• NITGEN-T5 Bangladesh

    NITGEN-T5 Finger Access Control & TA

    NITGEN-T5 Bangladesh

    4.3″ TFT LCD, Touch Screen
    – Fingerprint Image Quality Check
    – Notice/Status bar
    – Wallpaper with company logo
    Superior Matching Engine
    – 1st rank in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
    Auto-on Function & Live Finger Detection
    Built-in Camera
    – Takes picture for every transaction with storage in server
    USB Memory Slot
    – Easy data transfer using USB memory stick
    Function Key
    – User-defined functions (F1~F4)
    – Clock In/Clock Out/Absence/Return
    Multifactor Authentication
    – Fingerprint, RF card, Password
    Multi Language support with Audio-visual indications
    Built-in battery & PoE (Optional)
    Centralized Biometric Access control on IP technology
    Multi-processing functionality
    – Normal authentication process under progress at background of terminal

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