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  • Lock pads, handles and mortise are made of SUS304 stainless steel
  • Mortise latch, bolt function, high security.
  • Mortise mechanism of the American type ANSI.
  • Power source: 4 standard AAA batteries.
  • The lock reads TEMIC proximity cards or MIFARE cards.
  • Battery Life: 3 years in standard mode and depends on usage and climatic conditions.
  • If the battery voltage drops below 4.5V, the lock will start to sound when opened. Before replacing the batteries, the door can still be opened approximately 50 times.
  • Door thickness requirement: 30 mm to 60 mm.
  • Mechanical key: in emergency situations, the lock can be unlocked with a mechanical key.
  • It is delivered in two color options: under silver and under gold

NY-5001-Y HOTEL LOCK / Smart Lock

The NY-5001 electronic locks  for the hotel use the latest access control technologies and provide hotel guests with contactless card access. RFID technology allows the hotel to raise its level in the eyes of the client, but also reduce operational overhead costs.

RFID card  does not suffer from magnetization effect, p.e. Hotels do not have problems with them, in addition, their cost is not too high, you can always replace a lost card.

The 5001 Series electronic locks  are the ideal choice for hotels looking to upgrade their service and security levels.



  • More amenities for hotel guests:  Unrivaled ease of use of locks for guests of all ages. No need to insert a key card. Everything is simple and clear.
  • More security:  Anti-cloning technology for all cards of your guests and employees. Hotel lock 5001 is a powerful anti-cloning solution.
  • Best adaptability:  Castle 5001 is perfect in style for a hotel of any class: business, resort, spa hotels, hotels with an all-inclusive system, etc.
  • The European castle for hotel 5001 is suitable for both small and very large hotels . Easily replaces existing mechanical or electronic locks and handles. Suitable for controlling access to the room, to the house, in common areas.
  • Safety Features:  High degree of reliability and safety embodied in superior design. The deadbolt is all-metal.
  • Emergency access:  Map, mechanical key.
  • Opening mode:  The castle uses several levels of data encryption, including a unique producer encryption method, to ensure the maximum level of security and peace of hotel guests.
  • Low maintenance.  The lock uses a completely sealed contactless card reader. Battery life is 3 years. Information in the lock is not erased during battery replacement. Wearproof design and lock finish. Suitable for installation on wooden doors 30-60 mm thick.
  • Certification:  CE, FCC and RoHs Certificates
  • The 5001 lock does not require cable routing ; it reads RF cards from TEMIC, USA or RF cards from PHILIPS to perform the control and opening functions. Completely independent and autonomous, managed from the software for the hotel, cards are quickly activated to open the castle, room information is easily transferred to the castle. All this makes installation and maintenance very simple and easy.


Principle of operation:

The electronic system for the NEWGY hotel is a branch of the access control and management system. The main difference is the lack of cable lines. The hotel lock also uses contactless RF cards to open the door to the room and transfer information from the lock to the computer. The operator can also create various types of cards: manager card, hotel administrator card, operator card, guest card, etc.

The system for the hotel also allows you to register the time of arrival and departure of guests from the hotel, monitor the condition of the room, receive information from locks on passages and create reports. The system for the NEWGY hotel allows you to quickly register guests and issue them access cards from the room.

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