Taifun ABC 5KG Extinguisher with Wall Bracket

Taifun ABC 5KG Extinguisher

Taifun ABC 5KG Fire Extinguisher with Wall Bracket The ABC dry powder extinguisher can be used to extinguish fires that are fueled by ordinary combustible liquids and highly inflammable gases. It is also suitable for extinguishing fires that are expelled under pressure or under electric tension. Features: 5 kgs capacity; working pressure: Kgf/cm2 30; testing pressure (Kgf/cm2) 15. Jet range: (Mtr. 5; Jet maintain for min-sec 15 – 20, working pressure: (Kgf/cm2) 15, and jet range: (Mtr.)

Also Available ZKTeco F18 as Best Selling Device in Bangladesh.

  • There are three types of interface styles: common, matrix, and magic.
  • ZK Infrared Fingerprint Sensor with Version 10.0 is reliable, durable, and highly accurate
  • User recognition takes less than one second
  • Readers RFID and fingerprint cards
  • Ethernet and Serial ports built-in
  • Connectivity to third-party access control panels via the built-in Wiegand input/output ports
  • The USB port is built-in and allows data to be transferred manually
  • Audio-Visual indication for the acceptance or rejection of valid/invalid hands
  • Alarm contacts and a tamper switch
  • Special Order with Mifare or HID card modules

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