Techik TE-SD2 Bangladesh, Techik Bangladesh, Trimatrik

Techik TE-SD2 Bangladesh

Power Supply

AC 90V-250V  50/60Hz





Through Rate

more than 60 persons/minute

Work Environment


Door Size


Tunnel Size


Technology Standard


LCD screen displays the steps of operation clearly and easily

Set up parameters by operating the remote control

Alarm mode: the LED indicates the position of the metal hidden under clothes by sound and light

Detecting zone: 8 detecting zones overlap each other to detect the position exactly

Adjustable sensitivity: available to detect a coin, 100 grades choices

Better anti-interference: digital, analog and balance technology, low rate of wrong alarms

Password protection: only authorized person can be allowed to operate, high safety level

Panel operation: to set up parameters by panel operation

Count function: to display the number of people pass and alerts

Safety design: safe for cardiac pacemaker, pregnant woman, magnetic disk and tape

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