Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1200TLP-A 2MP HDCVI IR Dome Camera

  • Max 30fps@1080P
  • HD and SD output switchable
  • 3.6mm fixed lens
  • Built-in mic
  • Max. IR length 30m, Smart IR

৳ 2,150.00 ৳ 2,300.00

Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1509TLMP-A-LED 5MP Color HDCVI Bullet Camera

  • Max 25 fps@5MP
  • 120 dB true WDR, 3D NR
  • Built-in mic (-A)
  • 40m illumination distance
  • 24/7 color imaging

৳ 3,800.00 ৳ 4,000.00

Dahua HAC-HFW1239TLMP-A 2M Full-color Starlight HDCVI Bullet Camera

  • Full-color starlight
  • 40m LED distance
  • Max. 30fps@1080P
  • Built-in mic(-A)
  • 3.6mm fixed lens

৳ 3,200.00 ৳ 3,500.00

Dahua HAC-HFW1239TLMP-LED 2MP HDCVI Full Color IR Bullet Camera

  • Full-color starlight
  • 40m LED distance
  • Max. 30fps@1080P
  • 3.6mm fixed lens 
  • IP67, 12V±30% DC

৳ 3,300.00 ৳ 3,500.00

Dahua HAC-HFW1509MH-A-LED 5MP Full-color HDCVI Bullet Camera

  • Max 25 fps@5MP
  • 120 dB true WDR, 3D NR
  • 24/7 color imaging
  • 50 m illumination distance
  •  Built-in mic

৳ 5,700.00 ৳ 6,000.00

Dahua HAC-HFW1509TLM-A-LED 5MP Bullet CC Camera

  • Form-Factor: Bullet
  • Mega Pixels: 5.0MP
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • IR Range: 40 Meter
  • Warranty Details: 1 yea

৳ 4,200.00 ৳ 4,500.00

Dahua DH-HAC-EW2501P 5MP HDCVI IR-Fisheye Camera

  • 5Megapixel Fisheye
  • Max. 20fps@5MP
  • Built-in Mic
  • 120db true WDR, Starlight
  • Max. IR length 10m, Smart IR

৳ 8,000.00 ৳ 9,000.00

Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1200TLP 2MP HDCVI IR Bullet Camera

  • Model: HAC-HFW1200TLP
  • Max 30fps@1080P
  • 3.6mm fixed lens
  • Max. IR length 80m, Smart IR

৳ 1,950.00 ৳ 2,000.00

Dahua HAC-HFW1200RP-ZS-IRE6 2MP HDCVI IR Bullet Camera

  • Max 30fps@1080P
  • HD and SD switchable
  • 2.7-12mm lens
  • Max. IR length 60m
  • IP67, DC12V

৳ 0.00 ৳ 0.00

Dahua DH-SD49225-HC-LA 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ HDCVI Camera

  • 1/2.8″ 2Megapixel STARVIS
  • Powerful 25x optical zoom
  • Starlight technology
  • 120 dB true WDR, 3D DNR
  • IR distance up to 100 m

৳ 25,000.00 ৳ 26,000.00

Dahua CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

Dahua is popular for giving quality CCTV cameras that are used for monitoring workers or keeping an eye on objects to ensure safety. Also, these cameras are quite famous in Bangladesh for their features and quality options.

In Bangladesh, people want to ensure safety and security, especially in offices, houses, and other places. For that, they look for the right solutions and go for a brand that can offer all these.

Other than these, people in BD use these cameras to catch any forbidden act in indoor or outdoor places. To get all these in one item, Dahua is the perfect brand.

No matter where you want to confirm safety, Dahua CCTV cameras are an excellent option to give a safekeeping solution.

Overview of Dahua CCTV Cameras

Dahua is the top Chinese manufacturer that offers quality CCTV cameras to ensure safety and security. Also, this brand is popular in Bangladesh to get quality items at fair prices.

Most of the Dahua CCTV cameras come with many modes, colors, sensors, lenses, signal systems, and so on options.
No matter if you need one for your home, office, or parking lot, these cameras will work reliably in different weather conditions. Here are some of the key features of Dahua CCTV cameras that you’ll find:

  • HD Quality Video: You’ll see clear HD video quality at a low price. Thanks to this, the video quality is excellent and you can easily see and detect objects.
  • Responsive Sensors: You’ll get quality sensors that start at 2MP to 5MP (megapixels). In fact, some CCTV cameras in Dahua can sense motion due to their great sensors.
  • 3 Types of Connections: You’ll find they use connections like Wi-Fi, LAN, and coaxial. It also allows you to pick any CCTV cameras with the signal system that works best for your needs.
  • Stable Lenses: You’ll get lenses in Dahua CCTV cameras ranging from 2.7mm to 4.8mm. However, some cameras have bigger lenses ranging more than 100mm. They also offer different types of lenses like fish eye and eyeball lenses.

Benefits of Using Dahua CCTV Cameras in Bangladesh

You can get many good sides when using the Dahua CCTV camera. Not only does it keep your place safe but also ensures to keep away thieves. Here are some benefits of the Dahua CCTV cameras:

Get Good Security

All CCTV cameras of Dahua give clear and detailed video with options like 4K and 5MP resolution. This also helps you to see faces, license plates, signs, and other details. And, it helps to protect your place with alerts.

Works Well in the Dark

As they offer special technology to show colorful images even in complete darkness, you can see well in the nighttime. This also works when recording videos or taking pictures.

Last for a Long Time

Most Dahua CCTV cameras are made using tough plastic materials. Thanks to this, they are solid to dust and moisture (IP66 or IP67 rated). And, these cameras stand for a longer period even if used outside.

Give Access Remotely

You can easily watch live or recorded footage from Dahua CCTV cameras via mobile apps or cloud services from anywhere. This also gives you peace of mind by letting you check on your property anytime.

The Reason Why Dahua CCTV Cameras Are The Top Choice In Bangladesh

  • Clarity in Video: With Dahua CCTV cameras, you can monitor anything in superior HD resolution. Plus, they come with many goodness that help you to get clear and detailed videos for effective monitoring.
  • Local Storage Option: The CCTV cameras from the Dahua brand have the option to add an SD card to save recorded videos. In some cases, they support NVR, cloud storage, and so on.
  • Logical Pricing: Another reason why Dahua CCTV cameras stand out in the BD market is the affordable price range. Thanks to this, people can try them without missing quality.
  • Strong and Dependable: Dahua CCTV cameras are made to last and work well in different conditions. They also work greatly under sunny, rainy, or harsh weather.

Considerations Before Buying the Best Dahua CCTV Cameras

To select a Dahua CCTV camera, you’ll need to consider checking a few factors before making a decision. Just ensure to pick one that meets your specific needs. Here are the things you should check to get the right one:

  • You’ll need to choose between a dome, bullet, or PTZ type of CCTV camera based on where you’ll install it.
  • You’ll need to opt for HD (720p or 1080p) or 4K (8MP) based on image clarity needs.
  • You’ll need to look for one that comes with good low-light capabilities.
  • You’ll need to go with a CCTV camera that offers a great lens and focal length for the desired coverage area.
  • You’ll need to ensure the item you choose from the Dahua brand has IP66, IP67, or similar waterproofing ability to use outdoors.

Why Choose Trimatrik for Dahua CCTV Cameras

Picking the right place to get one of the finest Dahua CCTV cameras in BD can be hard. But, not anymore! Trimatrik is a reliable retail seller and expert in security solutions to give you what you need in one place. Let’s find the reasons:

Impressive Items

Trimatrik offers quality CCTV cameras from the Dahua brand in different styles and kinds. Thanks to this, you can pick one for your needs with no trouble.

Good Features

We select the Dahua CCTV cameras that offer special features like great lenses, sensors, and so on. In other words, you won’t need to sacrifice goodness when getting items from here.

Ideal Quality

Trimatrik comes with quality Dahua CCTV cameras that you can use in any place. Not to mention we offer you options that ensure HD videos to see clearly and ensure safety.

Give Support in Every Way

We have around 12 years of experience as a seller to give perfect CCTV cameras from the Dahua brand. Plus, our team is trained and licensed to give full support and help you with good advice.

Good Value

Trimatrik gives CCTV cameras from this brand that come at fair prices. Plus, you don’t need to let go of quality or features. We also aim to provide the right solutions that fit your capability.

Now, to get your Dahua CCTV camera at decent prices with high-end security options, contact us or seek advice from here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Can Dahua CCTV cameras be used outdoors?

Dahua CCTV cameras can be used outside. In fact, they are made to be tough and endure all types of weather.

Q. Do Dahua CCTV cameras have motion detection?

Not all but some Dahua CCTV cameras come with motion detection. They also can detect video and images to sense the people or things in them.

Q. Can Dahua CCTV cameras be controlled remotely?

Yes, you can control Dahua CCTV cameras remotely from anywhere. And, they offer advanced options that let you connect them to a smartphone app to use from any place.

Q. How much distance can Dahua CCTV cameras cover?

Dahua CCTV cameras cover video coverage from 20 to 40 meters range in general. And, they ensure detailed tracking of your chosen spots.