Techik TE-XS5030C X-Ray Baggage Scanner

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Compact Design
High Density Alarm
Cost Effective
Extremely High Resolution
Multi-language Support
Assist to Detect Drug and Explosive Powder

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Techik TE-XS5030C Bangladesh, Baggage Scanner Bangladesh

General Specification:
Tunnel Size 505mm(width) ×307mm(height)
Conveyor Speed 0.2m/s
Conveyor Height 730mm
Max. Load 150kg(even distribution)
Wire Resolution 40AWG(0.0787mm of wire)> 44 SWG
Spatial Resolution horizontal 1.0mm vertical 1.0mm
Penetrable Resolution 34AWG(0.160mm)
Steel Penetration 40mm
Monitor 17-inch color monitor with resolution:1280×1024X-ray Generator
Anode Voltage 140-160Kv
Cooling/Run Cycle sealed oil cooling/ 100%
Per-inspection Dose less than 0.001mGyImage Processing System
Image Enhancement Features color/black & white image ,organic and inorganic elimination ,alterable absorption, super-enhancement, negative mode, high/low energy penetrability, pseudo color etc
Image Resolution organics: orange
inorganic: blue
mixture and light metal: green
Selection and Enlargement variable zoom, 1-32 times enlargement, support continuous enlargement
Image Playback 50 checked images playback
Storage Capacity at least 100,000 images

Radiation Safety
Radiation Leakage less than 0.001mGy /h ( 5cm away from shell)
comply with all domestic and international health and radiation safety standards
Film Safety in accordance with ASA/ISO1600 film safe standard

System Functions:
TIP(Threat Image Projection), high density alarm, date / time display, baggage counter, user management, system timing, ray beam timing, power on self test, image back-up and search, maintenance and diagnosis, bi-directional scanning

Optional Functions:
video monitor system/LED(liquid crystal display)/energy-conservation and environmental-protection equipment/electronic weighing system etc
Installation Data
Overall Dimension 1719mm(length) ×761mm(width) ×1183mm(height)
Weight 500Kg
Operation Voltage AC220V(-15%~+10%) 50±3Hz
Power Consumption 0.6kVA
Relative Humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Noise Level 56dB(A)

Application / Models:
railway stations, bus stands, government institutions, mall centers, multiplex theaters, hotels etc.

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Techik TE-XS5030C Bangladesh, Techik Bangladesh

Techik TE-XS5030C X-Ray Baggage Scanner

৳ 2,200,000.00

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