• VERTIV (Emerson) Liebert HIPULSE-U 80KVA Online UPS

    Need Pre-Order, Delivery Within 40 Working Days

     Attain high availability without compromising efficiency
     Investment free capacity up gradation only external cable is needed
    No need of costly load bank to test the unit at site
    Wide voltage & frequency range ensure UPS always run on utility power, prolong battery life.
    Scale up availability by connecting to two independent sources to UPS
    Achieve high system reliability with self-protection and fault diagnosis
    Provide 12% more active power (kW) than conventional architecture based UPS Initiate prompt alarm upon leading loads detection
    High fault tolerant design
    Gradually stepping up load on generator thereby allows trouble free connection
    Suitable to adapt as per today’s dynamic electrical environment
    Concurrently supports multiple communication option


    Up to 98% operating efficiency in Eco-Mode operation. Up to 93% operating efficiency in double conversion mode.
    Standard built in LBS function and smart parallel
    REGEN mode of operation
    Wide voltage and frequency range
    Dual main input
    Space vector PWM technology in IGBT switching (SVPWM) at inverter level
    Strong 0.9 output PF loading capacity
    Leading power factor loads detection
    High input fault currently capability
    Power walk-in enabled
    Compatible to 1+N and N+1 configuration
    Two independent intellislots to achieve multi channel data highway
    ৳ 1,900,000.00

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