Anti-Theft EAS Alarm System for Retail Store/Shopping Mall

EAS anti-theft alarm security system in Bangladesh

A new and effective anti-theft alarm system has been developed for retail stores and shopping malls. The alarm system is known as an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) alarm system. It is designed to protect high value items from being stolen.

The EAS alarm system consists of a number of components that work together to protect merchandise. The system includes a transmitter, a receiver, and an antenna. The transmitter is attached to the merchandise and sends a signal to the receiver when it is activated. The receiver then sounds an alarm to alert store employees that there is a potential theft in progress.

The EAS alarm system also includes an antenna which helps to increase the range of the transmitter. This allows the transmitter to send a signal to the receiver even if the merchandise is hidden from view. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal merchandise without being detected.

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