Security Under Vehicle Search Mirror (12-inch)

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  • Long lasting, cost-efficient, maintenance-free products.
  • Lightweight, simple to use: not require skilled labor to use.
  • These tools have a convex mirror, which is curved outwards and can show a wider view compared to a flat mirror.
  • Inspection mirror lens stands to impacts, practically not breaks and has excellent reflection properties.
  • The inspection mirrors are available in a variety of models with different dimensions, one or three wheels, depending on your need and application.

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Security Under Vehicle Search Mirror in Bangladesh

The Vehicle Search Mirror is a security inspection device designed to be able to view under vehicles and other hard to access areas. Its sturdy, adjustable handle can extend upward to 13 inches. It is a lightweight and versatile tool with a 12-inch mirror with a convex or flat surface that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its wheels are made of rubber, so it is easy to maneuver. Its portable carrying bag makes it easy to transport and use.

This device is ideal for heavy-duty use and has an adjustable swivel. It comes with a flashlight, and a heavy-duty rubber rim, as well as wheels for mounting it on a vehicle. A powerful LED light on the mirror is included. The Deluxe model is also suitable for inspections in hospitals, stadiums, hospitals, and other confined spaces. Its wheels are removable, allowing it to be easily installed in an area.

The Deluxe version of the Vehicle Search Mirror 12 Inch Security Inspection Device is ideal for heavy-duty use, and comes with a flashlight and an outdoor ABS backed mirror. It is lightweight and easy to use. Both models are equipped with wheels. They are suitable for airports, hospitals, and other public locations. The warranty for the Deluxe model is one year. They are easy to install, and they provide an excellent visual inspection.

Under-vehicle searches are made easier with this product. Its lightweight design and three support activities allow you to push it forward quickly. Its wide range of activity makes it easy to look underneath a vehicle without getting injured. And its adjustable inspection mirror can be adjusted to any distance you need. The mini version has a 10-inch lens and a 40-inch handle. They are portable and can easily fit in tight spaces.

The Under-vehicle Search Mirror is an essential tool for security and law enforcement agencies. It is a must-have for any under-vehicle search. It is a convenient device that allows you to see under vehicles quickly. The curved base of the Vehicle Search Mirror also makes it easy to move it around. The extended version has a 12 inch convex inspection mirror and is very compact, making it perfect for tight spaces.

The Vehicle Search Mirror is a great investment. Its sturdy design makes it easy to roll and scan a wide area. The device comes in two models: the standard model, which is great for indoor use. The deluxe model has a light and is heavy-duty. The square version has an ABS back and rubber rim, but offers less viewing area. It is recommended for security checkpoints and security departments.

Latest 12-inch Under Vehicle Search Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Price:৳ 12,500
Product:Vehicle Inspection Foldable Mirror
Item:Under Vehicle Search Mirror
Contact No:01789-636363

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Security Under Vehicle Search Mirror in Bangladesh

Security Under Vehicle Search Mirror (12-inch)

৳ 12,500.00

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