CCTV Camera Accessories

The security system should be part of the security system. There should be no gaps in the security system. There should be no areas that are not monitored. There should be no areas that are not under surveillance. There should be no areas that are not under CCTV camera surveillance. There should be no areas that are not under CCTV camera coverage.

The proliferation of CCTV cameras in Bangladesh has risen by a staggering 19-fold since 2001. Its main purpose is to deter crime in the country and to help law enforcement agencies for catching criminals. The presence of CCTV cameras has become so prevalent in our society that most of us have become used to the ubiquitous presence of these devices in our lives.

We are one of the CCTV Camera Accessories suppliers in Bangladesh, and have CCTV camera accessories for sale. CCTV camera adapter is an electrical device through which a power supply cable can be connected with a CCTV camera. CCTV Video Balun device used to send the video signal to long-distance via cable while reducing video loss because miles away from DVR or monitor due to long distance. Digital audio coaxial cables bring clear voice and sound so that recording done could hear clearly. We are CCTV camera accessories suppliers.

CCTV surveillance CCTV Camera Accessories CCTV Video Balun CCTV Coaxial Cable CCTV DVR and CCTV Camera Adapter Wholesaler in Bangladesh. CCTV Camera Adapter Price BDT 300/=, Digital Coaxial Cables Price BDT 30/=. CCTV Video Balun price is also 150/=.

Looking for a CCTV camera kit or just to buy a camera? For most of us, the thought of carrying or using a camera is an intimidating one. The same goes for security camera accessories which come in a wide range of prices, sizes, and functions. So let alone the daunting task of searching for the best camera for your security needs, you will have to choose your security camera accessories to match the needs of your security system.

In Bangladesh, there are a large number of CCTV Cameras installed because of the cases of crime happening there. In such a case, it is necessary to find out the best solution to protect the CCTV Camera from any kind of damage.

In Bangladesh, home surveillance is a popular trend. The increasing crime rate in Bangladesh has made it necessary to be more security conscious. It is becoming an essential necessity for us to have a home surveillance security system. CCTV camera is a perfect solution to protect our homes and business.

CCTV Camera Accessories Price in Bangladesh

CCTV Camera Accessories Supplier in Bangladesh

CCTV Camera Accessories are available from Trimatrik Multimedia. CCTV camera accessories like CCTV power switch, CCTV Power Adapter, CCTV Video Balun, CCTV BNC Connector, CCTV Network cable, CCTV Power Cable, and many more. CCTV Camera accessories can be used for Home security purposes and protection of business assets. One can protect everything connected with his computer by using a CCTV Adapter.

We TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA offer you the best and most reliable CCTV camera cables all over Bangladesh. Our company is considered as one of the largest suppliers in Bangladesh because we have thousands of customers throughout Dhaka who trust in us to satisfy their needs for Trimatrik CCTV camera cables that meet or exceed their CCTV security camera system. CCTV camera cable is an essential part of CCTV surveillance because it captures the video signal from CCTV cameras and gives it to DVR or NVR for monitoring purposes.

CCTV Camera Accessories are available in different types like CCTV power supply, CCTV video balun, CCTV BNC cable, CCTV network cable, CCTV a/V Baluns, and many more. The product list offered by us is extremely comprehensive and includes almost all possible goods required for our client’s satisfaction. While we provide quality products at fair prices, most importantly we employ trained professionals who can help you choose the right product that matches your requirement perfectly. We have thousands of customers throughout Bangladesh including Dhaka who trusts us to satisfy their needs.

We provide high-quality security for our client’s security systems. We ensure that they get the best equipment through the service we have to offer. We take pride in providing quality goods, professional knowledge and attention to detail. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are well versed with the latest technological updates and will be able to help you choose the system that suits your needs exactly.

The products we supply include surveillance cameras, dvr security systems, as well as new CCTV installation hardware parts like cables, connectors, power adapters, etc. Our company is considered as one of the largest CCTV camera accessories suppliers in Bangladesh

In addition to that, we even offer you dedicated support services throughout the entire process of installation and usage. We work with our clients on a personal level to ensure complete satisfaction from start to end. With our team of highly trained professionals, we strive to provide the best service possible at an affordable price as well as fast delivery time.

The main products that we supply are power cables for security cameras like 12V 2A Power Adapter, 12V 5A for DVR, Rj45 Connector, Bnc Connector etc.

HDMI Matrix in Bangladesh

The 4×1 Matrix is a new HDMI matrix switch that allows up to four HDMI sources to be connected to the display at once. This allows you to view 4 high-definition devices (such as a DVR or cable box) at the same time, without clutter. All types of HDMI Matrix are available at TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA.

With the increasing popularity of DVRs, especially among small business owners, there has been a lot of interest in creating a 4-screen HDMI matrix display solution. This article will provide instructions for a best practice 4-screen HDMI matrix solution that will work for most DVRs.

This is a 4 HDMI Matrix, so you can view 4 DVRs at a time on one monitor. We can combine it with the Avtech HD-Link HDMI Matrix to seamlessly view 4 DVRs on 4 monitors.

When it comes to setting up a home theater system, the number of wires required to connect your components can be daunting. HDMI is the most common digital video connection, with many new products offering it, including audio and video receivers, wall plates, and even televisions. But HDMI was never designed to work with multiple devices at once, especially audio components, which require separate digital audio connections.

IP or CCTV Camera Power Supply Adapter

All types of CCTV Camera Power Adapter & Power Supply importer & Supplier is TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA. CCTV Camera Power Supply Adapter is a kind of power adapter for CCTV cameras. It is a high-quality and high-performance power adapter. It has a 12V 1A/2A power connector and a standard 2.1mm DC connector. It possesses a high-efficiency electrical system and adopts high-quality components. It is used to power the CCTV devices such as CCTV cameras and video recorders. It is widely used in public security and industrial area. It is made of high-quality materials and possesses high efficiency.

12V 2A CCTV Camera Adapter

12V 2A CCTV Camera Adapter

You need to replace your CCTV camera DC Power Supply Adapter with, 12V 1A/2A power adapter. If it is in great condition, you can keep using it for a long time. If you need it to replace, you need to buy a new one. However, you should know the difference between a CCTV camera Power Supply Adapter and a CCTV camera DC Power Supply Adapter.

CCTV Passive Video Balun

The CCTV video is typically carried in coaxial cables with two conductive wires used for CCTV video signals. The CCTV video signal transfer will be attenuated easily by the cable/connector. A passive Video balun is used in a CCTV system to achieve the following goals: 1, To eliminate or reduce high-frequency noise and hum; 2, To prevent cable thieves from accessing CCTV equipment such as cameras and DVRs. 3, To extend CCTV installation at remote places. So we use a coaxial 75 ohm female output connector at the DVR end and a male BNC connector at the camera end. CCTV Video Balun Price starts from 150 Taka per pcs.

CCTV Video Balun in Bangladesh

CCTV Video Balun

Concept of CCTV Passive Video Balun

The CCTV passive video balun converts the transmission CCTV video signals from BNC connector to UTP cable CCTV camera signal transmission. CCTV cameras usually use CCTV balun for CCTV security camera systems in CCTV surveillance system to carry the CCTV video signals from female BNC connector CCTV camera output to a coaxial two-wire feeder and connect with other equipment at the same time. The CCTV passive Video Balun can deliver both power (12V) and data signal (video, audio, control) over CAT5e/6 cables up to 300 meters away from the DVR/NVRs or decoders.

The CCTV passive video baluns are used as an alternative when you find that: 1, High-frequency noise and hum occur due to low-quality cables; 2, Cable thieves steal CCTV equipment such as CCTV cameras, CCTV DVRs; 3, CCTV cabling is required in places (such as ceiling, attic) that are difficult to lay cables.

The CCTV Passive Video Balun is used by CCTV installers and CCTV security installation engineers to transport CCTV video signals from CCTV video camera output to another connector type. The passive video balun CCTV installation method will help users save money on cable purchases. A CCTV Passive Video Balun helps you convert a coaxial BNC female connector input into an RJ45 male plug for UTP/STP wiring. It is easy to use so that it can be easily applied in most situations where SDI and HD-SDI equipment needs transmission over long distances through network cables.

HDMI Extender Over CAT6 Cable in Bangladesh

Today we would like to introduce our new HDMI extender product. You are probably already aware that HDMI is one of the most popular digital interfaces. Designed for high-definition television (HDTV) and digital versatile disc (DVD) players, HDMI gives you the ability to connect a digital audio and video source to a digital display. You might also recognize the HDMI symbol, which resembles a row of colored balls. (Hey, we would too if we had to deal with so many different HDMI interfaces!).

For all those people who have a need of HDMI extenders or high-definition cable extenders but are unable to find them in the market, you don’t need to worry anymore since I have come up with a solution to connect your devices to your TV using a high-definition cable. 30 Meter to 300 Meter HDMI Extender Only Available at TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA in Bangladesh.

CCTV Camera Accessories Price in Bangladesh

AccessoriesLatest Price
Power Adapter 12V 2A300
Power Adapter 12V 5A for DVR500
RJ45 Connector25
BNC Connector100
Network Cable (meter)40
RJ59 Cable (meter)40
RJ6 Cable (meter)25
23/76 Power Cable (meter)35
14/76 Power Cable (meter)25
Video Baluns150
cctv power supply boxes350
CCTV Power Supplies350
security camera microphones1500
Fiber to Video Transceiver (4-Port)9000
Fiber to Video Transceiver (8-Port)12000
Fiber to Video Transceiver (16-Port)45000
Security Camera Lens2500
Security Camera Enclosures1800
DVR Lockbox4500
Security Stickers & Signs300