• ICT T-2S350 Bangladesh

    ITC T-2S350 Series Dual Channel Mosfet Public Address Power Amplifier

    ITC T-2S350 Bangladesh

    1) Rack mount design in 3U

    2) 2 unbalanced Line input in type of TRS, and 2 unbalanced Line output in type of TRS

    3) 2 balanced Line input in type of XLR, and 2 balanced Line input in type of XLR

    4) 2 channel has individual volume control

    5) With switcher for ground wire suspension; When multiple devices are connected, the switcher help to avoid noise from ground loop

    6) With complete protection circuit for short, overload, over-heat, etc

    7) 2 modes of power output: constant voltage output at 100V or 70V; constant impedance output at 4 to 16 ohm

    8) Power supply at DC 24V is also allowed

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