PABX & Intercom Bangladesh:

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is One of The Leading Telecom System Dealer of Panasonic & IKE PABX & Intercom System. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA Provide the solution of Hybrid PABX Like KX-TES824, KX-TDA100,KX-TDA100D,KX-TDA200, KX-TDA600 & IKE. TRIMATRIK Also Provide the best solution of  IP PBX System In Bangladesh. The Products Solution we provide for IP PBX System is one of world’s best Grandstream. For An Organization/Enterprise we provide installation, Configuration & Commissioning Service.

The TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIAis dedicated to all things related to Intercom, PABX, and Telephony,  with a special emphasis on telephone systems, equipment, and more. We strive for first-rate posts and will be glad to help you, whether it is related to Intercom or PABX.

What is an intercom? It’s a telephone system that allows people in different locations to communicate with each other. Intercoms are used in offices, factories and warehouses to track and manage the whereabouts of individuals. They work by broadcasting audio signals using radio signals.

We review home and office phone systems for telecoms customers, and discuss how our system works, what it does, and how it can improve your business.

At Trimatrik Multimedia, we have been working with Panasonic since the year 2009. We have found that Panasonic PABX & Intercom System are very helpful for our team and our customers. The communication system from Panasonic is easy to install and maintain, which decreases the cost of the communication system, and it also increases productivity in the office.

In the world of business communication, nothing is more important than the telephone. With the vast majority of businesses relying on the telephone to connect with their employees, as well as customers, the benefits of a proper P.A. system cannot be understated.

A factory, office, and warehouse environment can be a noisy and cluttered space. Using telephone systems for such places is never a good idea.

The intercom system we supply is based on the Panasonic PABX system, which is an extremely versatile system that offers a wide range of features. It has been configured for factory use, which is where it is most suitable. There are four different models available when it comes to PABX systems: the KX-TDA100D, KX-TDA200, KX-NS300 Series and the KX-TES824 Series. The KX-NS300 Series is the most modern model, and has become very popular, as well as the KX-TDA100 Series, which has been on the market for more than 20 years.

Panasonic KX-NS300 Hybrid IP PABX in Bangladesh

PABX & Intercom Price in BD:

Best Update PABX & Intercom Price List Latest Price
Panasonic KX-NS300 PABX Hybrid Machine ৳ 48,000
Panasonic KX-TDA100D 48-Port Hybrid IP-PBX System ৳ 75,000
Panasonic KX-TES824 24-Line PABX ৳ 35,000
PABX System TC200-40 IKE 40 Line Apartment Intercom ৳ 28,000
PABX System TC200-208 8-Line Apartment Intercom ৳ 6,500
PABX System TC200-416 IKE 16 Line Apartment Intercom ৳ 10,500

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