ZKTeco uFace602 Facial Multi-Biometric tTime & Attendance and Access Control Terminal

zkteco uFace602 Bangladesh, ZKTeco Bangladesh, Trimatrikbd

ZKTeco uFace602 Bangladesh

Multi-Biometric Time Attendance & Access  Control System
Storage Capacity Face Capacity 3000
Fingerprints templates 4000
Card Storage 10,000 (Optional)
Transaction 1,00,000
Card reader Yes
CPU 1.0GHz
Biometric Fingerprint Sensor 500 DPI Optical sensor
FAR <=0.0001%
FRR <=1%
Identification Speed <=0.5 Sec
Algorithm Ver 10
Audio/Visual Display 4.3-Inch Touch Screen
LED Indicator Green/Red
Keypad 4*4 with 5 function Keys
Schedule Bell/Speaker Mini Speaker
Communication Communication TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host ( Optional : Wifi, GPRS)
Push Data Yes
Standard Features DLST
Power & Environment Power Supply 12 V 3 A
Operating Temperature 0° to 45°C
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Dimension 194.1 x 169 x 109.0 mm
Access control Wiegand Output
Relay 12 V relay for lock EM lock, Bolt Lock or Strike lock
Support Fire Alarm Yes
Door Sensor Yes
Anti Passback Yes
Door Bell Yes
Exit Readers Support exit readers Yes
Optional Battery 7.4V 2000 mAh Backup Battery
Card readers Yes
Communication No
Sensor No
Compatibility Compatible with Multi Door controllers via weigand
House - 01 (Ground Floor), Road - 20/B, Sector - 04 Dhaka Dhaka, Uttara 1230
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