• ZKTeco F18 Fingerprint Standalone Access Control and Time Attendance

    Price:৳ 12,500.00
    Item:Fingerprint Attendance & Access Control
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    Warranty:One Year
    • ZKTeco F18S has TFT Color Screen
    • Full Access Control Features
    • Slim and Elegant Design
    • New Firmware
    • Easy Installation and Connectivity
    • New Platform
    • Fingerprint Capacity: 3000 Templates
    • Card Capacity: 5,000
    • Transaction Capacity: 30,000 Transactions
    ৳ 12,500.00
  • RFID Access Control System

    >>  01 Pcs RFID Access Control Machine
    >> 01 Pcs Door Opener Switch
    >> 01 Pcs Power Supply
    >> 01 Pcs EM Lock 180KG
    >> 01 pcs ZL/UL Bracket

    Without  Installation Charge (2,000 Taka)

    ৳ 8,000.00
  • ZKTeco HBL100 Facial Recognition Hybrid Biometric Lock With Wireless Connection

    • Facial Recognition
    • Smart Lock
    • Lockout Mode
    • Smart Alarm
    • Hybrid Biometric Lock
    • Wireless Connection
    • Touch Screen
    • Mobile Management
    • Reversible Design

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    ৳ 32,000.00
  • Access Control Package – 04

    > 01 Pcs Fingerprint & RFID Access Control + Time Attendance Machine [3000 Finger Print + 1000 RFID + 80000 Log + 4Hr Battery Backup]
    >> 01 Pcs Door Opener Switch
    >> 01 Pcs Power Supply
    >> 01 Pcs EM Lock 280KG
    >> 01 pcs ZL/UL Bracket
    >> 10 Pcs ID Card
    >> Installation

    One Year Free Service

    ৳ 19,999.00
  • ZKTeco Bangladesh, ZKTeco BD

    ZKTeco FV18 Multi-Biometric Finger Vein and Fingerprint Standalone Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

    • Multi-Biometric reader with finger vein and fingerprint authentication;

    • Full Access Control Features: Webserver(Optional) ; Anti-passback; Access control interface for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm and doorbell;

    • Unsurpassed performance with highly accurate finger vein recognition technology;

    • New Firmware: Adopts new firmware which optimizes various functions and supports flexible user privilege setting for multi-level management;

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  • Anviz FacePass Pro Standalone Facial Recognition System

    • 500 Users, 100000 Records big capacity
    • Dual Cameras respectively for induction and verification
    • Body Induction auto switch on face verification
    • Voice and LED Prompt guarantees best user experience
    • Touch Screen for convenient and stable use
    • USB pen drive data download, TCP/IP connectivity
    • Useful web server function for convenient use and set up
    • Tamper alarm offers better self-protection
    • Dynamic digital keyboard ensures safe use
    • Inbuilt RTC and 5 Group Scheduled Bell guarantee accurate and convenient time management
    • High speed Samsung ARM platform CPU ensures the verification speed less than 1Sec
    • Advanced infrared light source design enables the terminal to work well in changing illumination even in total darkness
    • Applicable to any users no matter with different complexions, genders, facial expressions, beards and hair styles.

    ৳ 37,000.00
  • Hundure RAC-940 Access Control

    Hundure RAC-940 Access Control

    • Bell key design. Suit for various location.
    • Support network or standalone operation.
    • Blacklist to prevent unknown usage of lost card.
    • Casing tamper proof detection and door tamper alarm.
    • Support swipe card and card with pin codes enter modes.
    • Unique ID or Block read format supported. (RAC-940PM)
    • Slim, stylish design, sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
    • Dynamic control of memory up to 10,000 cardholders (max) / 10,000 events.
    • Built-in RS-232 & RS-485 communication interface to PC.
    • Programmable disarm code and able set maximum attempts to trigger re-swipe card alarm. The controller time-out function will avoid instruction in and has self security.
    • 8 sets siren output. (external connection via ACU-30). Provide 64 holiday schedules per year. (Able input date through software)
    • Able to connect external slave reader, type T1 / T2 / Wiegand. And support anti-passback to each single door.
    • Provide 16 time zones and time schedules, 8 time conditional unlock door schedules. (per week)
    • Display name on the LCD screen after swiped card. Function keys of access control and shifts which convenient to personnel to generate time attendance reports.
    • Memory buffer full warning. When memory capacity reaches 90%, it will send an alarm to remind the system administrator for data collection.
    • On-board lithium battery ensures data storage can reach up to 1 year upon power outage.


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