• Panasonic KX-NS320BX Smart Hybrid IP PABX System

    • KX-NS300BX extension cabinet, connected to the KX-NS300BX main cabinet, can be used for up to 3 cabinets using only 1 panel. KX-NS5130X
    • KX-NS320BX 1 cabinet with 16 internal analog panel (Caller ID) 1 panel to be ready to use
    • Extend the outside line and the cable in 12 lines outside the 32 lines per cabinet by purchasing additional panels, both digital and analog.
    • Expandable up to 48 lines outside 130 lines in the purchase of a KX-NS320BX branch cabinet. Can be connected to 3 cabinets by adding an external wire to the requirement. And can be used in conjunction with another 128 IP Phone / SIP Phone / Smart Phone systems (buy additional panels and licenses)
    • PBX KX-NS300BX. KX-NS320BX Max. 3 units can be connected with KX-NS300BX by KX-NS5130X model card (total one card for total system)
    • KX-NS-320BX Builtin 16 Analog Ext. with Caller ID & Message Waiting
    • 2 trunk card and 2 extension card slots switch system. Max. Capacity 12 trunk lines 32 extensions
    • Port connected to the main frame
    • Max Expansion up to 48 Trunk Lines 130 Extensions by connecting   KX-NS320BX max. 3 units and additional options to a customer requirementAdditional expand max. 128 IP Ext. by option cards and license.
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