• TOA A-2240 240Watt Mixer Power Amplifier


    The A-2240 is a high cost-performance mixer power amplifier suited for broadcasting paging or background music in schools, offices, shops, factories, mosques, churches and large rooms.

    • 240 W rated output
    • User-friendly front panel allows easy operation
    • Excellent frequency response
    • 3 electronically balanced microphone inputs, 2 AUX inputs and recording output
    • Phantom power is provided to MIC 1, for supplying power to a condenser microphone
    • Wide tone-control adjustment range of ±10dB for both bass and treble
    • 100 V / 70 V line or 4 Ω speaker outputs
    • Recording output
    • 3 MIC inputs, 2 AUX inputs for tuner, cassette player or other BGM sources
    • 2-unit size
    ৳ 55,000.00