• Context plus XFP501E bd

    Context Plus XFP501/X/CON XFP Networkable Single Loop 32 Zone Panel

    ♦ Context plus XFP501/X/CON Addressable Control Panel
    ♦ Third-party certificated to EN54 parts 2 and 4 by the LPCB.
    ♦ Full compatibility
    ♦ InterConnect Up To Eight XFP Main Panels
    ♦ Four XFP Repeater Panels Per Main Two Wire RS485 Network.
    ♦ Two Independently Programmable Conventional Sounder Circuits.
    ♦ Two Programmable Inputs.
    ♦ A Fault Output Relay & Three Programmable Relay Outputs With Voltage
    ♦ Three Zone Dependency Functions (A, B & C to EN54-2 Clause 7.12)
    ♦ A Day/Night Function.
    ♦ An Investigation Delay Period Function.
    ♦ Individual Sensitivity Settings For Each Device
    ♦ Powerful Short Circuit Protected Loop Drivers
    ♦ An Integral EN54 Switch Mode PSU rated @ 185-260V a.c. 50/60Hz (3A on 32 zone panel, 1.4A on 16 zone panel)
    ♦ Earth Fault Monitoring
    ♦ 12 Months Warranty

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