IP Camera Package

IP Cameras are an indispensable part of security systems. They can be used in various ways to meet different security needs. They can be used like security cameras for recording activities, to record faces, to monitor a specific area, or to monitor specific people. They can be used to record a specific area for a longer period of time, or to record a specific person for a shorter period of time. They can also be used to record a specific person for a longer period of time, or to record a specific area for a longer period of time, or to record a specific activity.

A new IP camera is a great option for businesses that want to keep an eye on their buildings, stores, entrances, and other areas while also protecting their privacy. The market for IP cameras has exploded in recent years, and there are now many different models to choose from, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best options for businesses that want to keep watch over their property.

Want to monitor your children, pets, or employees while they are at work? In today’s world, there is no shortage of IP Camera packages. You can find IP Cameras on TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA online stores. The price range of IP Camera is from 3000tk to 15,000 for a basic setup. The price of an IP Camera is not always the same. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA offering IP Camera at a better price in Bangladesh.

IP Camera Package Price in Bangladesh

  • Jovision 04 IP Camera Package = 19,999
  • Dahua 04 IP Camera Package = 25,000
  • Hikvision 04 IP Camera Package = 26,000
  • Avtech 04 IP Camera Package = 35,000
  • Jovision 08 IP Camera Package = 39,999
  • Dahua 08 IP Camera Package = 47,000
  • Hikvision 08 IP Camera Package = 49,000
  • Avtech 08 IP Camera Package = 80,000

IP camera is a technology that can provide you the security and digital video surveillance, you can get the live view of the surroundings through the internet/network, it will be provided by an IP network HD camera, the surveillance video will be recorded automatically, and you will have the full benefit of using the surveillance camera. It can be used to protect your security, it is suitable for many kinds of business applications such as retail business, bank, factory, school, etc.

Advantages of IP Camera

IP Camera is now more effective than CCTV cameras to be used in the home. It is more convenient to use IP Camera than CCTV Camera for many reasons. IP Camera can be used to support the CCTV camera to monitor the screen to see the live video. IP Camera can be used to do remote monitoring for the CCTV camera. IP Camera can be used to provide video on the mobile phone. IP Camera can be used to monitor the traffic in the office.

IP cameras are becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. There are many applications of IP cameras in our daily life. You can view the camera feeds from your baby’s nursery. You can check the security of your house when you are not present. You can check the status of the road in front of your home during peak hours. And you can monitor the behavior of your dog while you are away.

For businesses and homeowners alike, having the ability to monitor the day-to-day activity of employees, children, or pets while at home or on the job is invaluable. To help you get the most out of your monitoring equipment, we’ve put together this list of advantages to help you make the best decision for your company.

Wireless IP Camera

Wireless IP cameras are a new technology that has been making waves in the IP surveillance industry. They are a long way from perfect, but until they become totally mainstream, they will continue to be a valuable asset to those working in the security industry.

This IP camera is a cheap alternative to the Ezviz and is available with all the features of a cable in a wireless model. It can be used to protect your home, monitor your office, or keep an eye on your friends and family.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept in which everyday objects (like toasters, refrigerators, cars, and security cameras) are linked to the Web so they can be controlled via small computers or smartphones. This concept is the basis of many of the latest Internet-connected devices, including the digital video recorder (DVR), smart thermostat, thermostat, and smoke alarm.

Smart IR technology is available on EZVIZ. This function uses infrared lighting to capture more detail in dim conditions. Smart tracking and a 360-degree field view will ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

Smart IR automatically adjusts the intensity of infrared LEDs to avoid overexposure in night vision mode. This will let you see more details about the object or person captured at night.

With just one C6N, you can keep an eye on everything. The C6N’s 360-degree field of view ensures that you have full coverage. You can also talk to loved ones or deter strangers by using its two-way communication feature. When the EZVIZ app on your mobile device allows you to communicate anywhere you are using a simple and convenient method.

IP cameras are exactly the same cameras that are used in business to monitor the progress of their operations in real-time. The only difference between these cameras and those used in a business is that these are employed in households for home security purposes. One of the primary advantages of the cameras is that they will provide much better visibility to the surroundings after being installed into the home for security purposes.

Dahua DH-IPC-HFW4431EMP-AS Price in BD

IP Camera Applications

IP cameras have existed for quite some time now and have become a hugely popular product for businesses, but still have a few issues to be resolved.  Alongside the standard, boring, fixed-iris-style camera, there are various other types of cameras that are used in both residential and commercial, indoor and outdoor applications.  Today, however, we are mainly going to focus on indoor, fixed-iris-style IP cameras.   We will also discuss some of the issues with these cameras, such as noise, image distortion, and infrared blocking.

A lot of people nowadays are using IP cameras to monitor their house, office, or any other place for security purposes. Mostly they use a CCTV camera to do the same job. They are placed on a pole, wall, or ceiling, and they are linked to the security system through a network. But there is another kind of IP camera that is small enough to be used in a variety of ways, from recording the events to keeping the security system.

IP Camera Accessories

IP Camera, Network Video Recorder (NVR), Hard Disk, Monitor, POE Switch, Network Switch, Adapter, Connector, CAT6 Cable, etc. are the main accessories for Installation of a new IP Camera Setup. All IP Camera Accessories are available at TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA. Call us for your desired accessories.

Both the DVR and NVR camera systems need to be connected to an IP network in order to function. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is a way to transfer data from one computer to another. So to view the camera’s footage remotely, the device has to know where to connect to, which means an IP address.

IP Cameras, or Internet Protocol Cameras, are security cameras that connect to a network, allowing them to be monitored from a web-enabled computer and mobile device, or phone. However, security cameras can also be used to monitor other devices and locations, including apartments, stores, offices, warehouses, and other areas.

IP Camera Package in Bangladesh

IP Cameras are useful in a number of buildings and locations across the world. These cameras provide real-time video like CCTV cameras. They are very useful to monitor indoor or outdoor activities and can be used for many reasons.

Different types of IP Camera packages available in our store. 2 Camera to 32 IP Camera packages available with installation. more than 32 camera setup is the negotiable price for projects.

IP Cameras are common surveillance tools that have a wide range of applications such as security, surveillance, and recording. They are an important tool to keep the eyes and ears open for your business’ security. CCTV Cameras are available in various packages, ranging from mini bullet cameras to small dome cameras.


IP cameras are devices that use a network to connect to a network. We at TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA, are working on the Installation of the IP Camera.

TRIMATRIK Multimedia is the best supplier and Importer of IP Cameras in Bangladesh. We specialize in the Supply of IP Cameras, DVR Cameras, CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras, Cameras, CCTV, and other related products.

A security surveillance network is a technology to provide video and audio surveillance by using multiple network cameras connected to a computer network. It is widely used in the field of surveillance, security, and the military.

At the moment, there are various kinds of surveillance cameras available in the market. Some people want to keep an eye on their family members in the house, the neighbors, and the office environment. Others like to keep an eye on the market and the shop to prevent theft. Some people want to prevent their places from vandalism and others want to keep an eye on their offices to avoid theft and vandalism.

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The variety of IP Cameras is huge. There are plenty of Cameras available in the market such as simple indoor IP Cameras, outdoor IP Cameras, Indoor Fixed Dome cameras, outdoor Fixed Dome cameras, Outdoor PTZ Cameras, home security systems, etc. But the simple and straightforward method to install the Cameras is a very important part to ensure the security of the home.

A security surveillance network is an effective tool for monitoring and managing computer and network resources at home or work. The network is a system of interconnected computers, cameras, and other devices that is used for monitoring, tracking, and logging activities.

For Installation of any kind of IP camera please contact us.


The maintenance of an IP Camera is a very important thing in the industry. Why? Because it must be done properly and timely, and it also must be measured and monitored.

The maintenance of a security camera at home or office has been a difficult task, with no single answer. Video data is prevalent on all network devices and even the data center, but it is not always easy to maintain the quality of the video at the network level.

IP Cameras are the latest craze amongst smart people, who want to be able to watch their loved ones or business premises whenever they aren’t around. Recently, there has been a proliferation of network IP cameras, which have become the go-to cameras for home use. These have been so popular due to the pricing and features they offer.

Network cameras are widely in use throughout the world. It is used to monitor property, a specific area of a business, a parking lot, a shopping mall, a school, a hospital, an office, a bank, a zoo, a city, a street, and even for home security. It can also be used as an educational tool for students, a way to boost sales in a store, and a way to protect your home.

Our Packages

We have different kinds of IP Camera Packages. Few IP Camera Packages discuss below:

SL No. IP Camera NVR HDD Monitor Adapter Network Switch Installation Total Price
1 1ps 4 CH 500GB 17″ LCD 1 1 Free

Call for Price

2 2ps 4 CH 500GB 17″ LCD 2 1 Free Call for Price
3 3ps 4 CH 500GB 17″ LCD 3 1 Free Call for Price
4 4ps 4 CH 1000GB 17″ LCD 4 1 Free Call for Price
5 5ps 8 CH 1000GB 17″ LCD 5 1 Free Call for Price
6 6ps 8 CH 1000GB 17″ LCD 6 1 Free Call for Price
7 7ps 8 CH 1000GB 17″ LCD 7 2 Free Call for Price
8 8ps 8 CH 1000GB 17″ LCD 8 2 Free Call for Price
9 9ps 16 CH 2000GB 18.5″ LED 9 2 Free Call for Price
10 10ps 16 CH 2000GB 18.5″ LED 10 2 Free Call for Price
11 11ps 16 CH 2000GB 18.5″ LED 11 2 Free Call for Price
12 12ps 16 CH 2000GB 18.5″ LED 12 2 Free Call for Price
13 13ps 16 CH 2000GB 18.5″ LED 13 3 Free Call for Price
14 14ps 16 CH 2000GB 18.5″ LED 14 3 Free Call for Price
15 15ps 16 CH 2000GB 18.5″ LED 15 3 Free Call for Price
16 16ps 16 CH 4000GB 18.5″ LED 16 3 Free Call for Price
Jovision 04 CCTV Camera Package in Bangladesh

Jovision Camera Package in Bangladesh


All of our IP Camera is with One Year Warranty.

Today people are using a lot of IP cameras. One of the best types of IP cameras is a network camera. But some people working in their company. They want to buy an IP camera. Then they will buy the IP camera. Then they want to know about the warranty. But they don’t know about the warranty. So they ask the salesperson. The salesperson will sell the IP camera to them. But they don’t want to buy the IP camera that they sell. Then the salesperson will talk about the warranty. But they don’t know about the warranty. So they will not buy the IP camera.

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Security Features

Today we will be talking about security features of IP Cameras. Security features refers to the security measures implemented in a device to prevent unauthorized access to and remote exploitation of the device. We will be talking about the security features of IP camera.

“TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA” is a company that provides Network IP Camera, CCTV Camera, Network Cameras, Video Security Camera, Surveillance Camera, Cloud Video Camera, Real-time Video Stream, Video Surveillance, Video Management & Surveillance System, Home Security System, Network Video Recorder, CCTV Security System, Network Camera, Security Camera, Network Video Recorder, Cloud Video Recorder, Home Surveillance, Closed Circuit Television System, and Video Surveillance System.

Dahua IP Camera Price in Bangladesh

Dahua IP Camera Price in Bangladesh

Built-in Mic

The built-in microphone in an IP camera is the most important feature to pay attention to. You should avoid buying cameras that don’t come with an inbuilt microphone because you will not be able to use the camera to create Voice Recording. While many companies have begun to include built-in microphones in their IP cameras, the majority of them still lack one.

Built-in Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is a term designed to make the user think that there is optical zoom in the camera, but when you compare it to the real world, it’s just a picture that’s been digitally enlarged. For example, when you look through a telescope you can see the stars clearly. However, if you take a picture through a telescope it will still appear to be a very small object. This happens because the telescope is magnifying the stars and the image is likely to be blurry in the photo.

Digital zoom is a term that has become common in the last few years, even though it is not very accurate. The zoom feature found in most digital cameras is not really a zoom at all. The lens on a digital camera does not actually get longer to make a photo, but rather the sensor in the camera collects more light, which is then used to make the photo brighter. If you didn’t know, this is called an interpolation of the sensor. The results are similar to a physical zoom, but are not actually what we think of as zoom. This is used to create a better image, but it is actually not what we think of as a zoom.

Dahua Ip camera price in BD

Dahua Ip camera price in BD

Built-in IR

The built-in IR night vision is an important part of the IP Camera, which can be used for security, surveillance, and monitoring. This night vision can be installed without any difficulties to our customers. They can be installed in various locations, such as the front door, backyard, toilet, etc.

Built-in IR IR Night Vision of IP Camera TECHNICAL INFORMATION All the camera has IR Receiver, so it becomes an IR night vision camera, so it can not detect light, so in the night, it will still give you the best video and take photos.

Dahua IP Camera in Bangladesh

Built-in Alarm

Built-in Alarm is one of the important functions in IP Camera and it is recommended to implement on your IP Camera. Built-in Alarm is a built-in function to help you to get a video when motion is detected. The video will be get by the motion detected. Built-in Alarm can be used with all IP Cameras.

A built-in alarm is a feature on a camera that lets you set a timer to automatically turn on and emit a loud sound when the alarm goes off. Since cameras do need to be outfitted with a built-in alarm, we recommend buying a camera with this feature, over one that doesn’t have one, or one that has a separate external alarm. Keep in mind that having a built-in alarm is not absolutely necessary if you’re willing to install a small alarm app on your phone.

Dahua IP Camera Bangladesh, TRIMATRIK

Dahua IP Camera Bangladesh, TRIMATRIK

Ease of installation

Video surveillance is a fast-growing market. IP cameras, in particular, are becoming more and more popular for their easy installation. IP cameras are more suitable for indoor or low-light environments compared to conventional CCTV cameras. In this article, I will explain how to get IP cameras up and running without any hassle, and without breaking the bank.

IP camera is a popular choice to security your business premises, offices, homes, shopping malls and so on. It provides full view and full control over camera and other network resources. With the help of IP Camera you can easily watch what’s going in and around your business.

If you also interested to buy new technology camera convex mirror then welcome. For the ultimate selection of convex mirror cameras in Bangladesh, look no further than our website. We’re also happy to provide information on convex mirror prices in Bangladesh so you can make the right purchasing decision for your home or business.

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