Single or Double Wing Walking Flap Barrier Gate in Bangladesh

ZKTeco FBL2022 Bangladesh

  • LED Indicator: There is LCD Indicator in Single or Double Wing Walking Flap Barrier Gate. This means if the light turns green, then someone will be able to enter and if the light turns red then you have to understand that there are problems.
  • Walking Flow Rate: This type of gate system has enough capability to pass 30-40 people by 1 minute.
  • Quick Response Time: The flap of this system opens and closes by 0.5 seconds. As  a result there is no disturbance to traffic.
  • Auto Alarm System: This device has an automatic alarm system, for which there is no chance to enter any unwanted or unverified person by this gate. If someone wants to do this then the alarm will sound.
  • By Directional Flow: If you wish you can enter and exit through the same gate because it has By Directional Flow System.
  • Time Out Protection: Suppose If you were late to enter or exit by punch card, then you’re doing it wrong. Because you will not be able to enter through the gate after passing 5 or 10 seconds. Cause the system of enter is set to 5 or 10 seconds.
  • Various Facility: If you wish you can work with RFID Card system or fingerprint. And if you wish you can work with one system also.

Product Features

Only Indoor use only
Auto Alarm System
Time Out Protection
Both side walking
Clear Traffic light

Product Specification

·         Cabinet dimension·         1400mm (L)*300mm (W)*1003mm (H)
·         Stretching-out flap length·         275mm
·         Cabinet material·         # 304 stainless steel
·         Power supply·         AC220±15%V 50Hz/ AC110±15%V 60Hz
·         Motor voltage·         DC 12V (brush motor)
·         Access device input voltage·         dry contact or 12V electrical level signal or  100ms12V impulse signal or driving current  10mA
·         Max flow rate·         30 to 40 people per minute
·         Flap opening/closing time·         0.5s
·         Reset time when power on·         3s
·         Working environment·         outdoors (with due shelter) and indoors
·         Working temperature·         -25– 50
·         Relative humidity·         ≤ 90%

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