Tripod Gate Bangladesh, Tripod Turnstile Gate Bangladesh

Tripod Turnstile Gate Bangladesh, Tripod Gate Supplier in BD 

  • Structure: Frame / Stainless steel housing
  • Production process: the entire computer numerical control laser cutting machine production
  • Product size: (length 1200X wide 280X high 980mm)
  • Weight: (gross weight 60Kg)
  • Brake lever length: 510 (mm) than the chassis .
  • brake lever maximum tolerance: 80Kg working brake lever driving force: 3Kg
  •  Brake lever Transmission: digitally 
  • brake lever steering: unidirectional, bidirectional (optional); having a plurality of operating modes may be Optional, you can bidirectional reader limit, but also side of the card, the other side of the ban, while reading the card, the other direction of free automatic 
    reset function: open gate, within the specified time will not pass the system will automatically lock, access time is adjustable; 
    lighting Tip: indicates the traffic direction of 
    the input control signal without delay requirement 
  • work environment: indoor, outdoor (female shed)
  •  temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
  •  relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation 
  • Sensor card reader size: with standard mounting bracket, or tailor-made
  •  opening time: 0.2 seconds
  •  Travel speed: 30 person / minute Communication interface 
    : TCP / IP communication
  •  Input interface: dry contact signal or +12 V level signal or Pulse width ≥ 100ms DC12V pulse signal, drive current ≥ 10mA
Tripod Gate Bangladesh

Tripod Turnstile Gate Bangladesh

টার্ন্সটাইল গেট

বিশেষ নিরাপত্তা মূলক স্থান গুলোর প্রবেশ দ্বারে এক ধরনের বিশেষ  Gate ব্যাবহার হয়, যা কেবল  অনুমতি প্রাপ্ত ব্যক্তিগণ প্রবেশ করতে পারে, এই প্রযুক্তিকে Turnstile Gate বলে। Turnstile Gate অনুমতি প্রাপ্ত ব্যক্তির Finger/ID Card যাচাই করে প্রবেশের অনুমতি প্রদান করে ।


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