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Access Control System

An access control system is the security and identification system of premises or rooms that permit entrance to authorized users only. Access control may be used in buildings, vehicles, or other spaces where physical access is limited. Access control may provide only physical access is controlled by electronic means, but it more commonly involves authentication and authorization mechanisms to allow decision making based on user information inside an Access Control Device. Access-control systems can generally be divided into three main components: readers that read Fingerprint, Fave, RFID or tags containing electronically stored information, controllers connected to readers that compare the data from a database of acceptable entries. Access control systems can be activated in two ways: Passive Access Control Users must have the physical means of accessing the controlled space, such as a key or identification card. Active Access Control The Access Control System uses an active device that is integrated with a door or window and restricts entry only to those who send a specific signal (e.g., swiping an ID badge).

Key Terms

AID Access Identification Device AID – Access Identification Device An Access Identification Device (AID) is more commonly known as a proximity tag or proximity card. A reader supplies power to the circuit within the tag when passing over it, powering up to 4 independent relay coils within the tag. Card Access Control Card access control is one form of security used at entrances where an employee or resident may enter the facility using a physical card that unlocks the door or gate. Access control is an important part of security management for the protection of assets and people, as well as determining access to certain information. Access Control Access Control Reader Access control readers are used to read proximity cards (RFID transponders) worn by authorized personnel in order to grant them entry. Access control readers come with different interfaces which allow you to connect them onto Windows PC, PLC or use them in conjunction with your existing analog controls. Access Control Devices Access control devices include access doors, electric strikes, magnetic locks or mechanical locking systems like pin tumbler locks and lever handles Access Door Access doors are mainly used for industrial purposes including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers Access control. Access Doors are mainly used for industrial purposes including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Accessibility Accessibilité Accesibilidad Algemeen aanvaardbaarheid Elke toegankelijkheid Openheid toegangstaken Toegang tot de computer van het netwerk op afstand hergebruik ontwerp’ renschrijven sluiten voor verandering status

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Access Control System And Time Attendance system in Bangladesh

Access control is a common security term that is used to restrict access privileges to a particular area or resource. Access Control Systems or Access Controllers are the systems inside an organization that allow individuals to enter restricted areas or perform actions on secure resources. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is a Leading Access Control & Time Attendance Supplier in Bangladesh.

Access control systems may use electronic means as well as physical mechanisms for controlling entry and can be implemented with either hardware sensors (switches, locks), software-based mechanisms such as digital certificates (used within information technology to verify user identity), biometric devices or combinations of the above. Access controls generally operate by allowing only authorized persons to enter into a controlled space at any given time; this might correspond to an individual and/or her attendance record. Access control systems are used in a variety of applications such as offices, homes, and public buildings. Access Control Systems can be used both indoors and outdoors to achieve different objectives, ranging from restricted access locations or secure entry into facilities to selective flow control for computer networks or monitoring access attempts at borders.

Security levels Access control systems are often organized into security levels; the type of system chosen will depend on the level of security required. Access controls may also be employed with physical barriers like walls and fences around unsecured facilities. Access-restricted areas are typically guarded by some sort of guard service that checks that people have the authorization to enter these exclusive zones before allowing them entry through doors equipped with an Access Control.

What is Access Control System?

The access control system is a method to restrict or control access to a particular place. This is usually done by multiples types of machines that use many methods together or separately to detect the presence of an individual and decide to whether allow or reject access to the person. These gathering control systems in Bangladesh are widely used.

What is an access control system?

An access control system is a powerful device or an arrangement of systems for controlling and monitoring physical access to a place. It usually includes identification methods, authentication procedures, access, and entryway control method. What is an access control system? It’s a group of hardware/software systems that helps to control who can enter or exit the building or premises during special events such as sports matches or concerts.

There are many types of Access Control Systems that are to be considered when planning one for your project:

1: CCTV-based access control system: A CCTV-based access control system is often used in areas where the cost of monitoring employees by video camera is high. Video door phones allow you to monitor visitors remotely by watching them via the camera on your phone. When they reach the front door, simply press a button on your phone, and a chime will sound at their location so you can see who it is. This way you are alerted to the visitor’s presence but if they try to enter while you’re away, or when you have asked not to be disturbed, they will hear a message telling them that you can’t come to the door right now and suggest another time for them to call back or leave a message.

Such systems could also include an intercom system connected between your front door and the phone so that visitors can speak with someone directly

2: RFID tag access control system: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are chips that contain unique identification information stored in electronic memory devices. The information on the chip can be read by using an RFID reader, which sends out radio waves. When the RFID tag is within range of the reader, its information will be transmitted back to the reader and picked up.

These access control systems can scan cards as well as allow you to track the movements of your employees or students so that administrators can know exactly where they are at all times

3: Gate Access Control System: A gate access control system consists of a card swiping mechanism that reads and verifies proximity cards when users try to enter a facility or grounds. The computer uses an application called an access control list to determine whether doors should automatically open or remain closed based on whether the user has access rights to enter through that door

4: Biometric Access Control Systems: Biometric systems use unique human characteristics such as fingerprints, iris patterns, voice recognition, and hand measurements to identify an individual. The identification process used by biometric systems is called a biological authentication system. Such systems require access control cards as well as software that interacts with the system.

Recent Biometric trends show that fingerprint scanning is one of the most widely used technologies for access control applications. Fingerprint scanners come in many different forms, including standalone units, portable devices, networked units, and even laser barcode readers. What are the types of Access Control Systems? There’re three categories of access control: 1: On-premise 2: Offsite or Hosted 3: Cloud-based This article will provide you more details about these three options in our future articles What is Access Control System Securityure, and authorization method are used in this kind of technologies. I personally think that there are two kinds of access controls: physical access(using devices) and logical access (using computers). What’s the difference between them? Physical Access controls can ensure who allow entering in a restricted area while logical or software controls validate if the user is allowed by the system administrator who may be at any location from his desktop or laptop. What do we get when using both together? “It’s Security.”

Which Time Attendance Systems and access control is best for you?

If you are looking to implement a new Time Attendance System or access control system, then the first question on your mind is whether to install an electronic or biometric solution.

Electronic systems use an employee card (with an embedded chip) and/or pin number to track employees as they come and go. Biometrics uses fingerprints or facial recognition technology (or both) to identify employees.

So which should you choose? Which is better? Which is “best”? Well, most people would say that either option can work well for any type of business; it’s just a matter of deciding what makes the most sense for your company at this time…

The least expensive solutions will be with traditional identification cards and PIN numbers. You will need to set up at least one reader per door that leads outside and employee areas where access needs to be tracked. The good news is that these systems can usually be installed over the weekend with very little downtime for your business, although it does depend on how many doors you need readers for. Most of these cards are standard credit card size and employees are trained quickly in how to use them.

They function like any other key card system and employees swipe or “dip” their ID card to enter and exit areas as needed (see photo below). The obvious advantage of using a traditional identification system is its low cost; there’s nothing else required beyond setting up the readers at each door or area where access needs to be tracked. This is the best choice if you are looking for something simple, quick and inexpensive.

The next level up is to use smart cards with PIN numbers. The biggest advantage to this type of system is that employees no longer need to carry keys or key fobs; they simply enter their PIN number at each door in order to pass through the doorway (see photo below). You can also purchase card readers with built-in proximity readers which will allow employees to “dip” their card as usual, plus swipe a badge directly over the reader as they exit an area. This allows for even quicker access when used in conjunction with “dipping”. It’s essentially two systems rolled into one!

Access Control Solutions for Home and Business

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Access control solutions are used to protect commercial premises such as insurance companies’ single-family houses that includes Access control systems with radiofrequency, proximity PIN code, and fingerprint Scanner technologies along with other tried and tested methods to protect both people individuals and property from potential intrusions. Protection of information is also taken into consideration since it may be accessed via various forms of technology including the internet

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Best Types access control solutions in Home and commercial sector

Keypad Access Control:

Keypad entry systems are the best choice for those who prefer security and simplicity. A keypad system requires no external identifiers, as it only needs a user’s PIN code to access or lock an internal door. Administrators can easily modify the codes of these entries, so they get renewed regularly in order to keep individuals from discovering them through sleuthing efforts. Users enter their unique four-digit passcode into this pad when opening doors that have been locked by administrators; if incorrect, users will be denied entrance until they try again with another combination of numbers on the panel keyboard.

Proximity Access Control System:

One of the best ways to keep your business safe from unwanted intruders is by using proximity access control systems. This technology uses RFID cards that are easily transportable and can open doors when a few centimeters away from an entrance or panel. For even greater security, management can activate and deactivate these codes at any time for added peace of mind!

Fingerprint Scanner access control:

The fingerprint scanner in your phone is a popular and accessible way to keep track of the people you know. They are also an excellent security measure for companies looking for ways to make sure that their employees can’t get into places they shouldn’t be able, like customer accounts or other classified information. Fingerprints are unique identifiers that cannot easily be transferred from one person’s body onto someone else.

RFID Radiofrequency access Control System:

RFIDs are an awesome way to keep your garage, parking area or anything similar safe. They allow the receiver and identifier to be a considerable distance away from one another without any problems with functionality! It’s like magic for those who have never seen it before.

Centralized access Control systems:

Centralized access control systems are designed to give authorized persons the ability to monitor and control multiple entry points. They provide a management system for facilities with different entries that require specific functions, such as restrictions depending on visitor capacity or time limits. Centralized Access Control Systems allow you to handle your security more efficiently by monitoring all of your entrances at once instead of just one entrance!

Combined access Control systems:

Combined access control systems are an innovative and cost-effective way to ensure that only authorized people have access into a building. In addition, these combined security measures provide peace of mind for the owner because there is added protection against lost or stolen credentials by requiring both a user ID as well as either PIN code entry or fingerprint recognition on all granted logins. Combined with proximity card readers, they also quickly verify identity while minimizing entry points available to those who might not be entitled full levels of service at your building!

Access control system price in Bangladesh

F18 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control application. Offering unparalleled performance by using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. The F18 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor. The device offers flexibility to be installed standalone or with any third party access control panels .that support standard Wiegand signal. All the operations can be done on the TFT-LCD color screen. The fingerprint image will be displayed on it. That will guide user to put finger on proper position and increase recognition rate. TCP/IP and RS485 are available that the device can be used in different network.

ZKTeco is a most popular name in the world of security and safety. ZKTeco Access Control is a well known access control system provider. In the market, the company is most preferred for its most reliable and quality access control solutions. ZKTeco is an expert in access control system and is delivering its solutions worldwide.

Access Control Systems for Sale

To protect your property and belongings, access control devices are essential. offers the best access control systems in Bangladesh at a great price. Top-notch brands from Bangladesh offer access control systems. It allows for selective access restriction to a location or any other resource. Accessing an access control device is also known as “entering a place”. Today’s burglary is commonplace. It is time to add an additional layer of security to your offices, homes and other places to avoid any loss or damage. Access control systems are the best technology for complex security needs, no matter how simple or difficult. This range of access control devices will help you keep your essentials and valuables safe and secure. Online ordering is possible. You can get smart cards, bio-metric access control systems and controllers, as well as fingerprint scanners. This equipment will allow you to seamlessly protect your belongings using the best locking and authorization methods. Online door access control system and card switch access control at the best price in Bangladesh

Access control systems at an affordable price in

These are the access control devices that have been They are carefully designed and tested for security. Wireless access control systems combine access control systems with innovative networking capabilities to provide wireless access control solutions. Full-fledged security solutions are offered at wholesale At enables our customers to have the best shopping experience possible.Trimatrik We have featured access control products from renowned brands such as ZKTeco Hundure, Anviz and Virdi. These brands have been delivering high quality products for many years. They are well-respected as experts and leaders. Access a wide range of control products online, including biometric time attendance systems and fingerprint recording systems, swap cards locks, fingerprint locks, swipe card locks, fingerprint locks as well as card based attendance system, facial scanners, and other card-based attendance

What is the cost of access control systems?

Access control systems are essential for any property or facility. They must be reliable, secure, and easy to use. There are many options available today with numerous features and benefits. These include keypad, fingerprint, biometric and smartphone access control systems. Access control pricing can also vary greatly from one system to the next.

Price for Access Control Time Attendance Systems

Prices for Access Control Systems range from BDT 7500 to BDT 85000 per door, including hardware, wiring, installation, and maintenance. Although most Access Control and Time Attendance systems are quick to install, the actual time it takes will depend on how your building is wired. Keypad systems are one of the most cost-effective options, but they can also be the most secure. It is easy to share codes with others. You should also consider physical damage to the keypad numbers. The number of numbers in the code can be indicated by the wear to the keys. It is free to modify the code. However, everyone who enters the building must add new code to their memory. Access Control must be recoded by someone.

Best Access Control Machine Latest Price
ZKTeco K40 Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine ৳ 6,100
ZKTeco F18 Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance Terminal ৳ 9,800
ZKTeco V5L Multi-Biometric Time Attendance System ৳ 24,500
ZKTeco F21 Lite Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance Terminal ৳ 12,500
ZKTeco F22 Wifi Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance Terminal ৳ 10,500
Price for Access Control Time Attendance Systems

Price for Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

When you add in the cost of the biometric device and electronic locking system, as well as software integration and installation, the average price for biometric access control systems is BDT 5,000-BDT 85000 per entrance. Biometric access control systems that use fingerprint, handprint or iris scanning to gain entry can be expensive, but there are no keycards to manage. The installation of biometric hardware should take approximately 20 minutes per door. The entire process of installing software and connecting the system to the network will take longer. Next, set up biometric access for each employee and train them to use it. All this will take at least 15-20 minutes.

Best Attendance Machine Latest Price
ZKTeco K50A Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine ৳ 6,100
ZKTeco K60 Time Attendance Terminal ৳ 5,000
ZKTeco uFace302 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance System ৳ 21,500
ZKTeco uFace402 ৳ 21,500
ZKTeco uFace800 ৳ 22,500
Price for Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

Importance of Access Control Systems:

Access control systems and Time Attendance Devices are now an integral part of commercial buildings as well as residential properties. You can protect your home and family from thefts and burglaries by installing an access control system. TRIMATRIK Multimedia maintains strict supervision over trespassers, and controls people’s movements in and out the building. You can also install an access control system to allow employees and people to access sensitive areas or property within the premises.

The Advantages of Access Control Machines

Access control devices are used to control who can enter your property. Access control systems have many advanced features that allow for the identification of anyone who attempts to enter the premises. Once the individual has been identified, they must then be authenticated in order to allow only authorized persons into the premises. You can authenticate the individual using a variety of methods such as biometrics, smart card, passwords and many other methods.

Once authentication is successful, access control systems can be used to restrict trespassers from entering your property, protecting it from any potential mishaps.

Fingerprint Access Control Best Brands

We offer the most advanced Fingerprint Scanner Access Control System Solutions. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA, one of the most prominent biometric Fingerprint Machine Suppliers in Bangladesh, has expanded into national territories since its founding. Fingerprint scanner Sector ZKTeco is the world leader in biometric security and biometric fingerprint solutions. It is driven by the vision of making Biometric Security easy and affordable in Bangladesh. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the Direct Importer and Distributor for Fingerprint Access Control in Bangladesh.

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TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA understands the importance of a functional access control system that helps to keep your place secure. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA has sourced access control systems from some of the most renowned brands like Zkteco Hundure, Nitgen and Virdi. The product’s quality is outstanding. You also have several payment options, including net banking, credit/debit cards, COD (Cash On Delivery), BKash and Nogod. This makes the purchase process easy. Other security systems such as Biometric Fingerprint Access Control system, Face Recognition Time Attendance devices and Time Attendance Systems, Time Attendance Management software, Fingerprint scanner device, etc. are also available in Bangladesh.