EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System

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  • AM Security Antena / Gate
  • RF Security Antena / Gate
  • AM Hard Tag
  • RF Hard Tag
  • AM Soft Tag
  • RF Soft Tag
  • Tag Recheck
  • Tag Deactivator
  • Tag Detacher / Remover
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EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System

EAS anti-theft alarm system is a security tag system consisting of tags, electronic article surveillance (EAS) equipment (laser scanner, tag deactivator, etc.), and tags checkers. Security tags are used by manufacturers to deter theft during shipping and storage. A security tag will set off an alarm if it passes through the EAS anti-theft alarm system. The alarm is turned off with a deactivator or removed with a tag detacher.

EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System Price in Bangladesh

EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System Price in Bangladesh

Top Latest EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System Price in Bangladesh (BD)
No.Model & DetailsLatest Price
1EAS RF Security Gate60,000.00
2EAS AM Security Gate70,000.00
3AM Hard Tag12.00
4AM Pancil Tag14.00
5RF Hard Tag10.00
6AM Soft Tag4.00
7RF Soft Tag3.50
8AM Tag Recheck / AM Tag Tester9,000.00
9RF Tag Recheck / RF Tag Tester9,500.00
10Soft Tag Deactivator / Hard Tag Recheck (AM/RF)22,000.00
11RF Tag Detacher / Hard Tag Remover4,500.00
11Hard Tag Remover / RF Tag Detacher (Big)6,500.00
12AM Tag Detacher / AM Tag Remover9,500.00

EAS Anti-Theft Alarm Security System Price in Bangladesh

AM Shop Gate EAS Security Alarm System for Supermarket

Sometimes shoppers want to buy something and put it back if they find a better option. The easiest way to do this is by returning the item for a refund or exchanging it for another product. However, these options don’t always work. If the store doesn’t accept returns or exchanges, you can use an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system to avoid shoplifting. This system is made up of two parts: an antenna and a sensor.

EAS system, or electronic article surveillance, is a type of anti-theft device found in stores and other public spaces to reduce crime. With RFID tags and antennae placed strategically across the store to monitor tagged items, shoplifting can be prevented. There are two types of tags: permanent and temporary. Permanent tags contain a small battery that powers the tag to transmit its ID number.

Security systems have been a part of our lives for decades, but as the years have gone by, security has been an increasingly sensitive subject. The primary purpose of a security system is to protect what matters most to its owner, and it does this by providing protection for a business or residential property from burglary, theft, vandalism or other threats. A security system can provide a sense of safety and comfort by alerting the authorities when something happens on the premises.

AM MAGNETIC PENCIL TAG - EAS Security Tag Best Price in Bangladesh

AM Pencil Tag

The EAS system consists of small radio frequency tags that are put on certain products in stores. These tags send out radio waves when they are scanned by security systems in the store, which can then detect any theft of these products. One of the main benefits of using an EAS system is that it reduces the risk of theft by making it easier to detect when a product has been taken without paying for it.

EAS system taggers are a huge innovation that have been changing the way we shop for years. These tags have been installed in clothing departments to prevent people from stealing clothing. EAS is actually an acronym for Electronic Article Surveillance, which means these tags generate a signal as soon as they come into contact with metal detectors, whether it’s at a store or airport. This article will discuss how these tags work and what they do to help prevent theft from happening.

EAS Hand-Held RF Tag ReCheck Price in Bangladesh

RF Tag Recheck / RF Tag Tester

One of the most important parts of a retail store is knowing what items need to be restocked or depleting quickly after initial inventory. One way this can be accomplished is by using RF Tags. RF Tags are designed to identify when an item in your store needs to be reordered, and they work in conjunction with RF tag readers that are placed throughout the store.

RF tags are an integral part of the supply chain, tracking the location of goods at every stage of their journey. RF tag testers provide valuable information to help ensure that tagged items are scanned and accounted for in the system.

RF tags are used in all aspects of the supply chain to track the location of goods at every stage of their journey. Thousands of tags can be read simultaneously by a single scanner unit with outstanding accuracy.

A radio frequency tag is a passive device that stores identifiers, in the form of digital data, which are read by an RFID reader. The reader sends out radio waves to all the tags in range and when one of them responds with it’s identifier, the reader reads this identifier. Tags are so small they are practically invisible to the human eye.

EAS System Gate, EAS RF Gate Price in Bangladesh

EAS System Gate

EAS handheld detector

EAS handheld detector

EAS Soft Labels tags

EAS Soft Labels tags

RF soft label alarm tags Bangladesh

Color: Barcode/White/transparent
Frequency: 8.2MHz/9.2MHz
Dimension: 40*40mm
Certification: CE,ROHS,ISO 9001
Packing weight: 12.2kg/ctn
OEM: Yes,available
Type: eas label

Anti-theft Handheld Detacher AM EAS Clothes Security Tag Remover

Magnetic handheld safety detacher AM EAS clothes security tag removers are a must-have for any wardrobe. These tags will prevent the clothes from being stolen from your store, as well as reduce the risk of being caught in a fire. Magnetic handheld safety detachers can also lessen the discomfort that occurs when attempting to remove a tag from clothing that was accidentally marked with an EAS label.

The new eas tag detacher is an easy to use device that helps people detach  super security tags  of eas,slipper tags. The eas tag detacher is a small plastic cylinder that houses two metal probes at one end. To remove the security tag with the eas tag detacher, press the button on the side of the device and insert the metal probe into the opening of the tag until it is resting against the opposite side of where it entered.

A tag detacher is a product that helps users remove security tags from clothes. This type of tag detacher is designed to be used with the most popular tags on the market today. The product consists of a slide-locking blade, which can easily cut through security tags, and it also has an integrated hole punch for removing the metal fastener. This hole punch is specially designed to minimize losses of material when punching through materials like polyester.

EAS Hard Tags Bangladesh

EAS Hard Tags Bangladesh

EAS System Gate Price in Bangladesh

EAS System Gate Price in Bangladesh


What does EAS mean in security?

EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance. It is a system that detects the removal of an electronic tag from an item in order to prevent shoplifting.

What does EAS system stand for?

EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance. It is a system that detects and deters theft by monitoring the movement of items through electronic sensors.

What are EAS alarms used for?

EAS security alarms are used to protect items of value. These alarms are often installed in retail stores, banks, and other places where theft is a risk. The alarm will sound if the protected object is moved or removed from its designated area.

How does EAS Security system work?

EAS Security system is a security system that detects the theft of items by detecting the motion of items.

What is the primary benefit of the EAS system?

The primary benefit of the EAS Security system is that it can be used to prevent shoplifting.

How does an anti theft tag work?

An anti-theft tag is a small piece of metal that is attached to an item in order to deter theft. The tag is usually fitted with a form of identification and can be deactivated if necessary. The tags are typically attached with a strong adhesive or wire, and they can be found in many retail stores.

The anti-theft tag is a small piece of metal that is attached to an item in order to deter theft.

How does electronic article surveillance assist in Minimising theft?

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a system that detects and deters theft by tracking an individual’s movement in and out of a store. EAS tags are placed on high-value items, such as clothing or electronics. When the tag passes through an electronic field, it will trigger an alarm if the item has not been paid for.

EAS is effective because it deters theft by making it difficult to steal items without detection.

Acousto magnetic vs Radio frequency?

The difference between Acousto-magnetic and Radio frequency is the frequency of the waves. Acousto-magnetic waves are higher frequency than radio waves.

What is acousto magnetic?

Acousto-magnetic is a process where sound waves are converted to electrical signals.

What frequency do security tags use?

Security tags use a frequency of either 58KHz / 125 kHz or 8.2MHz / 13.56 MHz.

What are the different types of security tags?

There are many different types of security tags. EAS tags, Visual tags, Clothing tags, Fashion accessory tags, Bottle tags, Optical tags.

EAS Tag importer in Bangladesh?

The EAS Tag importer in Bangladesh is TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA.

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is a company that specializes in importing of various goods. They have been in business since 2009 and have been providing quality products to the Bangladeshi market for over 12 years.

EAS Tag Distributor in Bangladesh?

EAS Tag Distributor in Bangladesh is TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA.

Who is the Best Security Tag Supplier Company in Bangladesh?

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the Best Security Tag Supplier Company in Bangladesh.

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