Safeway AT5030A Security X-Ray Machine

Safeway AT5030A


AT5030A belongs to the “X-Ray Baggage Scanner” product family, which are designed for the security inspection of the small baggage&parcels,  suitcases and handbags etc.  It is the smallest model of all X-Ray baggage scanners. Considering from the prices, it is the cheapest one. It’s widely used in the shopping malls, subways, schools, factories and other infrastructures. Currently we may ship around 30 units every working day, and we build large quantity of material stocks. It is the most popular model and the star in the “X-Ray Baggage Scanner” product family.

Product highlights
* With Linux operation system
* Built-in ARM CPU
* With Digital signal and processor
* Continuous hard work for 10000 hours
* Energy saving design
* Single energy
* Good quality images

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