest technologically advanced biometric readers on the market. This reader is based on the principle of fingerprint recognition. The reader has an integrated fingerprint reader and a LED screen to show the result of the fingerprint reading.



Software Systems


It’s no longer enough to simply have the right solution for your Attendance & Access Control needs. With so many different software solutions available on the market, you need to make sure that you are selecting the right solution (and the right software vendor) for the job.


Software is at the heart of every modern organization, whether large or small. It is used to help everyone from webmasters to HR professionals to administrators manage workflows, access data, and automate processes that would otherwise be labor-intensive and time-consuming. It is used to help increase employee productivity, reduce errors, and increase business efficiency.


Access Control System Installation and Maintenance


Access control systems can be very complex and it’s not always easy to troubleshoot problems on-site. Using a system through a PC can be cumbersome and tedious. Some access control systems may be very complex and may require extensive user training, which can put a lot of pressure on your staff.


Contact us for Access Control System Installation and Maintenance. We Trimatrik Multimedia supply all types of maintenance for Access Control


A very critical and hard-to-measure part of a school safety system is the effectiveness of its access control system. Without a comprehensive and reliable access control system, a school could be at risk of casualties. Securing entrances has been regarded as the most important task to ensure safety, and has been a priority in many countries.



Face Recognition Attendance for School in COVID 19 Pandemic Situation


In the past, a school’s attendance was based on how much a student was in the school building for any given period of time. This means you can be late for school and not get kicked out until the end of the period, or you can be absent and even be given an unexcused absence which means that you’ll be in trouble later on. This is a very bad system that leads to one of the most common issues we have with the school.


In today’s world, every one of us has a cell phone and a webcam. And the same is true for schools. Take for example, the COVID 19 Pandemic: if the disease was to spread, the only way to potentially prevent people from escaping would be to recognize them and keep them in the school. This would become even more important if the disease was spread by infected people escaping. Schools around the world are being made smarter and smarter with the use of video surveillance, and facial recognition technology is now present in many of these systems.


Access Control System For Office & Factory Gate


Access control system is a system that can be used for access control of a building/office. It is also used in the industry of factory gate control. It is performed by a controller, which can control the overall operation of the controller. The access control system is generally divided into three parts: Door Control, Keypad, and Monitor. Door Control: A door control is used to control the door in the access control system. The door control is installed inside the building or in the factory. Keypad: A keypad is also a part of an access control system. The keypad is installed at the office or the factory gate. The keypad is used for entering the security code. The security code is generated by the door control.


This article will focus on the complex issues that are involved in designing an Access Control system for a Factory or a Factory Gate. We will discuss various types of access control systems like the LDAP Access Control system, the Windows-based Access Control system, the IPSec-based Access Control system, SSL-based Access Control system, etc. Also, the access control system will be discussed with respect to its different aspects like its operational principles, design issues, working principles, etc.


Access Control Bangladesh


Trimatrik Multimedia is the leading provider of access control and time attendance solutions in Bangladesh. We offer security system automation for any kind of company, with full customization according to their needs.


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We are here to help you choose the best time attendance system for your business. With so many options, it can be challenging to find a solution that meets every need (especially if English is not your primary language). We want success in our clients’ businesses and will work with them closely until we have found what they’re looking for. As customer service specialists, all of us enjoy connecting people’s lives through technology! Give us a call today for your required solution.


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Time Attendance System in Bangladesh


ZKTeco is one of the best time attendance systems because ZKTeco supports multi-users and has a very easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it’s also able to be synchronized with any biometric fingerprint scanner or ID card reader. Attendance System is an integrated system that accurately tracks the attendance of employees, students, and visitors in real-time.


Time and attendance systems are necessary for any organization nowadays. Time Attendance Machine (TAM) has been introduced as a legal time record-keeping system by the Labour Ministry of Bangladesh to the private sector industries. Nowadays Time Attendance System is widely used in USA, Europe, Middle East countries etc. The Time Attendance System is being developed based on TETRA standard Time Ticketing Technology from most popular usage at the present day. It facilitates employers to check whether or not their employees have reported for duty during official working hours and absence cases can also be identified immediately through this type of recording system.


Time Attendance Solution in Bangladesh


A kiosk-based time attendance system is an excellent choice for monitoring employees’ work hours in your organization. Kiosks are placed at multiple locations and the staff has to scan their fingerprint or enter a PIN code before they start working.


Time attendance solution is a must-have for any organization. It helps to maintain discipline in your office or institution by keeping a record of the employees’ attendance and activities, which can be easily used as evidence if needed. There are many brands out there that offer attendance solutions. Like ZKTeco, Hundure, Anviz, Virdi, etc.


Time attendance machine installation in Bangladesh Time Attendance Solution is the name of a solution that tries to simplify the overall management process by making it more efficient and accurate. Time attendance machine installation in Bangladesh There are different options available that can be selected depending on your requirements like wireless scanner, card reader, fingerprint sensor etc. Time Attendance Solution, Time Attendance Machine Installation.


Time attendance system in Bangladesh Time & Attendance Systems for companies around the world Cyber Time has been designed with products and services covering three main areas; Time & Attendance System (T&A), office automation systems, and security systems at the factory level for safeguarding valuable assets.


Access Control System In Bangladesh


ZKTeco is the world’s leading access control manufacturer, with over 8 million installations in more than 100 countries. ZKTeco also provides a wide range of complementary products such as video surveillance systems, entrance automation solutions, and Face Recognition systems.


Access Control System is a device that controls access to an area. Access control systems can be used in military bases, corporate offices, airports, and many other places where security is essential.


Access Control Bangladesh


Access Control Bangladesh is the best access control system as it offers a high level of security and quality. Anviz provides customized hardware and software solutions for access control. Please visit our website to learn more.


Access Control in Bangladesh


One of the best places to get access control in Bangladesh is Trimatrik Multimedia. We’re inexpensive, easy to install and have a great warranty. The access control technology in Bangladesh is supported by a number of companies. Some of these include ZKTeco, Hundure, Anviz, and Virdi.


Hundure – Access Control in Bangladesh, access control in Bangladesh, Hundure is an access control solution that helps you to secure your home/office premises at low cost.


We have been delivering a number of Access Control solutions for our esteemed clients in the country. Our expertise includes providing access control systems, fire alarm systems, and CCTV Cameras to name a few.


Access Control Solution in Bangladesh


ZKTeco is an Access Control System supplier in Bangladesh. The range of access control products include IP Door Phone, RFID and Wiegand card reader, Fingerprint scanner as well as wireless proximity or Fingerprint readers. You can find out more about our access control solution on the homepage.


Anviz Access Control Solutions is a leader in access control technology and has been providing superior security solutions to businesses across the globe.


Anviz & ZKTEco is an access control solution provider in Bangladesh. Their locks are reliable and secure, and they have a number of other products that can help you get your business up to par.


Hundure Products in Bangladesh


Hundure is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Security & Access Control Equipment. Our products are designed to provide solutions for both residential and commercial security, Factory, and other applications.


Hundure Access Control was established in 2013 and has ever since been developing a range of products for the security industry. Hundure is a global brand that offers innovative, reliable, and high-quality access control systems to help you secure your premises


Trimatrik Multimedia is the leading access control provider in Bangladesh. We supply and install high-quality, reliable entry systems to homes and businesses across Bangladesh. Our core product lines include Hundure Access Control Systems, Biometrics Products, etc.


Trimatrik Multimedia has been established in 2009 as a Dealer, supplier and service provider of Access Control System & Time Attendance System. We are the authorized Supplier of the Hundure access control system in Bangladesh.


Access control automation in Bangladesh


Access control automation is one of the best ways to secure your property. An access control system is a great investment for your property. It provides secure entry and exit to the property, thereby making it safe from intruders who may be looking to steal or vandalize. At Trimatrik Multimedia, we are experts.


With the advancement of technology and the internet, security has become a prime factor. The security system is one of those things that play an important role in keeping our place safe from theft and robbery.


The Trimatrik Multimedia is a hardware and software system designed for access control automation, based on fingerprint technology. Learn more about the benefits of time and access control automation, and how you can benefit from it.