• ZKTeco iClock880 Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control

    • ZKTeco iClock880 Bangladesh
    • 50,000 templates (1: N) and 200,000 records.
    • Multimedia 3.5’’ TFT screen.
    • Internal Camera and Photo- ID support the user’s photo display and make T&A application more visible and reliable.
    • Built-in backup battery.
    • Optional integrated proximity or smart card reader.
    • Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer when network isn’t available.
    • 8 user-defined function keys.
    • Relay contacts for lock and alarm.
    • Multi-Languages Support.
    • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers.
    • SDK available for OEM customers and software devel opers.
    • Warranty: One Year

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    ৳ 24,500.00
  • ZKTeco iClock880 Bangladesh,ZKTeco iClock880 Price in Bangladesh

    ZKTeco iClock880 Large Capacity Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal

    • 50,000 templates (1: N) and 200,000 records.
    • Multimedia 3.5’’ TFT screen.
    • Internal Camera and Photo- ID support the user’s photo display and make T&A application more visible and reliable.
    • Built-in backup battery.
    • Optional integrated proximity or smart card reader.
    • Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer when network isn’t available.
    • 8 user-defined function keys.
    • Relay contacts for lock and alarm.
    • Multi Languages Support.
    • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers.
    • SDK available for OEM customers and software devel opers.

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