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    Virdi AC-2100/H Fingerprint & RF/SC Access Control & Time Attendance

    Virdi AC-2100/H Bangladesh, Virdi AC-2100H Bangladesh

    Fingerprint & RF/SC card authentication

    Live finger detection New patented sensor detects fake fingerprints made of paper, film, silicone and rubber
    Fingerprint Convenience – it does not require users to carry special tools for verification. It is a high-tech fingerprint recognition system that uses fingerprints that have no risk of replication or unauthorized use.
    RF Cards (option) Can be embedded in the fingerprint recognition terminal for double or triple security or to use with unclear fingerprints.
    Standalone User management from the device
    USB Interface USB Interface for management via PC
    Excellent Waterproofing IPX3 rating the international waterproofing standard! It can be installed in virtually any location.
    Duress Finger In case of emergency, the usage of a registered duress fingerprint warns a control center such as security company.
    Intelligent Capture The fingerprint recognition algorithm authenticates dry or wet fingerprints fast and accurately for various users.
    Highperformance CPU The terminal is equipped with high-capacity 32bit CPU for faster and more accurate verification.
    Auto sensing Automatically recognizes fingerprints when finger is presented.
    Anti-pass back Supporting anti-pass back function.
    Multiplayer Can be applied to government offices, companies, and financial institutions to build access control, Time and Attendance management, and Cafe management systems.
    Authentication Supports complex authentication using fingerprints, RF Card, and/or
    ID/Password for greater safety.
    Operation mode The device can be set up for Access Control, Time and Attendance management, and Cafe management without additional equipment.
    Voice Operation and status is announced by automated voice system for first-time users to operate the device easily.
    Graphic LCD Easy and accurate operation with convenient graphic LCD and backlight feature.
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