Suprema is a global leader in biometrics and securities technology. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema is able to continually develop and manufacture reliable industry leading products. Suprema’s extensive portfolio of products include biometric access control systems, time & attendance devices, fingerprint/live scanners and embedded fingerprint modules.

Suprema supports world wide sales network that spans across more than 133 countries around the world and was the first biometrics company listed on Korea's stock market (KOSDAQ 094840)

Currently Suprema deals with 1,000 different customers across 133 countries worldwide

Suprema Advantage

World Best Fingerprint Technology
Multi-Award winning fingerprint technology
Proprietary algorithm, sensor, devices, and software solutions
Top class R&D investment with numerous patents

Numerous References, Key Strategic Partners
Sold to more than, 1.000 customers located across 133 countries worldwide
Extensive government, military, police, and corporate references
Global partner program for training, technical supports and upgrades
Structured sales policy though authorized distribution channel

High Quality State-of-the-art Products
Powerful, efficient and reliable technology proven in the field
Continually evolving and developing systems and applications
High quality manufacturing through quality control
Manufactured from top quality components and materials

Excellent Financial Stability
Fastest growing company specializing in biometric solutions
Independent company listed on KOSDAQ(Korean Stock Market)
Market Capital of over $350 million(2014)
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    Suprema X-Station

    Suprema X-Station Bangladesh

    Suprema X-Station


    Smart IP RFID Terminal
    X-Station is a formidable device that combines a vast array of components into a slim form factor. X-Station’s 3.5” touchscreen LCD provides the perfect interface to an intuitive UI and its camera, speaker and microphone allow for advanced features such as Face Detection and Videophone capabilities. It is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of applications.

    3.5” Touchscreen LCD & GUI

    With its efficient QVGA touchscreen LCD, X-Station presents accuracy and precision that set a new standard in access control and high traffic time & attendance systema. The user-friendly and intuitive GUI provides users with a quick and easy access to all the features and functions available within the unit.

    Face Detection with Image Logs

    A picture is said to be worth more than a thousand words and rather than a simple text-based event log, X-Station can utilize its built-in camera to capture and store real image-based event logs. The image capturing also features Suprema’s Face Detection Technology for added security during verification process. Proximity sensors and IR LEDs ensure that captured images are up to high standards.

    Versatile Interface

    X-Station comes not only with a TCP/IP interface, but also more traditional interfaces (RS-485, Wiegand), 2 internal inputs and 1 internal relay output to control peripheral devices. The I/O ports can also be expanded using the Secure I/O accessory.
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    Suprema Biostation T2

    Suprema Biostation T2 Bangladesh

    Suprema Biostation T2

    BioStation T2 blends loads of innovative features with Suprema’s sophisticated fingerprint recognition technology. Its powerful dual-CPU engine ensures seamless operation and internal camera captures face image logs (snap shots) as an extra level of security. Sealed in a flat-panel glass front with refined dimensions, it’s easy-to-use touchscreen LCD provides an intuitive and aesthetic GUI. In addition to its extensive communication interfaces, BioStation T2 also supports embedded web server software which provides convenient system management over its IP-based access control system.
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    Suprema BioStation 2

    Suprema BioStation 2 Bangladesh

    Suprema BioStation 2

    BioStation 2

    BioStation 2 incorporates the latest Suprema technology in a beautiful exterior. It combines a new powerful processor, Suprema’s next generation optical sensor and improved fingerprint sensing & capturing algorithm to offer unrivaled performance. BioStation 2 provides users with instant authentication and rapid data transfer to manage high volume data with ease. It is ideal for applications that require versatility without compromise in style and performance.

    Instant Matching & Authentication

    BioStation 2 is designed to provide matching & authentication in an instant. Leveraging the powerful hardware and sophisticated algorithms, the device can match and authenticate up to 20,000 fingerprints per second.

    Massive Memory Capacity

    BioStation 2 offers a massive memory capacity to handle large number of users. The device can manage up to 1,000,000 fingerprint templates, which translates to 500,000 maximum users that is equivalent to the population of a large metro area such as Miami. Additionally, BioStation 2 can hold up to 3,000,000 logs for backup in case of a connection loss to server in order to safely guard all records.
    • TEMPLATES1,000,000
    • LOGS3,000,000
    • MAX USER500,000

    Rapid Data Transfer

    BioStation 2 features Rapid Data Transfer that drastically improves the transfer spped of user and log data. The device can send user data that includes large biometric data at a rate of 5,000 users per min.

    Next Generation Optical Sensor

    The new sensor in BioStation 2 enables the device to capture and process much clearer fingeprint images under less-than-ideal conditions. The new sensor offers excellent wet and dry fingeprint capture performance that allows the device to be used even in harsh environments.

    IP65 Weather Proof

    BioStation 2 features an IP65 certified weather proof exterior. IP65 protection allows system designers to place the terminal in both indoor and outdoor environments.

    Versatile Interface

    BioStation 2 features standard TCP/IP and RS485 interfaces for main communication between devices and the server. It also supports traditional RS232, USB, and Wiegand interfaces to provide maximum versatility. BioStation 2 features built-in WiFi and Power-over-Ethernet for flexible installation options.
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    Suprema Biostation Access Control & Time Attendance

    Suprema Biostation Bangladesh

    Suprema Biostation Access Control & Time Attendance

    Incorporating Suprema's industry-leading fingerprint recognition Fingerprint Algorithm. BioStation offers a perfect solution for time attendance and access control. With a color LCD and high quality sound, BioStation provides a different level of user interaction using multimedia information Versatile interface options including wireless LAN and USB memory enable an easy network integration and data transfer without any wiring.
    • Wi-Fi wireless LAN
    • Identifies 3,000 templates per second
    • 2.5" color LCD5-inch Touchscreen LCD
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    Suprema FaceStation Face Recognition Access Control and Time Attendance

    Suprema FaceStation Bangladesh

    Suprema FaceStation Face Recognition Access Control and Time Attendance


    FaceStation perfectly combines beauty and performance. By providing contactless authentication at near real-time matching speeds, FaceStation offers unmatched user convenience and enhanced security synonymous with biometrics. It is ideal for applications that require convenient & secure authentication and can be used in either standalone or network environments.

    Real-Time Matching

    With combined strength of the dual-CPU matching engine and Suprema’s sophisticated face recognition algorithm, FaceStation features real-time matching. Real-time matching grants instant authentication to users, eliminating unnecessary wait at the doors. This superior speed comes at no cost to security, which makes FaceStation a secure and reliable access control and time attendance solution.

    Suprema Face Recognition Technology

    Suprema’s superior face recognition algorithm promises a low error rate and an ultra-fast matching speed providing both speed and accuracy. Suprema’s algorithm even has the ability to distinguish twins†, to enroll up to 5 different profiles per user and to authenticate users wearing Hijabs. †Both twins must be registered

    Contactless Authentication

    FaceStation is built around an idea of establishing convenient biometrics without sacrificing security. Its contactless authentication method provides users with easy access under any light conditions by combining the use of a built-in proximity sensor and Suprema’s patented adaptive IR illumination technology. By applying various advanced fake face detection techniques, FaceStation promises both security and convenience.

    Versatile Interface

    FaceStation houses a wide range of interface options. TCP/IP and Wi-Fi options that are optimal for large data transmission and more traditional RS232, RS485, USB, and Wiegand interfaces. It also comes with 4 inputs and 2 relay outputs to control all your peripheral needs. The I/O ports can further be protected and extended using the Secure I/O accessory.

    Centerpiece Design

    As the winner of the 2012 Detektor International Award in the Innovative Achievement category, FaceStation employs innovation in a gorgeous ergonomic package that focuses on usability, simplicity, and precision. The luxurious exterior of FaceStation will help it serve as a centerpiece of wherever the device is installed, carrying a premium status along with it.

    Intuitive Graphical User Interface

    The ultra-wide and clear 4.3 inch touchscreen LCD display provides a simple way for users to control the device. The intuitive GUI makes using FaceStation a breeze, with aids such as the motion guide during user registration. Also, additional hard buttons make the device fitting for applications that are robust and heavy duty as well making the device usable in any situation.
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    Suprema XPass S2 Multi-Smartcard Reader

    Suprema XPass S2 Bangladesh

    Suprema XPass S2 Multi-Smartcard Reader

    Multi-Smartcard Reader

    The Xpass S2 features innovative multi-smartcard support. This new feature gives Xpass S2 the ability to read multiple formats from Mifare, DesFire, ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, to Felica.

    Minimalistic Ultra Slim Design

    Xpass S2’s profile is only 11.4mm thick, creating a slim aesthetic look when installed. Tailored to fit a standard US/EU/ASIA gang box, Xpass S2 allows for quick and easy installations.

    IP65-rated Dust & Waterproof structure

    Xpass S2 has been comprehensively sealed against invasive moisture, dust and liquid. Featuring IP65-rated protection, meticulous sealing, and extra protective engineering, it is ensured that Xpass S2 will operate with unmatched reliability in all type of installation environments.

    Adaptive Temperature Control

    Adaptive temperature control will allow Xpass S2 to operate in extreme cold temperatures as well as extreme hot environments. (Operational temperature -35°C to 65°C)
    ৳ 23,000.00