• Garrett MZ6100 20-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector Archway Gate

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    • 20-Zone Precision The MZ 6100’s twenty zones provide precise location of one or more objects simultaneously.
    • Advanced Synchronization Internal circuitry and 4 selectable channels allow any quantity of MZ detectors to be grouped as closely as 2 inches from each other. This provides the greatest flexibility in checkpoint design and effectively doubles the number of units that can be grouped in a tight space (as compared to other detector models).
    • Optimum Performance More than 15 application programs engineered to address the needs of schools, airports, special events, prisons, courthouses, facilities, mass transit, loss prevention, and other applications.
    • Intuitive Menu Design 32-character menu prompts are easy for users to understand (i.e., no codes, acronyms to learn).
    • Auto-Scan Function The MZ 6100 scans electromagnetic environment and selects optimal frequency for noise cancellation.
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