Garrett MT 5500 Walk-Through Metal Detector

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Key Features

  • Multi-Zone Detection
  • Intuitive Menu Design
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Levels
  • High Sensitivity
  • Origin: USA
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The MT 5500 walk-through detector provides maximum throughput with exceptional scanning technology—locating metal targets on the left, right or center of its archway. The popular MT 5500 meets the demanding needs of security professionals worldwide who trust its ability to maintain patron flow rate with minimal alarms.

Garrett MT 5500 Walk-Through Metal Detector

The Garrett MT 5500™ Walk-Through Metal Detector is a security device commonly used in various settings to detect metallic objects on a person as they walk through the detector’s portal. This type of metal detector is often seen in places like airports, government buildings, event venues, schools, and other locations where security screening is necessary.

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Key features of the Garrett MT 5500 may include:

  1. High Sensitivity: This metal detector is designed to be sensitive enough to detect even small metal objects, such as keys, coins, and jewelry.
  2. Multi-Zone Detection: The MT 5500™ often employs a multi-zone detection system, which means that it can detect metal objects in different areas of a person’s body. This helps security personnel pinpoint the location of the detected object.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The control panel of the metal detector typically features a user-friendly interface with visual and auditory indicators to alert security personnel to the presence of metal objects.
  4. Adjustable Sensitivity Levels: The sensitivity of the metal detector can usually be adjusted based on the security requirements of the location. This prevents false alarms from items like belt buckles and eyeglasses.
  5. Robust Construction: The MT 5500™ is built to withstand constant usage and is often made of durable materials to ensure longevity.
  6. Alarms and Alerts: When the metal detector detects a metal object, it triggers an alarm, which can be in the form of audible alerts, visual indicators, or a combination of both.
  7. Traffic Counters: Some models may include traffic counters to help establishments keep track of the number of people passing through the metal detector.
  8. Optional Accessories: Additional features and accessories might be available, such as remote control operation, battery backup, and integration with other security systems.

Garrett MT 5500 Technical Specifications:

Operating: -4° F (-20° C) to +122° F (50° C)
Humidity to 95% non condensing
Storage: -40° F (-40° C) to 158° F (70° C)

Fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 24 watts; no rewiring, switching or adjustments required.

Weatherproofing / Foreign Object Protection Standards
Meets IP 31, IEC Standard. “Degrees of Protection provided by Enclosures,” IEC 529.

Interference Suppression
100% sensor coil Faraday shielding; RFI interference reduced with hardware; special Garrett built-in circuitry for noise suppression and ignoring x-ray monitors. Physical interference minimized by coil design and circuitry.

Traffic Counter
Built-in and resettable with current reading available on LCD panel.

Multiple channels permit several MT 5500s and other Garrett detectors to operate simultaneously in close proximity.

Ready light indicates unit is operational; alarm lights and audible alarms are activated when the target amount of metal is detected; location of alarm lights on left and right side of display combined with variable tone indicates which side of the person the target is located.

Dual-level access codes required to set or change all sensitivity settings and detection programs; one level for use by supervisors in selecting programs and sensitivity and the other for initial set-up and overall control; non-resettable sequence code logs all changes made whenever sensitivity codes are accessed. An audible alarm reports unauthorized attempts at access.

Infrared Sensor
Improves analysis of detection signal; increases throughput; helps eliminate “false alarms” and also provides accurate traffic counter.

Control Outputs
Solid state switches (low voltage AC or DC) for operating external alarms and control devices.

Programs designed to eliminate the problem of dissimilar targets canceling each other.

Attractive scratch and mar-resistant laminate with resilient end caps; control panel and cross members made of heavy duty aluminum.

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