• VIRDI AC6000 Time Attendance & Access Control

    Virdi AC6000 Bangladesh

    Download Datasheet

    Made in Korea, this device has the following features:

    • It has a good screen layout, with a proper background
    • It has Optical Face Detection, which records the digital image of each user every time a transaction occurs
    • It also has the ability to play custom voice messages, which are associated with a particular transaction
    • It uses real-time transaction, which is based on TCP/IP, which has Push technology
    • It is easy to transfer images, transaction logs, firmware, as well as configuration settings through USB Memory Stick
    • It is able to detect fingerprints easily, whenever these fingerprints are detected on a scanner
    • Optical Sensor and algorithm are designed in such a way that they are able to detect fake fingerprints, which are made of rubber, silicon, paper and film, as well as other materials.

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