Ahuja SSA-250FX 250W High Wattage PA Mixer Amplifier

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  • SSA-250FX comes with 6 Mic & 2 Aux Inputs.
  • Built-in digital effect processor for 2 Mic Inputs is there in SSA-250FX.
  • SSA-250FX has Preamplifier and Line Output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier and for recording the programme.
  • Line Input for connecting the output from any external mixer or permitting SSA-250M to be used as a Booster Power Amplifier.
  • Resettable circuit breaker for protection against overload and short circuit. Instant transfer to DC power (Car Battery) if AC power fails.
  • Box Speaker/Driver Unit selector switch. Bass boost defeated at Driver Unit position for safer operation of driver units.
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Ahuja SSA-250FX High Wattage PA Mixer Amplifier in Bangladesh

The Ahuja 250W Mixer Amplifier is a versatile and powerful amplifier that is perfect for a variety of applications. It features two channels, each with its own volume control, and a master volume control. Ahuja SSA-250FX, a powerful PA System with inbuilt mixer and USB player. With 220-240 V voltage and 50-60 Hz frequency, it gives you a powerful output. The dimensions of the product are 450x160x340 mm and it weighs 15.700 kg. The product comes in black color.

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Ahuja SSA-250FX Features:

Power Output: The “250W” in the model name likely refers to the amplifier’s power output, which is 250 watts. This indicates the amplifier’s ability to drive speakers and deliver sound.

Inputs: PA mixer amplifiers typically have multiple input channels for connecting microphones, instruments, and audio sources. Look for the number and types of inputs (e.g., XLR, 1/4-inch, RCA) available on the SSA-250FX.

Built-in Mixer: These amplifiers often include a built-in mixer with controls for adjusting the volume, tone, and balance of each input channel.

Phantom Power: Some models offer phantom power for condenser microphones that require it.

Equalization: Look for EQ controls that allow you to adjust the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies to tailor the sound to your preferences.

Built-in Effects: Some models come with built-in digital effects, such as reverb or delay, which can enhance the audio quality.

Speaker Outputs: Check for speaker outputs to connect to external speakers, and pay attention to the supported speaker impedance and wattage ratings.

Monitoring Options: Some amplifiers have headphone outputs or monitor outputs for monitoring the audio.

Rack-Mountable: If you plan to install the amplifier in a rack, ensure that it is rack-mountable and consider its rack space requirements.

Remote Control: Some models may come with remote control options for convenience.

LED Indicators: Look for LED indicators that provide information about power status, signal presence, and clipping.

Cooling System: Check if the amplifier has a cooling system, such as fans, to prevent overheating during extended use.

Protection Features: Modern amplifiers often include protection mechanisms like overheat protection, short-circuit protection, and overload protection to safeguard the unit and connected equipment.

Overview of Ahuja SSA-250FX

The Ahuja SSA-250FX is a powerhouse amplifier that is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional audio setups. It offers a wide range of connectivity options, including XLR, RCA, and 1/4-inch jacks, allowing you to easily connect different audio sources. This versatility makes it a perfect choice for various applications such as conferences, live performances, and public address systems. One of the standout features of the Ahuja SSA-250FX is its built-in digital media player, which enables playback from USB drives and SD cards. This eliminates the need for external devices and makes it incredibly convenient to access and play your favorite music or audio files. Additionally, the dual-zone output feature of the amplifier allows you to have separate control over two independent zones, ensuring optimal sound distribution and customization. Overall, the Ahuja SSA-250FX is a powerful and versatile amplifier that will elevate your audio experience to a whole new level.

What is the Ahuja SSA-250FX PA Mixer Amplifier Price In Bangladesh?

The latest price of the Ahuja SSA-250FX 250W High Wattage PA Mixer Amplifier in Bangladesh is ৳ 33,000.00. You can buy the Ahuja SSA-250FX 250W High Wattage PA Mixer Amplifier at the best price from our website or visit any of our offices.

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Ahuja SSA-250FX High Wattage PA Mixer Amplifier price in Bangladesh

Ahuja SSA-250FX 250W High Wattage PA Mixer Amplifier

৳ 33,000.00

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