• Ahuja SSA-10000 is highly reliable 1000 watts PA Amplifier. This is designed to give high power clean sound and trouble free operation under extreme climatic conditions.
    • 8 Mic & 4 Aux Inputs.
    • Aux-4 input is through RCA socket specially for connecting CD/DVD player.
    • Preamplifier and Line Output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier and for recording the programme.
    • Line Input for connecting the output from any external mixer or permitting SSA-10000 to be used as a Booster Power Amplifier.
    • Resettable circuit breaker & MCB at back for protection against overload and short circuit.
    • Instant transfer to DC power (Car Battery) if AC power fails.
    • Box Speaker/Driver Unit selector switch. Bass boost defeated at Driver Unit position for safer operation of driver units.
    ৳ 78,000.00

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