• ITC T-521UT Bangladesh

    ITC T-521UT PA System LCD Wireless UHF Microphone

    ITC T-521UT Bangladesh

    * Using UHF ultra-high frequency double true diversity reception, and USES the DPLL multichannel digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology.
    * Provides each of 200 a total of 600 channels to choose, true diversity receiving, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of fault frequency and to extend the receiving distance.
    * With a magnitude 8, according to 8 audio level display, according to the audio level, according to the channel menu mute.
    * Balanced and unbalanced output port, two choices to meet the needs of different device to connect.
    * LCD liquid crystal display can also showed channel number and working frequency. Light touch button control is simple, which let users to use it more conveniently.
    * Strong anti-interference ability, can effectively restrain noise caused by th external interference and same frequency interference.
    * Infrared frequency function, can be convenient, shortcut of the transmitter and receiver synchronization.
    * Enough intermediate frequency, Relaxed singing, sounds with magnetic and mixed thick feeling, the essence of the vocal microphone sound.

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